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Ted X SITM. A memorable event.

And so there was this Ted X event which happened at Symbiosis Institute for Telecom Management (SITM)  Pune and I was invited as a speaker. I got back from Pune on Saturday night after the event and it is still fresh in my mind. It was truly a memorable experience for me. The enthusiasm of the everyone associated with this Ted X talk, the superb and efficient way it was organised, the breathtakingly beautiful campus, the cordial welcome I got from the Director of the Institute Prof.Patil, and the love that the students and faculty showered on me has floored me completely and has left me with a fuzzy warm feeling which refuses to die down even three days after the event. The speaker line-up was superb. I felt honoured to hear Dr.Pawan Agarwal of Mumbai dabbawalas (which is now a case study  in many management Institutes)  speak. To quote from 'The Hindu' Mumbai’s 5,000-odd dabbawalas have been in action for over 125 years now, without any work stoppages. They deliver

Bliss. Wordless Wednesday no. 31

  My post for Wordless Wednesday ____________________________________________________________________ If you still don't know about my  Ted x talk, go watch! If you like my blog, you might enjoy my books :) Grab them   here .   (You don't need a credit card. You can pay cash on delivery) or if you are an Amazon Fan, you can grab them  here

Some more lovely stuff from The Busy Elf.

For those readers who came in late and do not know about ' The Busy Elf'  do read Keshrie's story. Here is some more stuff she made. (The proceeds from the sale of the things she makes goes 100% to her, towards the education of her two boys. I don't make any money from this!) A cup warmer. Rs.150/- for a single one.        Rs.275 for a pair. They can be adjusted to fit most mugs. Rs.300/- for this crocheted Bottle holder. Carry your water stylishly! A beautifully crocheted tray cloth. Rs.300/- Doesn't it look gorgeous? If anyone wants to place an order for any of her items, please e-mail me your requirement. Add Rs.100/- for shipping. Check out her other products on her FB page that I made for her. And please spread the word, will you? It's for a good cause. ____________________________________________________ If you still don't know about my  Ted x talk, go watch! If you like my blog, you might enjoy my

A few songs down the nostalgia lane

If you have been a child of the eighties in India, you probably recall the time without Internet, without television and once television came, days of Hum Log and Buniyaad and waiting for Chitrahaar on Wednesday evenings. If you were anything like me, you also probably  had a huge crush on Kumar Gaurav in Love story. (or Vijeta Pandit depending on your gender/sexual inclination heh heh) (I know, but I did, on Kumar Gaurav! Murdering Vijeta Pandit was  probably one of my greatest ambitions at that time.) I also grew up on a diet of English ( 36th Chamber of Shaolin , Herbie goes bananas )  and several Hindi movies of those times. (Mostly Amitabh starrers, I recall). My dad used to take us to the 'theatre' (we used to say 'theatre--never a cinema hall and multiplexes were unheard of in those times) as a special treat on weekends to watch movies. Oh, the joy! I remember in the absence of Internet and instant access to information like we have today, figuring out  the

Cupcakes, Conversation and Chai

You are invited :)  It is going to be a discussion on importance of friendship, modern day relationships, marriages, and how different living in a big city versus living in a small place is. There is going to be Chai and cupcakes and of course conversation too. Event is open to all but it will be really nice if you confirm, as Vani  Mahesh of easylib is making all the arrangements to see that everyone has a great time. Click here for the FB event page Those of you have read the book (and the acknowledgement section) will know Ramesh of Business Musings was one of the first to read the manuscript, even before I submitted it to the publishers. I was delighted when he confirmed today that he will definitely be there. Am looking forward to meeting you all. Meanwhile, I have been making cards. Sharing a few I made recently. (The people who ordered them as well as the recipients were delighted!) And this is a card which was made to order,  for

A silent plea.

This is a post I wrote on 7th September 2010. This one I wrote on  7th September 2011. And tomorrow is 7th September 2012 and I am again typing this from a tiny village in Kerala. Six years. You would think it hurts a little less by now.  It doesn't. You just learn to hide the pain better. Please say a prayer for me. And for him. I need it. Need all your love, positivity and prayers. It helps.

Five rules to get over someone

Rule no.1 : Move on (and while you are at it, cultivating a new hobby which you are really passionate about helps) Rule no.2 : Move on. (and while you are at it, making a brand new friend helps) Rule no. 3 : Move on . (and while you are at it reading A LOT helps. Don't allow the mind to be idle for even five seconds, lest it goes racing to depressing thoughts. Use the time to read good books. There is so much waiting to be learnt in them, especially on heartbreaks ;-) ) Rule no.4 : Move on (and while you are at it find one thing to do in the day, which gives you immense joy) Rule no.5 : Move on   (and if you have been doing the 'while you're at it stuff' you don't need this rule as you would have already moved on) Good luck! (accept it hurts and sometimes, it is indeed okay to hurt. We all go through it and emerge stronger and meet someone better eventually, though at the time of going through it, it definitely does not seem so) ________________