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Last year on this very day, I wrote a post titled ' A journey of 15 years--what we learnt'. (The post had got an overwhelming response.)

Today one more year gets added and the journey completes 16 years. Gosh--that is a long time by any account! It just feels like six months not sixteen years and I am truly thankful for the freshness our relationship still retains. (and I admit publicly, full ten out of ten to Satish, and maybe only  two to me :P that too, the two marks are for the nonsense I do, which makes him laugh (okay most of the time :P ))

In case you are still wondering what I am talking about, we celebrate our 16th wedding anniversary today. If I ask Satish what it is that he loves most about me, he would probably say that it is my ability to surprise him, even after 16 years, with crazy, wacky, fun stuff. He will probably also say it is my child-like enthusiasm for almost everything. Many a time, I excitedly tell him something and he sits there as calm as a Buddha, while I am dancing around, arms waving wildly, eyes shining with eagerness and asking him "Isn't that great? Isn't that wonderful?" He smiles indulgently. Secretly I am glad that he balances out my personality completely. I can depend on him, no matter what and he will always come through for me. He also understands me perfectly and know me inside out. That is what I love most about him.

16 years back, when we were newly weds (and still getting to know each other's quirks, he didn't know what a devil I was :P :-)) we had gone to Kodaikanal  for our honeymoon.(I find the word absurd but its etymology is interesting). We were staying in this nice hotel (well, even if it was a shack, it would still have seemed amazing  because you know how it is, when you're just married). There was a long corridor at the end of which was our room, our 'honeymoon suite' located so for discreet privacy. There were several rooms (at least 15) before ours.We were told  by a giggling concierge that the floor was full of honeymoon couples.

I remember still the acceleration of my heart as a devilish plan hatched inside my mind. I looked at my handsome husband's angelic face. The plan was becoming clearer and clearer and the temptation was too strong to resist. Like Usain Bolt, I shot out and before Satish realised what was happening I had successfully rung all the 15 doorbells of the room preceding ours and I had run into the safety of our honeymoon suite (I was the one carrying the key and I had opened it in a jiffy) and collapsed on the bed laughing. Satish ,for a few seconds, had no clue what had just happened, but he fortunately realised within a few seconds that all the honeymoon couples in those rooms would soon be opening the door and would find him standing there. Within a  few seconds of that realisation, he had done an Usain Bolt too and had joined me, collapsing in laughter on the bed, like two little children who have just played the greatest prank on earth and not got caught.

I laugh to this day, imagining all those people who must have opened their doors (who knows after hurrying to get dressed, perhaps :P ) to find no-one outside. My apologies to you, if you were celebrating your honeymoon in  Kodaikanal in 1995 and you opened the door to find nobody outside. I confess it was me. :-)

Since then, we have done many more crazy things together.Some of them are truly scandalous and this blog is read by my friends children too, hence I cannot mention them here. We still talk about them and we still  collapse with laughter, when we talk about it.

I think the sweetest thing about a relationship are memories. Especially of laughter, especially of the good times one has had. If they far outweigh the fights and the low point which any relationship hits, then you have a good thing going.

I know. I speak from experience.

Satish was out of town and he is on his way back from the Airport as I type this. I have dressed up specially for him. Yeah, I am still the eternal romantic and old habits die hard. What I plan to do is hide behind the door and shout BHHHHOW and leap at him , just before he rings the door bell. :-D

I am chuckling madly as I type this and wait for him. We would be going all by ourselves (leaving our two children at home who are urging us to go out) to a nice place for dinner.

So see you tomorrow, I must go for I have a mission to carry out--creating happy memories of a special day.


  1. Anonymous8:23 PM

    Happy Anniversary to you both :) may your love only increase.

  2. congrats to both of you...wishing you many more years if happiness and love!!:)

  3. Congrats for beautiful life full of smiles..wishing u both many more.. :) :)

  4. My goodness!! some whacky sense of humor you have :) While reading I had this weird image of people jumping up with a start on hearing the doorbell when they might have been otherwise occupied !:)

    And off course A very very happy anniversary to you and Satish – Here is to many many many many more years of togetherness and happiness. Hugs !

  5. Happy Anniversary Preeti :)

    As I type this, I hope you both are having a wonderful romantic dinner ...

  6. Happy Anniversary both of you! Stay blessed!

  7. Happy anniversary to you both :)

    That prank was positively wicked :) :D

  8. Happpppyyyyyyy Anniversary :)

  9. Happy Anniversary!!!!!!

    God bless you both with lots of love and happiness!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    U both make a cute pair:)
    Take care

  10. Happy Anniversary to you both!!

  11. Oh...I can't just describe in words the spell your writing casts on me making me feel good just about everything around me. I have bought both of your books and read your posts everyday just before hitting the bed and going for sleep. They get me a good sleep and smile on my face after a tiring day at office. Wish...I could sit face to face with you and talk for hours for I feel a strange sense of connection to a lot of things you write about. May God bless both of you and may you have everything you wish to have in Life. Thanks.

  12. happy anniversary to both of u:-) that prank really blew me away.couldn't stop laughing out of loud:-)

  13. Happie happie anniversary! Lurve luff looooooooooved this post :).

    And you nailed it when you wrote "If the good times far outweigh the fights and the low points which any relationship hits, then you have a good thing going."

