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Start Fresh!!

As I type this, I can hear the loud music  from the 20,000 watt speakers floating in. A DJ has been hired for the evening, caterers have been arranged and the residents association promises to make it a 'memorable' night. There's all kinds of food on the menu, there are games, stalls and celebrations galore. People are getting ready, wearing their finest clothes, planning to party it up to welcome 2017. Me? I am staying home. There are years when I have given in to the 'popular thing' which is to party hard, and welcome the new year. But now I know I don't enjoy it. I want to start the new year in a way that has meaning for me. We have a ritual in my home. We light the lamp at midnight, say a prayer, offer gratitude to the Universe for all the blessings that we have, we wish each other and welcome the new year. The next day, we don't sleep late. My grandparents used to say that whatever you do on the new year sets the trend for the rest of the year. So

Updates from me--Some happy things!

Hi there, How have you been? I  hope the holiday season has brought you cheer. There has been a lot happening in my life,  since I last posted, even though I posted less than 12 days ago. I was a part of the Bangalore Literature festival. I felt delighted that my session had a massive crowd, and was very well received, as you can see from the pictures. A full house Signing the books The large screen projecting what was happening on the stage You can get a better idea of the screen here in this photo For more photos you can go HERE. The other BIG news from my side is that It's All In The Planets was featured among the  35 great books of 2016, by Indian authors. What made me really happy was that it shares this honour along with greats like Ruskin Bond and Amitav Ghosh. Here's what they said about It's All In the Planets:  A love story that becomes so much more, and with characters that are beautifully fleshed out, Shenoy’s latest offe

On jealousy and possesiveness in a relationship. Your questions answered!

Off late, I have been crazily sketching/painting. I am into this thing called 'Illustrated Art journalling'. In case you don't know what that is, you can go HERE . There's a detailed explanation there. I like to put the date and time in all my sketches as it's a record of my day, what I did, what I saw, where I was at that point in time, and how I was feeling. Here are two pictures that I did today. Meanwhile , a video where i went live on Facebook, has got 1.2 million views, 16000 likes and more than 1800 shares on Facebook. I do something called Thoughtful Thursdays, where I interact with my readers live. For those of you who are not on Facebook or who missed it, I  thought I would upload it on youtube as well. I have just done that and I sharing it here. I have answered a lot of questions on jealousy and possessiveness in relationships, that people asked me, when I was live. I have also read out bits of my new book, It's All In The Pla

My Indore trip. (with lots of pictures from my talk at Acropolis college)

I have just got back from the beautiful city of Indore. My talk at Acropolis college was a HUGE success. I spoke about my journey and '5 Ways to a Happier You'. A packed auditorium, giant hoardings all over the college (I was so surprised!), a very large turnout and so much love and respect, that just thinking about it envelops me in this warm feeling. The Principal of the college presenting a memento Was mobbed for signing books! A section of the audience With the students and the faculty members Posing in front of one of the hoardings A screenshot of  the Twitter reactions..Excuse the ad, I was too lazy to crop it out :) Another shot of the audience The hospitality and arrangements made by the faculty and students of Acropolis college Indore was exemplary. I do feel very blessed to have been in their midst and shared those few hours.  The students and the staff---all unequivocally told me that they found my talk outstanding---inspirin

A Mundane Monday which also tells you where I find inspiration to write.

Many a time I am asked by people--Where do you find inspiration to write? How are you able to make the readers feel every emotion which  your characters experience? How is it that we feel for your characters? So I thought I would write about my writing process, where I find my inspiration and how I write. Rather than publish it here, I felt Medium was a better suited option for that post. In case you want to read it go HERE.  My next stop for my book tour of #ItsAllInThePlanets is INDORE. It's on 25th November. If you live in Indore, please block your dates. Today has been a tiring day for me. I had to give my car for a service. So apart from my regular morning walk, I walked back after I gave the car. And then I walked again to collect it. Today I have walked a total of 10.94 kms in 2 hours and 26 minutes! And when I was walking back, a reader recognised me and greeted me. It happens quite regularly these days---someone or the other recognises me. Some walk upto me a

A video which went viral and a sketch for you.

In my last post, I had told you that I would be going live. Guess what---that video has gone viral! I am shocked and  surprised in equal measures. As I type this, the video has got 683K views,488 shares, 13K likes and 3.6K comments!!! Can you believe those statistics? If you want to watch the video, go HERE   I have talked about friendships, how they change as we change, how it is hard to forgive and what to do if there is jealousy in friendships.  I have also talked about the books I am currently reading. I had actually read out a passage from my new book #ItsAllInThePlanets where Nidhi discusses a friendship with her step-mom  (whom she is very close to) Tara. Then there was a technical glitch, and hence the video got split into two parts. It is the 2nd part of the video that went viral. As per my blog resolutions, I am trying to blog at least thrice a week---I plan to post on Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays. And if possible, will post  photo-posts, in between too. Happy

Write India Grand finale---and catch me live on Thursdays!

Just got back from Mumbai, from a really grand event which was the finale of the Write India , which had been going on for the past  11 months. In case you don't know what it is, you can watch the intorductory video: The newspapers today carried the pics as well as the write-up. So I won't tell you about that. You can read about it here.   However, what I really want to tell you about is the incredible sense of camaraderie, kinship and the bond that all of us, authors felt. There is absolutely no rivalry between us. (contrary to what people may think). We are all such good friends. There was so much laughter and good spirit. It was a very special evening. I am sharing with you a few pictures that speak for themselves. Just before leaving for the event Madhuri Banerjee and me. Durjoy Datta, Amish and me sharing something very funny. On stage with Amish. Ashwin, Ashwin and Ravi Subramanian With Ravinder Singh With Amish Durjoy an

Winners of the Blogversary Celebrations!

