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A writer's observation at Nepali Temple in Varanasi.

    In the year 1800, in the month of May, Varanasi received an unusual visitor — a heartbroken man called Swami Nirgunanada who came with a large group of women and men. He was actually the the King of Nepal, Rana Bahadur Shah, who was fleeing Kathmandu where military forces had been dispatched to arrest him. He stayed in Varanasi for four years and began the construction of a temple — a replica of the Pashupathi nath temple of Kathmandu. During its construction Rana Bahadur Shah moved back to Nepal where he was stabbed to death in 1806 by his step brother. The temple could be completed only 20 years later, when his son undertook the project. The land belongs to Nepal Government now. . I fell in love with the temple built in pagoda style architecture, made of wood, terracotta and stone. See this  photo  below and you can imagine how much effort went into its construction and how skilled the artisans were. I observed old women, dressed in white , living inside the temple

My next book--out in September 2021 !

 Hello dear folks! How have you all been? My last post here was in April. After that India was hit with the worst second wave of the pandemic. The images of horror are etched indelibly in all our memories, and I sincerely hope we avoid a third.  Like many of you, I too lost loved ones. The one thing this pandemic has done is shown us all what truly matters---enjoying the cherished moments we have with our loved ones, being grateful for the gift of health,  doing what you love and  doing a lot of it. I was also busy with the edits of my next book which be out in the last week of September . It is a non-fiction book on finding that happy space, especially in these times. It was a very exciting time when my editor sent me this photo with  these messages:   As you can see from the messages that my editor shared, the book has a lot of lovely exercises, which make you think. I have shared a numerous anecdotes from my own life too, apart from many real life stories that helped me and motivate