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Haunted (Writers island 4)

The prompt at Writers Island this time is 'Haunted.'Strangely it matched my mood, and compelled me to doodle this picture,after I wrote this piece. ************************************************** Haunted. Haunted is when you wake up and the dreams still continue. Haunted is when you cannot stop thinking and thoughts continue inside your head like a whirlwind. Haunted is when you know it is not possible, but you hope anyway. Haunted is when you wish and wish you could have just five minutes, with that person. Haunted is when you go through every photograph you have of them, at least a 100 times. Haunted is when you comb and comb your memory just in case, you pick up little bits of togetherness, that by a miniscule chance got left behind. Haunted is a lump in your throat at just the mention of their name. Haunted is feeling sad, even at a very happy bit of news, just because they aren’t there to share it. Haunted is when the pain still stays, even after

The stranger (writers island 3)

The prompt this time at writers island is 'The stranger'. This is my piece. ************************************************************ The stranger Really sorry--I have had to remove this post as it will soon appear in a book. Making it available online would have been very unfair to my publisher who has placed so much trust in me. I hope you enjoy the other posts as much as you enjoyed this one. A heartfelt thanks for your support and understanding.Thanks for continuing to read what I write.

No magic pills

There is SO MUCH written about weight loss. Weight loss industry in India alone, stands at about Rs.8000 crores (1 crore =10 millions) Every day, when I open the newspaper, there are at least 5 advertisements for weight loss and fitness. There are many which charge you for the number of kilos you want to lose! Almost all my friends are trying to lose weight. They ask me how I manage to be, the way I am, despite having two kids and despite being 35. (I am 5 ft 4 inches tall & weigh 53 kgs which is about 117 pounds) When I say that I watch what I eat and I work out, they say “Oh!—but YOU don’t need to work out. You never put on weight.” Excuse me!!! EVERYONE puts on weight (yes—I have had my share of battles with the bulges too.) and I NEED to work out. Isn’t prevention better than cure? Somehow, I am paranoid about putting on weight. I watch my weight carefully and the moment it goes to 54, I step up my work out and eat healthier. (more fruits, less fried stuff etc ) It

Moms are always special

Mothers—Aren’t they darlings? I never understood my own mother, till I became a mom. When I was expecting my first child, I had absolutely no clue what it all involved. As I went from stage to stage, realization dawned on me for the first time, that this is exactly what my mother must have gone through, when she was having me. My respect for her increased hundredfold. Instantly. When I was in college and she worried about me when I got home late, I used to laugh at her concern and tell her not be paranoid. When my own two, started going to school, I understood exactly why she worried. When she used to proudly tell her close friends about my achievements in sports as well as academics, I used to be embarrassed and insist that she should NOT talk about me. Now that I have my own children, I know just how much it must have meant to her. When she used to stay up the whole night, just because I had a fever, I used to tell her to stop being fussy, and it was only a fever,

Message in a bottle (Writers island 3)

The prompt for Writers island this time, is 'Message in a bottle'. I had made a painting (Oil on canvas) nearly 12 years back--and it seems apt for this poem I wrote, as my entry for this prompt. Message in a bottle. Past washed ashore In bits unseen, Snatched glimpses, Of what could have been. Perhaps life would Have taken a different turn, Had you felt my pain, And seen me yearn. Bottled up now And thrown to the sea, I wait no more, Yet I am never free. © Ps

My laptop went on a date!

Of all the electrical and electronic appliances that reside in my home, my laptop probably is the most hardworking! So it was only inevitable that she (yes --the laptop is definitely a she—Can any male endure such harsh treatment, unintentional neglect and so much work?!) wanted a break. So off she went, on Tuesday night, with a total stranger (the software engineer who had come over to take her on a ‘date’) riding pillion, in his backpack. She did not even look back. (Sigh!) She was supposed to be back on Thursday morning. But I think she was having too much of a good time. 4 frantic calls to the software engineer (The rogue refused to answer two of my calls.) and I came to know that she would be coming back ‘for sure’ on Friday morning. Friday went by. The calls multiplied to 16.( They have a way of increasing in geometric progressions, when interlaced with panic and internet withdrawal symptoms—not to mention a gnawing worry, that SHE had been kidnapped) “ Pukka madam—aaj ra

Renewal (Writers Island 2)

The prompt for Writers Island this week, is "Renewal". Here is what I have to say on it. ******************************************************************** Renewal They say you have to reinvent yourself every seven years, in order to not stagnate, and in order to grow—emotionally and psychologically. Whether we like it or not, we all grow older, as each second ticks by. As children, we are constantly discovering things. We are growing –both physically and mentally. There is so much to learn and so much to do. As adults, we seem to have seen it all and done it all. Very often, we define ourselves by our work identities. “I am John and I am a senior Vice president at Microsoft” or “I am Lina, and I head HR at Glaxo.” Somehow I feel, this work identity seems hollow—simply because you do not get to know the person underneath. Also, if your identity is your job, it is frightening to think what happens if you get laid off or retire. I know of many mothers who gave up corp

And sometimes dreams come true.

Some things leave you with an ache, a longing and deep despair to hold on to them, even as they slip through your fingers, like sand on a beach. My meeting with Niall and my holiday was one such thing. Niall already wrote about it—you can read it here. For me too, it was a like a dream come true. I couldn’t believe that I was actually inside this dream, and this dream in reality, is a reality! I was interacting with Jan, for the first time and I felt I had known her all my life. My kids too got along with Annie really well. Niall gifted me EIGHT of his pictures. I just couldn’t take my eyes of them. Seeing them ‘in the flesh’ (as he puts it) is something else. The prints that he has of his pictures, are such high quality that you cannot distinguish at all, between the prints and the originals. They are incredible. He had inscribed them, and it makes it so special. He later told me that he has given his originals to very few people--and I felt so honoured to be among those few. At the