Hey all, All of you have left me such wonderful comments. I wish I could send ALL of you the special limited edition mug. However, I have to pick a few, and  here are the people whose comments have been chosen : Prathima Joishy Upma Pant Nitu Archita Batra Megha Sharma Aditi Raman Rajan Sammah Masud Vaishnavi Vaishu Neha Nayyar CS Tarang Sinha Zena Mikha Ravali Yendala Shinega Nupur Deepika Swaroopa Please send your address and choice of option to contact(at)westland-tata(dot)com with a cc to me ps(at)preetishenoy(dot)com And your mugs will reach you! Must tell you that some posts had a lot of comments, and some posts had relatively lesser. So we pooled in ALL the comments to pick these names. Also to all who left links to your blog, if there are more than 10 posts, you can expect a visit from me soon!! <3 Thank you all for leaving me such beautiful comments. Will blog again very soon. Till then, keep smiling _________________________________

Blog resolutions! #10yearsOfBlogging

Hey  all, it has been a FANTASTIC blogversary week for me, to celebrate 10 years of blogging, and all of you have chipped in and poured in the comments. I conclude the celebrations with my blogging resolutions! For those who came in late, do read the previous posts (with some VERY interesting topics) and leave me a comment. 3 comments win a beautiful limited edition mug designed by my team. Here are my blog resolutions/ mission statement/purpose :   1. I will   try and blog at least once a week. 2. Posting something is better than not posting at all. 3. I will do one blog marathon every year. 4. There has never been and there will   be no negativity on my blog 5. My blog will always be my special place. 6. My blog readers are a very special lot. 7.                   The best way to know someone is by reading their blog! 8. My blog will always remain honest and authentic. Have a GREAT Diwali folks. Much love Preeti

5 reasons why you should keep a journal and how it can change your life.

Why should you keep a journal Most successful people advocate keeping a journal. Right now I am reading a brilliant book by Julia Cameron called ‘The Artists Way’. One of the quotes   from the book, that stood out for me is : “In times of pain, when the future is too terrifying to contemplate and the past too painful to remember, I have learned to pay attention to right now. The precise moment I was in was always the only safe place for me.” A record of now: Keeping a journal is a record of your now. Your present reality. Your goals. Your dreams. Your aspirations.  Slotting time: Without a journal, one day merges into another, merges into a third. Time is a blur. With a journal, there is a goal, a map, a ‘place to go’. It is like a blurprint to shape your life. It is fun: If you feel writing a journal is monotonous, you can make a bullet journal. Or a scrapbook of ‘wishes’. Make it fun. Make it any way you want. There ar

The best posts of my blog in ten years.

Over these last ten years, I have written so many posts on so many topics. Thought I would share some selected posts with you. Here are the links: My top posts on marriage: Marriage and it other implications Marriage and Freedom Jealousy in a marrriage/long term relationship My top personal posts:  These are posts very close to my heart.  My special friend Live like there's no tomorrow A tribute to one of the coolest people I know The shoes fit,

51 life lessons I learnt from a decade of blogging!

51 life lessons I learnt from a decade of blogging. Crack a simple puzzle to access this blogpost :) (I promised you this would be fun, didn't I?) Click HERE Once you access the content, come back here and tell me which of the life lessons resonated most with you and why! (copy paste it in your comments, so I know that you have indeed cracked the clue and seen the content, and yes, it is a very easy clue :) ) :) Till tomorrow---keep smiling. (New post tomorrow) ________________________________________ Check out my latest:

5 hidden ways in which blogging will help you grow and why you should start one.

So why should you start a blog? Is it going to help you in anyway? Yes! It will. Here is why: 1.      A platform to express yourself:   Blogging is making a statement. It is telling the world, who you are as a person. Sure, your facebook updates can do that—but often they are about trivial things. Plus they get buried in a deluge of status updates. A blog is a solid body, your very own publishing space, a space where you can be whatever you want to be. How cool is that?! 2.      You make connections with real people : I have met some amazing people from different countries because of my blog. Gillian from Canada who runs a spa,   Jacob Accurso   from Oregon who is a private investigator, a potter and an airplane owner(!), Guto from Sao Paulo, Niall Young from UK whose paintings are all over my house. None of these would have been possible without my blog. 3.      It helps you reflect and think about things: When you write in a blog, you   are th

10 years of blogging!! The Celebrations have begun!! :)

Ten years. A decade. A long long time. It was on his day in 2006, that I wrote my first blog post .     A hesitant step. Born from extreme pain.   I had no idea what I was getting into then. I was writing mostly for myself.   I was devastated. I had no one to turn to. The   anguish from losing my dad engulfed me day in and day out.   It felt like a noose around my neck. There was anger that he was taken away so quickly, resentment, shock. But mostly grief. Mind numbing grief. I never knew there could be so much pain. There was no escaping from the fact that life, as I knew it was over. My days were dark. I remember I happened to be reading   The Economic Times that morning, and there was a small article buried somewhere in the last pages which talked about a new trend called blogging. I had no idea what a blog even meant till then. (This was a decade back—remember? ) I decided to go online and see for myself.   And then I decided to start one anonymously. Th