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What happens after writing a novel? A behind the scenes post.

 The first phone call. To a good friend--a guy who is 29. 'So which one do you think will look better as the cover?' 'Both are good' 'Come on--pick one' 'Both are really good' 'Look, I told my publishers that I have this good friend who is 29 and he would give me the right inputs' 'But you forgot to tell them that this 29 year old thinks like a 42 year old'. 'Come on--if I hold a gun to your head and asked you to choose one, which one?' 'I would still say both are brilliant' 'Thanks, that was very helpful. You have been conferred the 'most helpful friend' award' 'Ha ha ha.' The second phone call. To another close person--a guy who is 28. 'So which cover?' 'Definitely the first. I loved it!' 'Really? Me too!' 'Yes, it's awesome. So eye-catching.' 'I was just thinking that in a book-store it would really stand out. And I was just telling my

Four writers in India Today

India Today, issue dated 8th September 2014 features four writers other than Chetan Bhagat who mark key points in timeline of the English best-seller in India. Recognise someone you know? :) If you are not able to enlarge it, read it online: A big thank you to all of you who read me! ___________________________________________________________  Buy my latest :