  14. reading a real-life happy post after so long which is void of any promotion or hoopla.... love reading your articles and planning to get a copy of both your books when I visit India next :)
    happy anniversary *huggss*

  15. Happy Anniversary to you both and wishing you many more to come


  16. Wish you both a very happy marriage anniversary....and lots of happiness to your family :)

  17. let this journey of life for all 4 of you be filled with many happiness, serenity, love & good health..

    Many wishes to Mr&Mrs.Shenoy

  18. Anonymous11:46 PM

    Happy Anniversary Preeti and Satish!! You may have many more fun filled days ahead!!

  19. A Happy Anniversary to both of you.

  20. Congrats Preeti & Satish for your Sweet Sixteen anniversary...


  21. Congrats for achieving this gr8 milestone....

  22. Happy Anniversary Preeti.. and I must say .. this one was really hilarious.. The one I liked the most was " My apologies to you, if you were celebrating your honeymoon in Kodaikanal in 1995 and you opened the door to find nobody outside. I confess it was me. :-)" .. :) I am definitely going to get my hand on ur books when I am coming to India this summer..

  23. Oh my God!!!
    :) :) :)

    Funny, beautiful and so full of LOVE!
    *hearts* to both of you!

    and here's to many happy years ahead!

  24. Happy Anniversary Preeti akka! can't wait for the 25th anniversary post already! :) u n bhavaji make a great pair! would have loved to see one wedding snap of urs. :)

  25. happy anniversary!!! and wish you many more such anniversaries :)

  26. Hi Preeti,

    Wishing you both a happy anniversary .God bless. I totally agree that memories are the best gift to ourselves especially if they are good. Thatswhy millions of couple chose to lead a peaceful happy , boring but a drama free life. Just because memories are precious.

    Have a wonderful day ; ).


  27. Wish you a very happy anniversary!!! Keep smiling... and...writing always!!! :)

  28. Dearest preeti and Satish ,

    A Very Very Happy Anniversaryy to both of you. May you have lots of anniversaries together.


  29. Anonymous10:27 AM

    happy anniversary :)
    lovely post :)

  30. Please accept my belated Anniversary wishes & hope ur day went off good yesterday:-))!!!!

    p.s: have a problem with blogger on my laptop so finding it very difficult to comment nowdays;-(

  31. Happy Anniversary to you and Satish. May you two be always happy together. Have a good day. :)

  32. Wishing you both many many more happy(ier) anniversaries to come...
    Loved your post - it was straight from the heart, no doubt and I could vividly imagine you talking excitedly and animatedly while satish sits like a buddha (lol)smiling indulgantly - that was too cute for words!!
    The kodaikanal prank was wicked indeed!!!
    I'm glad satish is back home right on time to have a lovely anniv dinner together - hope you have many more happy memories of such special days!! love :)))

  33. Loved it! Happy anniversary :D

  34. Happy Wedding Anniversary :):)

    This post says it all :)
    Stay happy and positive always...
    May God Bless!!!

  35. Wish you both a very very happy wedding anniversary. You look lovely together. :) Wish you many more wonderful years ahead. Take care.

  36. "I think the sweetest thing about a relationship are memories. Especially of laughter, especially of the good times one has had. If they far outweigh the fights and the low point which any relationship hits, then you have a good thing going."

    So true! Wish you have an amazing life together forever. God bless you and a very very Happy Anniversary!

  37. Happy Anniversary...Add a bursting balloon also for the effect...

  38. wow...what a wonderful post..

    wish you happy wedding anniversary ...



  39. Happy 16th preeti :)

  40. Livingitup:Thanks!

    Ketan:Thank you

    Lekhu:You can be the balloon girl :P :)Thanks :)

    Varsha:Thank you so very much.


    Tan:Thanks a lot :)

  41. Mamta:thanks a lot! :) we must catch up on gtalk.

    SK: yes :) i am a devil :)Thanks :)

    Surreal:Thanks a ot :)

    Reflections: Pls pls pls come back to blogging!Really miss your posts!

    annastales: thanks :)

    Inderjit:Thanks a lot :)

  42. Sheila: Thanks :)

    Charu: "boring" is a very relative term :) Thanks a lot :)

    Poornima:Thanks a lot!

    Purnima: I could have shared but they are all stuck in the album :) It was 16 years back :) No digital photography.

    Sucheta:Thanks a lot! Got your text too. :)

    Nik: heh heh.You can order my books abroad too. Where are you based?


  43. Anish: thank you so much.

    Ariel:Thank you

    weourlife:Thanks a lot :)

    Venkat:Thanks a lot :)

  44. Prashanth:Thank you. Got your mail too.will reply.

    Seema;Thanks so much :)

    Eve-o-lution:Thanks--where are you based?They're probably avilable in the country you are based too.

    Shachi: Thanks! You do pick the lines which are most powerful :)

    Nikesh:Glad it made you laugh :)

    Raj Gaurav:Wow--what a fab compliment! Thanks :)

    Nisha:Thank you!

    Gayu: Thanks! :)

    Sundari: thanks!

  45. Ajay: :-) Lets hope no-one rings the doorbell on your honeymoon :P :):D

    Flavours of life:Thanks so much :-)

    Aathira;We were.Thanks! and good luck to you!

    Ruch: :D Thanks a lot! Hugs :)

    Life begins:Thanks so much :)

    Mathew:Thanks! :)

    tara:Thanks a lot :)

  46. Sweetest post ever! Congratulations Preeti :o) May you both be this happy always.


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