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Words have the power to hurt and words have the power to heal. I have a poster on my cupboard that says. “Words have a life of their own. Think, before you speak ” .Wasn’t it Boyzone who sang “ smile ,an ever lasting smile a smile can bring you near to me, don't ever let me find you gone, 'cause that would bring a tear to me. This world has lost its glory, let's start a brand new story now my love you think that I don't even mean a single word I say it's only words and words are all I have to take your heart away” There is this really beautiful poem about words which I have read to my children so many times that they can recite it without looking. We also used it in a couple of workshops and almost all the kids loved enacting it. Thought I’d share this brilliant poem with you so that you can share it with your children if you like to. The word party. By Richard Edwards Loving words clutch crimson roses, Rude words sniff and pick their noses, Shy words come

Little things that make you feel good

We went out to this lovely restaurant yesterday with three people from the UK, whom we were meeting for the first time.The moment we stepped in, there was this big,circular shallow vessel filled with water,and very pretty flowers floating in it.It was so beautiful that I couldn't resist taking a picture.What you see is an aerial view of it. Little things like these make me feel instantly good. Am listing here little things that make me feel good. 1.A hot cup of coffee as soon as I wake up. 2.A spontaneous hug from one of my kids 3.Waking up early and discovering that its a saturday/sunday and so I can read the whole newspaper at one stretch! 4.Hearing from a good friend. 5.Remembering crazy incidents that make me laugh. 6.Exchanging text messages with friends which are laced with a tongue-in-cheek humour 7.Writing a poem 8.Seeing a rainbow 9.Finding a newly blosomed flower in my garden 10.Chirpings of birds in the mornings and in the evening when they return to their nests. Wh

Its not about the bike!

I don’t know how many of you have read the book “It’s not about the bike” by Lance Armstrong. It is an inspiring true life account of Human spirit and determination. I’ve always loved any kind of outdoor sport, and cycling is no exception. There is something joyous about struggling hard to pedal uphill, on a cycle, using every muscle in your leg that you never knew existed , reaching the top, drenched in the sweat of your efforts, and after you have reached the peak, flying downhill at break neck speed , with wind in your hair ,a smile on your lips and a song in your heart. It’s my son’s ninth birthday today and he didn’t want a party—He just wanted a Firefox. For the uninitiated, am not talking about the internet browser firefox, but the bikes! After I went and looked at the bikes, I fell in love with them and we finally settled for a Firefox Viper.(That’s the picture and the bike was brought into the bedroom for the photo op!For a better picture click on

Blogging, Friends and the house of 1000 mirrors.

Blogging is so addictive! I’m sure most bloggers would agree with me that blogging is addictive. And unlike other addictions this one actually helps you. To me, it is like a window to the outside world. It is also an interactive platform. I like reading different blogs –You get different perspectives and a glimpse into the lives of others. You meet so many people and you realize that, at times, you have so much in common with someone from a completely different culture and country. You discover so much. You learn so much. It is also such a nice way to let your friends know what is happening in your life, without flooding them with mails. Once they have the link to your blog, they choose whether to read or not to, unlike a mail where they are ‘forced’ to. More than anything, your blog is an expression of what you think and feel. Yours to do as you please. You are in complete control, unlike life, which takes its own twists and turns. Have a great weekend . I, for one, am looking for

A matter of perspective

Last night, I lay in my hammock staring at the star studded sky, lost in thoughts. My 5 year old daughter was lying on top of me with her arm around my neck. She loves to do that and never misses an opportunity to lie with me in the hammock. Both of us lay there in silence, looking at the night, engrossed in thinking, dreaming, ruminating, and pondering. Suddenly she breaks the silence “Mummy?” “hmmm” “Can I ask you something?” “Hmm-hmm” “Are you scared of tarantulas?” “No. I am not scared of tarantulas” "How lucky you are mummy. Does that mean grown ups are not scared of tarantulas?” “Well, I don’t know about others but I am not scared because tarantulas live only in rainforests and I don’t see how a Tarantula can creep up here into our house” It to

