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A magical evening 25th year reunion.Batch of 89. KVIIT chennai.

If you had told me a few days back that time-travel is possible I would have scoffed and told you that you have been watching far too many Christopher Nolan movies. But today I sing a different tune. I have just travelled 25 years back in time and I blog now to tell the tale. To even think about it gives me goosebumps. I have just attended the 25th year high school reunion of my batch and what we all went through is something that is indescribable. I wasn't even sure of making it as my new book has just released and I am in the middle of promos. (Incidentally, the first printrun has sold out even before the book released and it has already gone into a second print run! We have sold more than 35000 copies already!)  But my closest friend (we have been together since we were 11) and asked me if  I would come for the reunion. She said it was the 25th year and hence historic and there were our batchmates coming from different countries and it was a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity.

The Bangalore launch of 'It Happens for a Reason'

As promised in the last post , here are some pictures from the Launch of 'It Happens for a Reason'. The launch event was just fantastic! The lovely backdrop. It was at Autumn Hall at Hotel Royal Orchid that we hosted the event.  I posed for a lot of pictures. You will see them soon in the  papers.  We released the book after a brief introduction. The book was released by Shinie Antony (one of my favourite authors and also the founder of Bangalore Literature Festival) and Chander Kamal Balje the Founder, and Chairman & Managing Director of Royal Orchid Hotels It was a lovely discussion and we also had a great audience interaction.  I hate reading from my own book. But I ended up reading a bit as the audience as well as Shinie wanted me to!  Then I signed many many copies! We had wine and snacks and some lovely company!  All my author friends had come. I felt so happy and thrilled to have them there. In the picture from left to rig

Signing of books and the Grand Launch--It happens for a Reason.

So it has been really crazy, the last few days. My home was taken over by thousands of copies of  It Happens for a Reason . Yes, the book signing madness was on--full swing. I signed thousand and thousands of copies.  Worked for about 36 hours non-stop, with short breaks and also a 6 hour break to sleep. It was just like the book signing last time. It is indeed back-breaking work. But posts popping up all over social media, like this one expressing delight at having received a signed copy, makes it worth it. I am very happy to let you know that the book has gone into reprint, even before the first print-run is out! To celebrate 'It happens for a Reason' we are having a grand launch tomorrow (13th December 2014,Saturday) at Bangalore. It is an invite only event, and in case you wish to attend it, you can request an invite by sending a mail to the Westland Team : invite(at) We have a limited number of invites up for grabs. For those of