Preeti's laws of parenting

Really sorry--I have had to remove this post as it will soon appear in a book. Making it available online would have been very unfair to my publisher who has placed so much trust in me. I hope you enjoy the other posts as much as you enjoyed this one. A heartfelt thanks for your support and understanding.Thanks for continuing to read what I write.


  1. saw 0 comments ..just putting this 1 first..real views are coming up in a bit..cant miss being first..

  2. hey Preeti you might find 2 shantharam's commenting back to back but i swear by god that they are both real and me ;) as it said 0 comments, i rushed to comment without realising that its not the account i use for blogs .. lol.

    well regarding ur post..Most of them i could relate to and i surely am not a parent married or otherwise ;) How many times have i forgotten to take important files(the one i worked overnight fixing) to office because i got up late and had to rush back and get it..this happens only after i reach news paper, chat with my colleagues for a while and discuss things like football, girls, football, sex, girls ,football, football and some more football amidst lot of verbal abuse to any player who might have done something to let us "LOYAL FANS" down.. by the time all this happens its 10:00 am and i was supposed to be working on it @ 9..

    I hate mondays just because sundays spoil my sleeping habits..I usually get up @ 8 or 9 or 10 on sunday much to the irritation of my mother..and the same sensation for sleeping longer exists on Monday..

    And one more thing esp for men (i dont know if it applies for ladies), in the rush to get all things done and get going, i have forgotten to zip my pants..half way to the bus stop when people are staring at me i realise what an idiot i have then the damage will be done..

    P.S: PS i love that song from Kailash Kher.. Really cool..Teri Dewani rocks too..

    Have a nice and rocking day..

  3. hehe - i am glad i dont have sock nightmares :)

    "Despite all the above laws, you will always find a way to solve any problem—real or imaginary." -

    This is so so true.....

    So are you ready for Monday tomorrow :P :)?

  4. He he he reminds me of Monday morning blues...

  5. LOL :D

    Very well timed post since it is a Monday tomorrow. General needs to make sure that her troops are ready :)

  6. Anonymous6:29 AM

    The sock story is universal - kids or no kids! :D
    The rest reminded me of my mom - poor thing, we gave her a hard time! Sigh ... :D

  7. roaming shoes, missing sock and monday blues are somethings I can so much relate to and does happen to me :)
    Had a great Monday 'coffee-break 'thanks to you..
    * big smile :):)

  8. Anonymous8:45 AM

    Hi Preethi
    My little one is yet to go to school but yes these tips did make me relate to my childhood. Will keep these tips handy. I love your writting. Good Day :))

  9. Interesting laws. Esp. liked the one where siblings have opposite taste. That is sooo true!

  10. Hi! Miss Preeti,

    I stumbled upon your site through Mr. Solitary am just a new follower of yours.

    I love the wisdom of your posts!

    Keep up, you are an encouragement to a neophyte like me.

    Nice day Ms. Preeti:-)

  11. All very very true. Just to add some office working spouse's angle to this

    1. On the day of the parent teacher's meeting - you have to be in Timbuktu. You can discover this only the previous day.
    2. Five minutes before you have to leave to pick up your kid from school, the boss calls a meeting
    3. The one piece of homework you helped out - you'll get it wrong to the fury of the kid and the merriment of the spouse.
    4. If your kid is bigger - all the post's numerous truisms about socks, apply to you and not the kid; for your socks have been whacked.
    5. You cannot find your mobile when you are about to leave for office as its been "borrowed" by the kid last night and has disappeared in the mess called the kids room.

  12. ha haa..

    i can relate it very well , though i don not have children of my own!

    I remember my mom's frantic searches for my socks when i declare tht they r missing at the last minute!

    n Guess wat! I used to search(my mom also) my text books the evening before my examinations!!! :P
    (Many times i had ended up running to my frnd's house and had read her book when she was relaxing or eating! ah n finally topped the class ! ;) )

    I jus wish my to-be-borns do not carry my genes when it comes to being organised! :P

  13. Thats funny yet sweet. Enjoyed every bit of it

  14. hehe... i completely relate with your funda. but my tragedy starts on 3rd or 4th day of the week. and its so nice to see the legacy pass generation to generation!