Drifting away

Have always been fond of poetry.Poetry is so beautiful to express emotions.It can be interpreted any way you like.There is beauty in precision.Sometimes a single poem can express what pages of prose cannot. Here's one I wrote recently. Drifting away I watch helplessly As we drift farther apart. I want to call out But this time, words won’t suffice. The rope has already been cut And the tide is too strong. I watch helplessly As each wave, carries us farther apart. I want to call out But this time, a wish won’t suffice. The ties have already been broken And the distance is too long. I watch helplessly And I silently endure the pain Of drifting away. © Ps

So much beauty

There is so much of beauty all around us. We just have to open our minds and hearts, to see it. My parents belong to a beautiful place called Kerala. (To check out the official web site click go to ) I am fortunate to have such wonderful memories of my childhood associated with this place. As kids, every summer, when we had our school vacation we would spend 2 months in this beautiful place with my grandparents (on my mom’s side) and Uncle (on my dad’s side). Both Dad and Mom come from two small villages in interior Kerala and both places are really beautiful. They are so pristine, so scenic, so green, so tranquil, but above all, untouched by time. When I go back to these places as an adult, it is almost as if time has stood still. My dad’s place has this lovely river which is actually a congruence of three rivers. I learnt to swim in this river along with my cousins. The tide is very strong and one has to really know how to swim with the tide and against i

Hammock calling

It is a lazy Sunday morning with Husband and kids at home. Feel like just lying in my hammock (yes,that is my hammock in the picture you see.I love looking at those hills) and watching the world go by. But there is so much to do. There is the book sale that I want to go to. There is my book shelf which is overflowing with books, which I have been meaning to rearrange. The kids studies have to be supervised.(Monday morning blues are already setting in).As usual, any homework that has to be turned in has a magical way of reappearing only when there are 3 minutes left to board the school bus! Today I plan to pre-empt that. School books shall be thoroughly checked, and a third degree interrogation shall be carried out to extract any information about verbally told assignments!(Usually these are the ones that are conveniently forgotten!)I am in a super-mummy mode today. But sadly that means sacrificing what I want to really do. Like catching up with a dear friend through chat. Like the lu

I love this guy!

He came unannounced, uninvited Like he owned the place And everyone around. He took what he wanted And left When he had his fill . He is elusive and charming Clever and quick . Oh! How I love this guy! I wait for him And when I see him I am going to ask him To give me my heart back. © Ps _________ This little squirrel fearlessly helped himself from my husband's plate.I loved it! I showed the poem that I wrote to my son (he turns 9 in 10 days) and he is convinced that i wrote about him!:-) Ah,well,what can I say? I wrote about the squirrel.Really!! :-)

Why did you leave?

Feeling a bit sad this evening. Wrote this poem a little while ago just to express what I feel. _________________________________________________________ Why did you leave? The last song is yet to be sung, The last bell is yet to be rung. The last book is yet to be read, The last word is yet to be said. The last bow is yet to be taken. The last Martini is yet to be shaken. The last note is yet to be played, The last etching is yet to fade. Why then did you leave? Why did you choose to walk away? Leaving me to waltz the last dance And face the music alone. Couldn’t you stay? © Ps


Too much of it and we lose perspective..Too little and we still lose perspective!! How much money is really enough? Who decides what is "enough"? Wouldnt you love to own a Maybach?Or a learjet perhaps? Yet, will you be happy forever once you own these? Yes? For how long? Will all your troubles vanish? Children amuse themselves with a new toy which holds their attention for a while--then they want another.For adults, the toys are the learjets and the maybachs. A friend of my friend is in the last stages of cancer.She has got two kids who are 8 and 6.She is writing farewell letters to them, to be opened on their 14th,15th and subsequent birthdays.All the money in the world cannot get her some more time with her kids. These are dialogues from the movie "Goodwill Hunting" starring Matt Daemon and Ben Affleck which I loved.. The movie won 2 oscars,16 more awards and34 nominations. -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Skylar

