Careful with your words. They are POWERFUL.

Hi there bright soul!

Thank you so much for all the beautiful, overwhelming and encouraging comments you left on my blogpost of yesterday, asking me to continue the #21daysof positivity. I had also asked on my Instagram whether I should continue  and a whopping 95% said yes.

So alright--I will! (I am imagining your applause and taking a bow)

I have a confession to make--on some days, I am so tired that I am dozing off while writing the posts. But then I wake myself up, because I know you would be waiting. If my writing can make a difference in even one person's life, I am not going to let you down. I am fiercely committed that way, once I give my word. I always keep it up, no matter how hard it is.

Today something nice happened. Out of thousands of artists who are taking part in Sktchy's #30faces30days challenge, the portrait I made got picked to be displayed on the home page. That's a huge honour. Here's what I made today:

Those amongst us who are plant lovers will vouch that the caption in this artwork  is true. I know my plants can 'sense' me. It is not something I imagine or project. I truly can 'see' the plant's happiness, when I am around and I water them.

I don't know if you have heard of the experiments which many conducted where they got two identical plants. One was spoken lovingly to and the other was bullied and yelled at. At the end of 30 days, the one which was spoken to positively flourished, while the other one didn't do well at all.
You can read one such experiment here  and yet another one here.

For it to be scientifically accepted, the experiments would have to be replicated thousands of times in controlled lab conditions and it is hard to do this.

I for one, do not need any scientific proof. I instinctively know this, as I can SEE it, and FEEL it.

Words definitely have a power to affect energy. Words have  a power to change us.
Words are magic.

I have experienced this over and over. I have manifested so many things, only by thoughts and words.

We have to be very careful with out words, with our narratives, with what we tell ourselves. We have to treat ourselves like how we treat a valued friend.
Example: If we accidentally drop a glass and it shatters. our immediate reaction usually is "I'm such an idiot..How could I?' we berate ourselves internally and for most of us this process is automatic,
If a friend of ours dropped and shattered the glass, we would immediately say 'It's okay. it's just a glass.'

Starting now, I want you to watch your internal chatter. What is it that you tell yourself? Do be aware.

I do  love hearing back from you  but do leave  me your thoughts  only in the comment box  on my blog please, and do not dash off an email in reply.

( Though I keep saying this over and over, many mail me. I have decided not to  read or respond to the emails simply because they  add to my workload of sorting through hundreds of mails I get and  they steal my time. When I blog, I have dedicated a block of my time for this, and it is easier for me to reply to all comments in one place. Also, it irks me because I have requested politely and people do not oblige. If they can't do this little thing I ask of them, then they don't deserve my time or attention.) *end rant*

If you are leaving comments in my comment box, then please ignore the above para. It is not for  you!

Do you believe in the power of words? Do you believe in manifestation. I would love to know if you manifested anything. I look forward to your comments.
I shall reply to all the lovely comments, left on yesterday's post soon.

See you tomorrow!

Till then, say some kind words to yourself!
Lots of Love
Photo by Sincerely Media on Unsplash


  1. Each word out there is full of life because it could not get any truer. I recently wrote a small story and shared it few of my friends and family. I could feel everything you mentioned about the impact of words. Keep it coming mam :)

    1. Thank you arkay for leaving a comment.Glad you could relate.

  2. Ya.. plants do sense the environment...many farmers using "Shashwat Yogic Kheti by BtahmaKumaris" a meditation technique done on the crops/plants seen tremendous result in crop production.

    1. I didn't know this. I learnt something new. Thank you for sharing.

  3. Hi Preeti. I am so happy that you will be continuing your blog posts. This was a lovely virtual gift on my birthday! When you spoke about plants, it reminded me of my Mom and her Garden. She takes utmost care of it and ensures she talks to her plants on a daily basis. In case she has not watered them, she tells me that she feels like she neglected them. She keeps the flowers from her Garden for the Deities in our Mantap since there are no Flower Vendors in the city. Flowers add so much beauty to the Mantap. With regards to your post about words, I always have a habit of blaming myself if I spilled water on the floor, if the chair almost falls on the floor, or if the door closes loudly because of the wind. I will ensure my internal chatter is much more positive! Take care.

    1. Happy birthday! I somehow don't like to pluck flowers. But my mom too does this--gets flowers from her garden for God.

  4. I never spoke to my plants as such! But I have always shown special interest in my rose plant.
    It is very healthy and blooms at it's best.
    When it comes to forgiving myself I think I'm good, however I am not so lenient at forgiving others(Am still working on that :P ) I tell myself - 'what would you do if you did that mistake?'

