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Cat on the car. Which car?

Everyday I pass him and he sits like a Lord, and surveys all those who pass by as though asking "Halt who goes there? What is your business?" He guards it like a revered treasure and you can't help but marvel at his dedication and his supine grace as he looks straight at you. Ok--enough about the cat. You already got the picture. (Pun intended) A question now for the Car Aficionados amongst you. Can you tell me the make of the car? I am posting one more photo that gives away the shape and a few more details, to make it a little easier for you.I shall update this post on Wednesday late night (Thursday morning in India) with a picture that I clicked of the car logo. Let us see how many of you get it right. [ And yes, if you guess it right before I publish the photo of the logo I will send you a handmade card --subject to a maximum of two. I can't make any more than two, as I am really hard pressed for time, these days. I shall tell you all very soon what I

Surprise, surprise!

Most people love surprises.There are a few who consider surprises a great inconvenience and a foolish thing because it makes them deviate from their pre-planned routine which they adhere to, tighter than a lycra skirt worn by a teen at a first date to a disco. Almost all children do. Love surprises that is, not the tight skirt. A friend of mine used to tell her husband that he has to bring a surprise gift for her when he travelled. Sometimes she would even specify what the surprise gift should be . :-) He always obliged. What is life if there is no element of surprise? It would be staid, predictable, routine and boring.Of course, the people who hate surprises would argue that there is comfort in familiarity and people like me who detest routines will swear that the opposite is true. Naturally, this way of thinking has passed on to the spouse who surprises me with flowers every now and then and who also surprises me with the delicious meals that he cooks. On days that I am out of th

Eight things I learnt from my past and a lot more eights

This morning Sunshine challenged me with a tag of 8's. Not the Sunshine that emanates from the hot ball of fire around which the Earth revolves at 66,000 miles per hour but the blogger Sunshine with random thoughts . She told me it would be hard and I cannot resist a challenge. She was right. It was hard!It really made me think. When I finished I saw no point in not posting it. So here it is: 8 TV shows I like to watch: I don't watch a single TV show but I know about them as I read about them. I watch only music channels. So I am listing the ones I regularly watch. For added information I am also listing one song that each one regularly plays these days :-) I am sure this more than makes up for the TV shows. 1.VH1: The song I like is 'We are golden' which is climbing the charts these days 2.VH1 Classic: I like almost all songs they play. One which comes to mind is Roxette-Joyride. 3.TMF: Song I like is 'Get sexy' --sugababes 4. 4music: Song I like is Un

Preeti's laws of parenting

Really sorry--I have had to remove this post as it will soon appear in a book. Making it available online would have been very unfair to my publisher who has placed so much trust in me. I hope you enjoy the other posts as much as you enjoyed this one. A heartfelt thanks for your support and understanding.Thanks for continuing to read what I write.

Love is in the eyes (wordless wednesday no.12)

Click on image to enlarge. Click on media player to hear a lovely song . [If you cannot see the media player click on the yellow bar at the top of the page to temporarily allow pop-ups and active-x controls for IE or wait till it loads] When I saw him I just had to have him. His eyes did me in. I always fall for eyes which look at me with sincerity. These were so alive! Love is someone looking at you with dog eyes :-) Of course, he has a permanent place now. :-) With eyes like those, he had to!

Colour your day!

A friend of mine who is based at Mumbai (who also happens to be a smart, young Corporate Banker), sends me two good-morning wishes every single day. Each wish has a beautiful inspirational message and a very appealing graphic. The pictures make all the difference to the messages. I have never asked where he gets it from, but I open my Inbox each morning and it is there. Sometimes they are perky messages that say someone cares. For example a message he sent today said “Mornings are just like paintings. You need an inspiration to get you going, a smile to brighten it up and a message from someone who cares to colour your day.” Sometimes they are inspirational messages. For example, he sent a message a few days back which was a quote by Swami Vivekananda (who used to be my inspiration in my college days, but my friend didn’t know that) which read “In a day when you don’t come across a problem you can be sure you are travelling in the wrong path.” I like almost all the messages he sen

Little details (Wordless Wednesday no.10)

"It is the little details that are vital. Little things make big things happen." --John Wooden Added as an afterthought--This little guy seems to be yelling "It is bad enough to be stuck in the kerb and walked over and now you've gone and frozen me forever in this image and everyone is looking at me, you crazy woman" Wordless wednesday is now wordless all week long. If you want to play too, just click and click :)