Your handwriting and you

Graphology is something I’ve always been interested in and something that I’ve been doing for nearly 14 years now..Graphology simply means study of handwritings to reveal an individual’s personality. You can tell about a person’s nature,whether he or she is an extrovert or introvert,Whether the person is impulsive,artistic,materialistic..Is the person what he really appears to be or are there layers to his/her personality? Handwritings reveal SO much.. I don’t claim to be an expert because my skill is maily self taught,through books and practice..I look at hand written envelopes,receipts,even notes scribbled during a meeting –basically anything hand written and I can tell certain things about that person..Many a time I havent even met that person yet 80% of what I say would be right..I’m always looking at my husband’s office papers,where people he works with would have scribbled some notes in the margin..Then I analyse the writing and ask my husband if that person who scribbled th

Amazing coincidences

There is this blog which I read regularly Today I was pleasantly surprised to find a picture posted, of a flower which is very similar to a picture I clicked of the same flower..What really amazes me is that we are in two different corners of the world..I am in India and the author of the other blog is in U.S.A..I'd clicked this picture at my mom's place(she has a beautiful garden and is an avid gardener) in Kerala,India..And she has clicked it in St.Thomas in US. Yet our lives,interests and what appeal to us seem similar and I'm able to connect through the blogs.. Internet is a fantastic thing and technology never ceases to amaze me!

When Friends walk away

It has happened to all of us at one point of time or the other.Friends have been unresponsive or failed to come through, for no apparent reason. Sometimes it happens when you need them the most.Yet they choose to be silent. It happened to me after my Dad’s death. I was hurting and needed to talk. A person whom I considered a good friend suddenly stopped communicating. She lives in Australia and whenever both of us were online she used to never miss a chance to IM me and we used to chat.After my dad’s death, and after I sent her a message informing her of the same, she suddenly stopped replying to my messages, would always appear offline and never bothered to even reply back or send a condolence message. The same thing happened with another person I consider a good friend. Suddenly there are no replies to text messages,(despite communicating that I have been trying to contact), phone calls are unanswered and not returned.There is complete indifference or it is feigned. I wonder why peo

Weekend with kids and no husband

The prospect of a weekend with my kids and without my husband doesn’t look so bright…Granted that it happens only once in a way. But , when it does, it can be quite a dampener. The kids are busy playing with their friends and will continue to play for another two hours.. Leaving me in peace to do what I want.. But when you have been together for so long, being suddenly alone, makes you pause and think as to what it is that you really want to do.. Usually we make all plans together.. Today the day is fully mine.. To do as I please.. To plan with the kids.. To take them where I want ..It is kind of liberating..but also a great task as the entire onus is on me. I guess every day is this way for single moms.. I wonder how they manage. Don’t they get bored? Or maybe its just a matter of getting used to it.. The kids friends have just left and here come the kids!! So much for my calculation of “two hour free time”!!

A thing of beauty is a joy forever

Am keying this in from my hammock, with a cool breeze blowing.. Am so glad that we finally put the hammock up.. Also doubly glad that I have a laptop :-)Such a relaxed day.. Made this painting this morning, just after the kids left for school.. Was seized by this compelling urge to paint a particular plant in my garden.. It had bloomed and was looking so beautiful that it inspired me to paint. .Loved that dead flower at its base.. Serves as a reminder that nothing lasts forever(except diamonds and paintings may be!) .. Beauty fades, things and people grow old.. Relationships change as do situations.. Some friends go out of your life.. Some new ones move in sometimes you reconnect with someone you lost touch years ago.. and that is always wonderful. I love teaching or learning Art.. Gives me so much joy to see a thing of beauty created by anyone..Have a class at 4:30 in the evening.Let me go and plan for it.