  15. So sweet post. Mothers are the best in this world.

    // Precisely a day after you have got rid of single socks which you had saved for ages just in case it’s partner was found, its partner turns up in all its splendour, perfect and clean. [“Out out you damned socks.” I have learnt that the best way is to be merciless and throw them out no matter how good they look]//

    //0. Fights and decibel levels get magnified a thousand fold when you’re single parenting (when spouse is travelling). Sometimes they also get magnified at the mere prospect of single parenting. If there is nothing to complain about children will always find a way. “Maaa---he is breathing my air” (and I am tearing out my hair!) :-)//

    ^^^^ Hilarious !! :D

  16. LOLL :D

    “Maaa---he is breathing my air”....this was AWESOME...

  17. The shoes & socks theory is the story of my life;-/

    Oh and the project theory too;-D

    Nice!!!!! Very Nice!!!!!!!

  18. Thank goodness it applies to almost everyone. So when we reach office late and meekly tell the boss that the socks went missing, he nods in understanding and lets you off without the customary yell. And by lunch time you realize he's wearing socks that don't match his trousers, and you go Ahaaaaa!

  19. Anonymous12:59 PM

    Enjoyed ur post ...
    last time work is also true for us

  20. O ya true..i am witnessing this sock vanishing act for quite sometime now. I used to be terrible annoying but I have got used to it now..if i dont see one - dont botther looking for it..and it shows up somewhere in a day or two :)
    Same way I have given up thinking on all odd things happening at odd hours.
    Oh of all...never forget to carry mobile/wallet before stomping out....I have done that once and was stuck with nothign in hand. I would like to add. - PLEASE DONT FORGET YOUR JACKET TOO (esp if you are living in cold prone country) THis is coming from first hand experience.

  21. hahaha!!! that is a really nice one out there! i remember doing most of these to my mom as a kid! :) this is how my bro and i fought, and grew up! :) or may be we never grew up, we are still kids at heart! :)

  22. It's surprising PS, when we were kids, we were 8 school-going kids(joint family), but never did we complain of missing socks-but ofcourse,badges and notebooks!Offlate,hearing tales like this, I am wondering, how on earth we managed!(It's only we, as the rule said,each clean your own pairs).

    though the rest of it, we did do! Postponing projects to last minute, having different tastes(think of two women in the household catering to 17 people's tastes!)but then we were nice kids, maybe :D

    “Maaa---he is breathing my air"(and I am tearing out my hair) was hilarious!

    But, you summed up all beautifully in those last few lines-"You will also feel completely on top of the world when their arms go around you, hugging you the tightest hug and telling you that you are the bestest parent in whole universe." Anything is worth this,isn't it?:)

  23. Awwww...aren't they just the bestest, mothers I mean! :D

    So Murphy keeps challenging 'parental skills' as well! :)

    And the line; “Maaa---he is breathing my air” totally cracked me up, I must say your daughter seriously knows how to demand her space :D

  24. Woah! That was interesting. I too am a mother of two and have been a parent for 12 years and have completed the mandatory Monday marathon run against the clock. It's when they get to long, profound, philosophical discussions over breakfast and I can hear the school van honking that my tearing hair routine starts!

  25. Hello Einstein(pun intended),
    Looks like your reflections on parenting has prompted your brain to get into overdrive and formulate these laws..
    Well, talking about your 'laws' from item 1 to 4, I guess I escape them as I started wearing 'white' socks of the same brand from a couple of years back. So I escape from all those and there is always peace, even if I wear two left socks(if there was any method to identify them).
    For items 4 to 10, I am feeling so happy that I do not need to get into those problems right now..he..he..he... :)
    I just loved reading item 10, and couldnt stop a laugh...
    For item 11, I prefer a total "unreachable" mode. I just go out for a long drive(if possible) without my mobile(which is sometimes a nuisance) or go out to my favourite 'hill'(which I am not going to say here as someone would find me out) and watch the city from top and it will be kind of total shutdown from outside.
    I got a smile when I read your last para..
    "Allah ke Bande"... one of my favourites.. Nice one.. :-)

  26. Lol.. funny n sweet read!

    I am fairly the point of I never have trouble finding my stuff or completing my work…well most times. But all ur stories are so true for mr husband at home!He wld appreciate how well u u’stand :)

  27. SO CUTE :D I remember my Mom tying the socks together into a knot so they stay together :D (Those who are tied together, stay together :P)

    P.S Breathing my air! WOW! Some deep observation that :D

  28. Nicely written post...I am still hoping to discover the magic wand that gets both my kids activities and things organnised.

  29. Very true. You took me back to my school days. One more to add, mothers always search for the lunch box.. the box will be there but the lid missing..hahaha... How can those days ever be forgotten... Not only that, suddenly water bottle gets missed and mom ends up saying, use this Pepsi/Aquafina bottle for a day and I will find your bottle today :)

  30. well i can now realise how much torture i must have been on my poor parents!! hilarious and very accurate description of woes of parents!!