    1. Hahahaa..that's a first! I have never heard of anyone being not so lenient in forgiving others.

  5. Woww.. What a post! Thank you so much Mam πŸ™πŸ» Yes! Whatever I truly believe gets manifested. Also whatever I think or speak gets manifested. I get scared sometimes. If I think something wrong, I immediately say sorry to God and I ask Him to forgive me because I know it will get manifested.
    Some things get manifested immediately, some within two days, some within months.
    At first, I used to think that whatever happens in the near future, I get to know that in advance. May be even that is true. But now I feel it is more of manifestation.
    Congratulations Mam! The portrait you made got displayed on Sktchy. Well! I feel all your portraits deserve a huge applause. I keep watching the portraits Sktchy displays in its stories in Instagram. Sorry to say, all those portraits look so dull in front of your portraits Mam. πŸ˜„
    As for plants, yes they respond to our touch. I have some 30 pots at home. I love them. One tiny pomegranate is growing in my garden and I am very excited. πŸ˜€

    1. Thank you so much! Sktchy doesn't show everyone's portraits on insta. Some on the app are brilliant!

    2. Welcome Mam! πŸ™πŸ»

  6. I love and respect your Straight Forward attitude Ma'am. Many writers won't say this things and pretend that they are ok with things like Mail and Messages but you are different and unique in your approach. I just admire that gut and genuineness. You do reply all our comments. Thanks for that Ma'am.

    1. I am truly okay with mail and messages---but I would like people to respect my time, because I always respect their time. Some just dash off messages for the sake of it! I do LOVE hearing from my readers but if it's something I have blogged about, i would like the replies to be in once place--the comment box.

  7. Thank you for continuing your blogs, love they way you write, your blogs and your Instagram posts keep me going everyday. You are really a beautiful soul. Keep writing and keep smiling!

  8. Happy Vishu Mam.Preetiji in your previous post I had dedicated a small poem to you.Hope you like my sincere respect and love for your craft.

    One's relationship with oneself decides the kind of relationship one holds with the world.If you are harsh and rude with yourself then you would be the same with others.It may happen that you have been civilized to a certain extent and not say things to others rudely but then nothing will stop you from taunting and having veiled attacks on the other person.

    Primarily if you are nice and kind to yourself and have kind words and thoughts for yourself then you would be the same for others.So unless you are not at peace with yourself and not happy within you would not be behaving in a fantastic manner with others.

    This I learnt Mam because of you.After your post of list 5 good things about yourself.You activated my grey cells and made me think.
    Thank you for posting and thank you for extending the blogathon πŸ™πŸ™

    1. Well observed, and glad my blogpost helped! I did read the poem and left a comment too :) Thank you!

  9. I always wait for your post .ur are full of positivity

  10. Reading this blog after so long.Back then you used to end by "Thanks for stopping by".Whenever i was confused or sad , i searched just a mother of two on google.Reading your posts gave me strength to go on and yes i learnt a lot.This post perfectly describes the title of your 2nd book which i have come to believe."Life is what you make it".Thank you maam

  11. I wholeheartedly agree with you on the power of words and manifestation. I always say myself that I trust the process of universe to bring me my highest good. This positive affirmation has helped me while navigating through difficult times and I have witnessed the magic of words come into play. Thank you for continuing with blog post.

  12. apke hr word aur baat bahut meaningful hoti. bahut si chijo ka hume pta to to hota h lekin hm kuchh waqt baad bhulne lgte h ya ye itni normal ho jaati h ki hum dhyaan hi nhi dete.

    you are right, words are powerful. thank you hume baar baar ye chije yaad dilne aur ek bahtr jindgi jine ke liye motivate krne ke liye.
    your example are so practically πŸ’†
    i never hear the voice of tree but feel very good when i see them.🌿🌿

    you are doing so much hardwork for us.
    thank you ma'am πŸ™πŸ€—πŸ˜„.

  13. Thank you....... very much Preeti Jee for having decided to continue your blog. I'm very glad. Yeah..., Pretti Jee I do agree with you that words are very important . Human body is made of 70 % of water and it absorbs whatever we think, read and write..... You are absolutely right...

  14. Thank you....... very much Preeti Jee for having decided to continue your blog. I'm very glad. Yeah..., Pretti Jee I do agree with you that words are very important . Human body is made of 70 % of water and it absorbs whatever we think, read and write..... You are absolutely right...

  15. Hello Preeti mam,
    glad to see your post & happy that you are to continue with your blog....

    This lockdown have helped me not only to be close to my family but also with my plants...generally i do love plants, but won't have much time to be with them...when they get dried & my some plants have even died during summer, i used to feel too bad & when they grow, I feel that excited as that we see our kids am speaking, givng love to my plants also taking pictures & videos & for this you are my inspiration...from you i learnt the idea of taking pictures & posting them in my fb & insta story & I got very good responses...

    Now my small garden is helping others to get a bit positivity & happiness....

    I do believe in manifestation... if you can dream, you can achieve it in reality....manifestation also depends on how clear we are about our desires & how badly we want it...then leave the rest to Universe, you'll be given at the right time....

    yes, words do have powers...words spoken internally have more powers than what is spoken times we may not speak our mind & i believe this is the reason for any relationship flaws...we feel we have never spoken ill to that person but we speak ill about the perrson to ourselves or to others, which impacts in the relationship....sameway good things...

    am happy to know about your commitment to blog even if it is going to make one person happy or change their life inspite of you feeling sleepy...this gave me a life time lesson i should follow which i am not doing & procrastinating....thanks will surely be committed from today...

    thanks mam

  16. Thank you very much for all the wonderful posts. I enjoy reading your posts and keep coming back to your blog to read them. Yes, I do believe that words have magic in them. That's why every time I read something uplifting, my mood shifts.


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