Silence and your inner voice

When there are no words left to express what you want to say, when there is so much emotion that voice does not suffice, when there is so much love that it crosses all known means of communication, then there is silence. Silence does not mean that there is nothing to say.. It might mean that there is so much. Silence is essential because only when there is silence do you listen to your inner voice.. That little voice which gets completely drowned in the daily noises of life.. Music from the i-pod, more music on the CD, Music on the radio, mobiles ringing, friends dropping by , kids fighting, playing, spouses interrupting.. traffic noise, city noises-airplanes, cars and everything else that attempts to make you go faster to wherever you want to reach.. All of this kills the inner voice.. We constantly seek these noises of life, because listening to that inner voice is something that most of us do not want to face. It compels us to act and shakes us out of our comfort zone.. It makes

Paragliding-a heady high!

Incredible.Amazing.Exhilarating.Uplifting.Intoxicative.Electric.Soul stirring. Exalting. Inspiring.. or quite simply Out of the world. Running out of adjectives here to describe my first experience of paragliding. It was such a wonderful experience that I’m hooked for life and I intend going back to do the beginners course. The joy of free flight really is hard to describe. It is something I always wanted to do and I finally did it.(The one in the yellow glider is me) My dad’s death has put in me, this compelling sense of urgency to live life to the fullest and experience every joy that life has to offer. and to do things that you always have wanted to do, but kept putting off. It was a tandem flight and the instructor was with me. Therefore it was not scary at all, but simply amazing.. As I floated there, in the sky, with the birds, and with everything hundreds of feet below me, the sense of peace and joy I felt was invigorating. I’ve always looked up towards the sky and seen bird

Trees are so beautiful

There is something truly beautiful about trees..Each one is so different.They just stand and grow..patient,steadfast,all enduring,rock solid and a mute witness to life...Ever growing,ever changing,yet ever the same tree. Plan to paint a whole series on trees..This is my first.It is from a photograph I clicked when we were driving on a nice road journey to a quaint place by the sea..Really enjoyed that drive.

Prisoners of thought

Prisoners Aren’t we all prisoners of our thoughts? We imprison ourselves with thoughts like “I can’t” “What will he/she think of me?” “If I fail I will be laughed at” “How can it be possible?” “It is just not done” “It is not the right thing” But we forget that there is nothing that cannot be done. We forget that it is only what we ourselves think that matters. We forget that there is nothing wrong or right… It is only our thinking which makes it so.. And our thinking can make anything possible. _______________________________________________ Had made this painting when i was in one of my really down moods..Later wrote the poem.

Live like there is no tomorrow and Call your parents today.

I lost my dad on September7th, 2006 at 8:35 pm. He was just 65.Had he lived, he would have been 66, this November 18th.What is shocking is that it was most unexpected.It was a day like any other day.It was a full moon night. Not that it matters but it is little details like these that come to the mind. Who knew what fate had in store? Dad was so fit and so healthy. In fact that morning too he went for his usual three kilometer walk with my mom. Dad and mom are very health conscious and always maintain their weight. Both look much younger than their years and both never had any health problems like diabetes, a high blood pressure or a high cholesterol count which usually affects people their age. That day, like all days, he spent the whole day at his office (he was the Secretary of a Trust which he’d established after retirement) and in the noon he had some visitors.Every Thursday they have a small prayer meeting, which they conduct and both dad and mom attended that as well.. They, t

Masking Fluid

Had heard about masking fluid while painting with water colours.. Used it for the first time.. And this is the result.. Personally I feel this painting is just average.. Definitely not one of my best. Wish we could use masking fluid to mask the emotions that the heart feels.. Sometimes revealing whatever you feel may just not be the best thing! That is if you think with your head.. But when the heart takes over, thinking logically stops…and once you are in the grip of your emotions, you have absolutely no control over your actions.. You are swayed, sashayed and tossed about, without even being aware of it. The excitement is heady, but the disappointment can be deep too. But as Robert Frost said “Happiness makes up in height what it lacks in length”