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Last post of the blog marathon .Post 30

Today is the last day of the 30 day blog marathon. Eevery single day, the last thirty days, there has been a new post on this blog. Truly not an easy task at all. I had asked a few of my closest friends if they could help me out by writing guest posts for me. Two of them obliged. Thanks to Satish and Ramesh who both wrote a superb guest post each. Satish's post is here:  How India won the world cup ( a hilarious account of behind the scenes story) Ramesh's post is this: The apple of my eye   (a truly lovely confession of love) Both the above posts are really worth a read. Apart from the above two posts, on some days I had had such a tough day that all I wanted to do was to curl up in bed with a hot mug of chocolate and read, under the duvets, with the Air conditioning swicthed on. Instead, I had to sit at my laptop and churn out a post. A big thank you to those who commented very regularly. i have managed to reply to most. (except for one or two posts). Your com

Food--comfort. Post 29

These days my mother is visiting me. Needless to say, the kitchen in my home is a busy , happy place. She churns out some lovely fare. Above is a sample of what she had made the other day, which was gobbled up by Satish and kids. Unfortunately (or fortunately, depending on how you look at it), I am not a foodie at all. I eat to live, not live to eat  :) If i could do away with food altogether, and if someone invented tablets instead, (one capsule for breakfast that contained the goodness and nutrition of 2 parathas, a bowl of dahi and an egg) then I would be the first person to take it.I eat when I am hungry and I eat healthy and nutritious stuff. (Yeah, I am so boring that way). I am a fitness buff and do an hour of yoga daily and also take two 30-45 minute walks.(Yes, I am that diligent when it comes to maintaining my weight and my health. I can go on and on about benefits of a healthy lifestyle and bore you to death. I am that passionate about it. :P  I used to have a friend who

One more portrait. Post 28

 Rihana is a lively little girl  who accompanies her mother everyday, as her school is closed for the summer. Her mum helps me with my house work. I teach Rihana little English rhymes and tell her about dinosaurs and lots of other stuff. She follows me around the house and is very interested in everything I do. I totally love her spirit and I so wanted to make a portrait of her. I completed this just a little while ago. The lighting isn't good enough to do justice to the portrait. I shall perhaps click a better photo in the day light tomorrow. But you can get a good idea of what the finished piece looks like from this picture. The finished piece is A3 size. (approx 12" x 17") _________________________________________________________   For my other portraits click here .

Creating happy memories of a special day. Post 27

Last year on this very day, I wrote a post titled ' A journey of 15 years--what we learnt'. (The post had got an overwhelming response.) Today one more year gets added and the journey completes 16 years. Gosh--that is a long time by any account! It just feels like six months not sixteen years and I am truly thankful for the freshness our relationship still retains. (and I admit publicly, full ten out of ten to Satish, and maybe only  two to me :P that too, the two marks are for the nonsense I do, which makes him laugh (okay most of the time :P )) In case you are still wondering what I am talking about, we celebrate our 16th wedding anniversary today. If I ask Satish what it is that he loves most about me, he would probably say that it is my ability to surprise him, even after 16 years, with crazy, wacky, fun stuff. He will probably also say it is my child-like enthusiasm for almost everything. Many a time, I excitedly tell him something and he sits there as calm as a Budd

How art makes a difference in everyday objects. Post 26

 A simple wooden bench transformed into a work of Art. A mobile phone charging station. I love the traditional design elements and how elegantly it has been transformed into an eye catching object of beauty. Both the photos above clicked by me at Ranga Shankara , Bangalore India. Check them out, they're cool!

