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Listen carefully to the lyrics!

  "So do you listen to music?" I asked him. "Of course I do. Who doesn't? Did you think I was some kind of a Tribal?" That made me smile. I was meeting him for the first time and we both found the conversation smooth, with no awkward pauses, as we walked around the beautifully landscaped gardens. Did I mention it was night? Somehow nights always make even the mundane seem enchanting. Ten days later he dedicated a song to me. It was Air Supply's "Every Woman in the world" It's been 20 years now and the song still holds the same magic. It still puts a smile on my face when I hear it. And sometimes, he looks into my eyes and sings it for me :) Pic credits :Narasimha Murthy _______________________________________________________________________ If you like my blog chances are you will like my books too :) Check them out:

Why We Love The Way We Do. A short video.

It's a one minute and 30 second watch. Do watch and leave me comments! :) _________________________________________________________ Buy my books:

Father's name and Husband's name

My mom is visiting me these days. I took her for a master health check up yesterday. We had to fill up the hospital forms and I was filling it up for her. There was a column for 'Father's/Husband's name.' I found it meaningless to fill that in as neither her husband nor her father are even alive. How did it matter? I didn't tell her anything though. The pain of losing my dad still opens up raw wounds inside me.  'What should I write? Father's name or husband's name?' I asked her. 'Strike that out, write daughter's name and put your name there,' said my mom, very matter of fact . And  with that statement, in her quiet  unassuming straight-forward way, she struck down the centuries of the subtle, powerful patriarchal system that our great India is seeped in.  She is an amazing person, my mom. And my strength too. A pic of my mom and me clicked two days back :) ____________________________________________________

Why We Love the Way We Do. A New non-fiction book on relationships!

Hi there, Finally finally finally, the final proofs of my next book have been submitted. I have emerged from the nether world inhabited by letters, words, sentences, commas, apostrophes, italics, semi colons, alignment, paragraphs, fonts, a persevering writer and a meticulous editor obsessed with making   the creation as perfect as perfect can be. Yes, my new book will be out soon!  As many of you who follow my Facebook author page might know, this time it is a non-fiction book on relationships! I am really excited about this one as I have spent many hours researching  and reading up to write this and I am extremely pleased with how it has turned out. More than anything it answers relevant questions in a non-preachy, easy to relate manner. Here is the back-blurb that my editor wrote for the book: Is it possible to tell if it is love or lust? How important is sex in a relationship? Why do break-ups hurt so much? How often should you message a person you fancy?