A list of my favourite books. Happy world book day!!

Hello dear dear person!

Happy world book day!

Today I went LIVE on Instagram, and you can see the SEVERAL books that I recommended which even adults can read!

The entire live session is available on my profile till tomorrow around 12.00 noon, after which it will disappear. So if you want to have  some good children's book recommendations, please go and check it out on my Instagram.
(please look up how to view instagram stories and live if you are new to Insta)'

Also, today completes 30 days of my blogging for every single day. I started on 24th March, when the lockdown was announced. Today is the last post in this series.

Now, I know many of you wait for my posts----but this wasn't easy for me at all. While I have immensely enjoyed it, it also leaves me drained because no matter what I had to come here and blog.  All of you who left me comments--your comments were what kept me going, as it felt like a conversation. So thank you!

I will try to blog every now and then, but it won't be every day posts now on. I do popst regularly on my Instagram stories and you can stay connected with me there.
I leave you with a video of my favourite books. I had shot this last year on world book day.

I hope you enjoy my book recommendations!

I shall reply yo all your comments..and will try to blog again soon.

Meanwhile---take care, stay safe.
Lots of love


  1. Thank you so much for blogging all these days Preeti! I really enjoyed and learnt a lot.
    I absolutely loved your Instagram live today. I have noted down all the book names and definitely will try to buy them after this lockdown ends.
    Eagerly waiting for your next blog.
    Lots of love to you too! 😍🤗💝

  2. I was waiting for the release of your book 'When Love Came Calling' but the release was postponed due to Lock down conditions. Your blog post are useful and made me think about myself. A big Thank you for the posts and the time you spent replying to my comments.

  3. I truly enjoyed and learnt a lot from your blog. Will be eagerly waiting for your next blog. I'm going to miss you till then. I know there's Instagram but I love this place more!
    Lots of love. Thank you ☺

  4. Dear Preeti,

    Thank you for taking time to post continuously for 30 days. My.. that's really nice.. Well done!

    We can understand you completely. Will catch up with you in insta and in your future blogs.

    Stay safe stay happy.. best wishes..

  5. Thanks a lot Preeti ; I can imagine how hard it must be for you to write a blog open to your all fans to read . I bet all your readers will miss it everyday but as you have mentioned that you regularly do your instagram stories , I bet those will keep us all going through these tough times . Take care and stay safe x

  6. Hi, enjoyed a lot and lots of insights I have gained from your 30 days of positivity blogs. So sincere thanks from the heart! I joined the live at 11.39 a.m realising that I was late but nonetheless it had just begun. I picked up a notebook and penned down all titles that I could understand. Definitely by the time my kids arrive, I gonna read those all to them :) thank you for huge recommendations.
    I hope you stay safe, healthy and joyful! More love to you!

  7. I love artist's way as well... I keep working on the exercises :)

  8. My favourite memoir : eat, pray, love.
    Favourite books on creativity : big magic... non fiction : I like artists way, and tears to triumph by Marianne Williamson ... and you can heal your life by Louise hay. All these book transformed my life in a very deep profound way... keep writing

  9. Dear Preeti. I loved visiting your Blog for the last 30 days. It became like a routine for me to stop by at a particular time of the day or night. I always learn a lot from your posts. They are interesting, inspiring and unique. Will miss your Blog! I will stay up to date with your Insta Updates. It was nice to see your Insta Live Session on World Book Day! Take care. Stay Safe!:-)

  10. Dear Preeti,

    Of course, I read your reply to my comments. Am in fact eager!!

    Thanks so much for sticking to your committment of writing a blog everyday. Hats off for the wonderful thoughts and words!!

    I understand that its not fair to the kindle readers to get the book first. I ll wait patiently.

    Wishing you great success, yet again in this book!!

    Staf safe and thanks a million !!


  11. Namakaram Preetiji,
    Yet another beautiful journey with you of a blog marathon over a month comes to an end.
    Let's say it's a temporary halt just like you halt at the base camp enroute to your journey to the summit.
    Loved the video and recommendations.
    Take care Mam till we meet again to be mesmerised again by your world of enchanting stories.
    100%Love 100%Respect


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