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5 ways to deal with negative people in your life.

On my facebook author page,   about a couple of hours back, I asked what you would like me to write about. I had said that I would pick one topic I liked, and that I would blog about it today. There were more than a hundred suggestions, in this short span of time.  The one I liked most was this request by Aatmanika Ram. Aatmanika wanted to know how we can deal with negative people who are family or close friends. Now, when you say negative people, I am presuming you are referring to people who drain you out, who put you down and who make you feel lousy about yourself. After they leave you feel awful. Am I right? We ALL have such people in their lives. Sometimes it is not possible to ignore them as you are living with them! Here are five things you can do: 1. Examine the source: Mostly negativity comes from jealousy. I have someone in my life (whom I cannot avoid) who leaves me feeling drained. When I thought about the things that this person said, I realised it

Stages of a relationship. (explained in comics) by Preeti Shenoy

I made this comic just now. Click on image to enlarge.  Click HERE to go to my pixton page All the women reading this..Please comment below if it strikes a chord :) The men reading this--yes, you are welcome to comment too:)

Hello June! A new post with latest updates from my end.

 Hey there! Hello :) How have you been and what is new? If you read this blog regularly, apologies for the delay in updates. I began a new photo challenge in May. I did complete the challenge on Instagram.  But I found it very tedious to constantly cross-post the same picture here as well. Hence I stopped and dropped off the radar here. I hope you forgive me for that :)  If you wish to see the pictures I posted every day, they are all there on my Instagram. I also post stories there regularly. Most days, I also post a good morning photo. So join in me on Instagram, to stay connected :) I have been working hard on my new novel. It will be out later this year, probably in September or October. I am very excited about it and so lost in the world I created, at the moment. I wanted to share some nice news from my end. I wrote for Dainik Bhaskar for their edit page a few weeks back, and my article was published in 63 editions across 13 s