A little love and words that make a difference.Post 25

Today was free love day . I drew a heart on my wrist and I made the pledge. In India, depression and suicide are the leading causes of death, after heart disease. It makes me all the more convinced about the cause to spread joy, peace and positive thinking. I do firmly believe in Rhonda Byrne's Secret and all that so many eminent personalities and spiritual leaders have said. Two other books which I truly found inspiring were 'Ask and it is given' by Esther and Jerry Hicks and 'I will not die an unlived life' by Dawna Markova. Two extremely powerful books indeed. Gillian has written a really good post today called 'how to draw things into your life'.(Suggest you read her post before reading further) I too have a journal exactly like Gillian's and I  had started it many years ago. I know that it has indeed worked for me, like magic.I know many others too who swear by it.  It is truly incredible how powerful our thoughts are and how they shape our

I love my India.Post 24

Two pictures that I clicked yesterday in Bangalore, India. I do miss living in the UK, but I absolutely love my India.  Yakshagana  of Karnataka. Probably this could be Bandipur which is one of India's best known protected areas.It has a Tiger reserve too.

Daily Star Quota--Guest Post by Satish. Post 23

  The regular readers of this blog would know that Satish writes guest posts on this blog, once in a way. But perhaps what many will not know is that he too has been published. This piece he wrote about our daughter has been published in the 'Chicken Soup for the Indian Father's soul'. He had written this about an year back, when we were in the UK. I just love this piece.   Daily Star Quota By: Satish Shenoy My eight year old daughter is the apple of my eye. No actually that’s not true - she is my entire fruit basket, my universe, my life and my sweetheart. There is always a special bond between fathers and daughters as well as sons and mothers. Don’t know why that is so, for I don’t love my son any less, but that somehow feels like the general rule. And daughters I guess realise that special bond too and are able to wind their fathers up around their little fingers. Mine is no exception and manages to make me her willing slave in everything she wants to do. Every Fr

A flash-fiction story. Post 22

Sometime back, a flash-fiction contest had taken place on this blog, as well as on the Facebook fanpage of Life is what you make it. The contestants had to use all the three pictures given above in their story. It was not essential to use the  words in the picture, but just the visual. The word limit was 209 words (as the book has 209 pages) Some marvellous stories were churned out and the judges chose one lucky winner. Later, I too wanted to write a flash-fiction story using the above three pictures. The story I wrote is my post for today. Here goes: The shrill ring of the telephone did nothing to soothe my alcohol induced headache. Nor did the words my brother uttered. He was calling after fourteen years. Time had changed nothing. He was still the asshole he always had been. Perhaps it was a genetic trait. It took one to know one. “Mother died this morning.” “About time too, the alcoholic, adulterous, good for nothing bitch. How old was she? 83?” He hung up without a secon

Some connections are just meant to be. post 22

Chapter One from the book "Only Love is for real" by Dr. Brian Weiss   ************************************************************** Chapter 1 Know, therefore ,that from the greater silence I shall return...Forget not that I shall come back to you...A little while, a moment of rest upon the wind, and another woman shall bear me. ---Kahlil Gibran There is someone special for everyone.Often there are two or three or even four.They come from different generations.They travel across oceans of time and depths of heavenly dimensions to be with you again.They come from the other side, from heaven.They look different but your heart knows them.You heart has held them in arms like yours, in the moon filled deserts of Egypt and the ancient plains of Mongolia.You have ridden together in the armies of forgotten warrior-generals, and you have lived together in the sand-covered caves of the Ancient ones. You are bonded together throughout eternity, and you will never

Simple things in managing a home. Post 20.

One of the best things about writing a book like '34 Bubblegums and Candies' is the instant connect that anyone who reads it feels. The incidents are all true-life incidents and it is a non-fiction book. It falls under creative non-fiction which is one or the rarer genres. It made it to the National best-seller list, has gone into 7th impression (sometimes, I myself cannot believe it)  and I get hundreds of mails from people who share their life stories with me, after they read the book. They say that they truly feel they know me well as a friend. I feel honoured and humbled. I have only been honest and sincere in my writing, and that has touched and moved thousands.(The book sold more than 25000 copies and still counting). I do try to reply to each and every mail I get, at least once. (If you haven't got a reply from me, it might have been pure oversight). Lately, I have been getting a lot of mails (at least 12 on the last count) asking about how I manage to do so much (

Slicing the silence,Post 19.

