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Signing of 'The One You Cannot Have.'

'Preeti, the books have arrived. Around 3000 copies will reach your home at 5.30 pm. It's a request--could you please sign 1500 copies by tomorrow morning? Because they have to be dispatched to places all across India.' This was the regional manager of Westland speaking to me, on Monday afternoon. I was flabbergasted. How in the world would I be able to sign 1500 copies by next morning? It was excessive pressure on me. It seemed like an inexecutable task. I told him that I will do as many as is humanly possible. The boxes arrived. There were about 50 of them. I called up Satish at work and told him my predicament. "Don't worry. You can do it. I will come and help you,' he said. He was true to his word. He came early from work to help me unpack the boxes. "How will I sign so many by tomorrow morning?" I asked, still skeptical. "If it has to be done, it has to be done. Just think, so many people are waiting to read this. Let

How to get a teenager to clean their room.

"Mom, now that I have finished my studies, can I have the i-pad that you put away?" "I'll just give it to you." 15 minutes later. "Mom, can i have the i-pad?" "Yes. Wait." 10 minutes later. "Mom , you said I could have the i-pad. Can you at least tell me, where you hid it?" "I will give it to you." 12 minutes later. "Mom, please can I have the i-pad?" "Yes. I will. Will do it in a bit." 10 minutes later. "MOM--are you even listening to me? Or are you in a zombie mode?" "Shhh..I am reading. Let me finish this" 5 minutes later "Mom--are you done? I pad please?" "I am not yet done. 5 minutes. I promise." 5 minutes later. "Mom--five minutes are over." "Oh is it?  Just coming." "MOM- I  want the I-pad. PLEASE!" "Now you know exactly how I feel when I ask you to clean your room." &q

TOUCH Thursdays. Conclusion

Hi all, Apologies for being unable to update yesterday. There were a couple of personal emergencies which cropped up and had to be taken care of. (and hopefully all will be well soon) Meanwhile, we have been getting a lot of requests for moving the contests to Facebook--as many people want a chance to win the TOUCH mugs and they find the writing prompts hard. Since we have already done four Touch Thursdays, by popular demand, the contests for TOUCH mug are now moved to my Facebook Author page. (Recently we crossed a 20,000 likes. A milestone of sorts) The results of  TOUCH Thursday number four will be announced soon. All the winners will get a TOUCH Mug and the winning entries will be showcased on the Westland blog, as well as the links will be tweeted by Westland. A hearty congrats to not only the winners, but to everyone who took part! I am certain you all had fun. (I sure did, reading all the posts). I shall write again soon. (The books are to arrive at my home s