  31. I knew it! Jaadu ki jhappi always works! :)

  32. Ah .. the socks story ... the spouse insists on buying atleast 2 dozen socks and I tell him the number has nothing to do with disappearing act.

  33. ha Ha.. very true....

    I hate Monday mornings.. that the same day I always endup missing my conference call bcz of searchg for socks, hankerchief etc

  34. hey,
    Lovely post... especially liked the secret scoiety of socks part... and "Maa...he is breating my air" .... Hats off!!

  35. hehhe..many of the points apply to adults as well..;-D

  36. Monday mrngs are always n always scary only somehow nothing works as we planned :)

    //“Maaa---he is breathing my air” (and I am tearing out my hair!) :-)//
    LOL :D

    //Despite all the above laws, you will always find a way to solve any problem—real or imaginary. //

    Yes very True.. Nice post

  37. Every thing you say makes perfect sense...all of it true.You could also mention that for us seems the more children you have and the older they get...a direct corrolation can be drawn with the rapidity of greying and hair loss!

  38. Anonymous1:18 PM

    Thanks for stopping.. I think the toughest of the entries I wrote was the 8's.. I could not get 8 in most of them.. Just managed .. Try it.. Am sure its not as easy as it looks.. esp being a Mother.. Love your writting.. will pick up your book for reading soon..
    Good day..

  39. Sunshine: you are absolutely right. It was hard!! I tried only because you said it was hard! :) Now I might as well make it my next post! :) Good day to you as well.

    Sundari: :) Thank you

    Mathew: yes! True :)

    Rohit: thanks :)

    Shalini: :) thank you

    CM_chap: yes--They always vanish the next day. i could have sworn they wander off in the night!

    CA: The number of socks bought is directly proportional to chances that it will vanish :)

    Varun: yes!

    Parv: Yes--poor parents indeed :)

    Niths: oh yes!! How can I forget water bottles and lunch boxes?!!

    Vinoo: yes! :) Thanks

    Tranquility: Yes--but you can tie only if you find a pair in the first place!

    Pavi: :-) It takes all kinds to add an element of fun or boring :P

    Nandu: What is the pun in Einstein? Did not get that. The very same time you left the comment someone with an Einstein display pic started following my blog! Yes--i like alomost all songs by Kailash Kher.

    Dreamer: Yes! :) I can relate! In the old school they had to go by bus. Now they walk--so we are spared of the inevitable torture of missing school bus.

    Sparkling: Oh yes! :) Murphy I am sure devised those laws out of frustration of parenthood :)

  40. Savitha: Maybe socks were precious possesions :P :) true--anything IS worth it :)

    Nirav: Aren't we all?! :) BTW welcome to my blog.

    Life begins: oh yes --jacket too :)

    Anu: Thanks :)

    Vipul: Thanks :)

    Meira: LOL :D I mailed you as soon as you commented :)

    Reflections: same pinch! :)

    Radhika: :) Thanks :)

    Aditya: so ws your project post! :) Do let me know when you write part 2 :)

    Loud and proud family : :) Yes--the legacy continues :)

    Srivats:Thank you :)

    Hunter: Oh yes--i have searched for text books too! Sometimes note books also :P

    Ramesh: very very rightly said and well observed!:)

    Amity me: Welcome to my blog and than you for following! gald you liked it

    SS: yes :)

    Swathy: Glad it made you smile:) thanks

    Thoughtful train: :) Now you know what mothers go through :)

  41. Ajay: Troops also need Majors and Lieutenants and Captains ;-)

    Prats: yes :)

    Shachi: As ready as point one says :)

    Shantharam: :) I thought you had a dual personality syndrome :) Congrats on being first! Have you heard the song Manic Monday? :) it applies to people like you and me :)

  42. Well, during our college days, I had a friend of mine, who used to 'develop' theories/laws. To quote a sample, you would pretty well know how hot Madras weather can be during the summer. While we would be trying to have a cool drink to quench the thirst, he would have a cup of tea. He would say that since the tea is relatively hot than the weather, after he drank the tea, he would feel the weather cooler - a case of relative effect! So, I just named him Einstein and that name stuck to him and he was quite proud to be called like that. He had many such 'theories' on girls as well - like, "the more you try to ignore a girl, the more will she start to look on you with interest" - kind of Newton's third law. But not sure what interest!
    When, you had mentioned about your 'laws', I just recollected something :-)

  43. very nice and funny! Had a good laugh recalling similar 'sock' experiences!!


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