Silence, like a shroud of death, Extends infinitely etched, Covering fragile egos High-strung, taut, stretched. I wonder what you’re doing Thoughts of you hovering inside my head I do so want to reach out, Slice the silence and leave it dead But being so afraid of what I will find, Into my shell I retreat Draw up the shroud a little tighter It is now laced with weary defeat. Inside it I still conceal myself, Cuts on wrist-- a practised chop Terrified to slice the silence now Lest the bleeding does not stop. © 2011 Preeti Shenoy For more poems click  here . Some poems have already appeared in print. Kindly do not reproduce without permission.

Save a life--it costs you nothing. Post 18

The growing apathy in  Urban environments towards suicides is something that I feel  so deeply about, that I could truly stand on the streets and scream out at people "HOW CAN YOU BE SO INDIFFERENT? DON"T YOU CARE?". But that wouldn't really help anyone, would it? Today's DNA newspaper carried a headline that said "I want to kill myself."   My heart really weeps for Deepti Chauhan who killed herself as well as her five year old son on Saturday. She was just 31. She travelled up and down Mumbai's suburban trains for 8 hours, contemplating various methods to kill herself and her child. Can you imagine her loneliness and her pain? She was surrounded by people, yet all alone. Nobody knew what was going on inside her. File photo of Deepti Chauhan and her son.Picture courtesy NDTV A month back Nidhi Gupta killed herself and her two children by throwing them off the 19th floor of a high rise. In Bangalore, there was a series of suicides , one aft

Just a picture today. My Dobe. post 17

 I love my Doberman.Her name is Lostris. She is just four months old and is still a pup. And she is extremely clever.(Please do not refer to pets/animals as 'it'.Always use a he/she)  Lostris happens to be an Egyptian  Queen in one of Wilbur Smith's historical novels. Both Satish and I are huge fans of Wilbur Smith and both of us have read ALL his books. He is brilliant. I will be writing a post on why Dobes are totally the best. Until then, I leave you with just a picture.(Each picture, they say is worth a million words).I was trying to get Lostris to look into the camera but she kept insisiting on turning her head and trying to kiss me :-)

Post 16. Why I do a blogathon and a meme

Doing a blog marathon is really hard. No matter what your other commitments, no matter how busy you are, no matter how many things you have to do, you still have to sit down and write that post before the day is up. For a blogger, the most gratifying aspect of blogging is the interactions with the readers that one has through the comments. A blog is nothing without its readers. What surprises me is that some posts, which I would have written quickly, without much thought, sometimes get a lot more comments, than a post which I would have written after working hard on it. Obviously some posts strike a chord with many more than other posts. But I do enjoy writing all of them. I like doing a blog marathon, because it brings a kind of discipline into my writing. It forces me to sit at the keyboard and churn out a certain number of words. It helps to tame the monkey in my mind :-) And also I really love to hear what you have to say. (and it feels so terrific to get mails from people that

On loving someone. Post 15

How do you insulate yourself from getting hurt when you open up your heart to somebody and admit (even to yourself) that you love them? You don’t.  Loving someone (need not necessarily be romantic love, it can be love for a child, a friend, a sibling, a mate, a partner) is like telling them “I trust you completely and fully. I expect you to be around when things are rough for me. I want you to hold my hand and be there for me. Please do not let me down.” It is opening up your most vulnerable inner self to them, giving them fully the power to destroy you, but knowing that they will not. Loving someone always comes with expectations. Elizabeth Stone had said “Making the decision to have a child is momentous. It is to decide forever to have your heart go walking around outside your body.” You can strike out the words ‘have a child’ and replace it with ‘to love someone’. The quote would still hold true. When the loved one, the object of our affections ,does not react the way we expect