Prisoners of thought


Aren’t we all prisoners of our thoughts?
We imprison ourselves with thoughts like
“I can’t”
“What will he/she think of me?”
“If I fail I will be laughed at”
“How can it be possible?”
“It is just not done”
“It is not the right thing”
But we forget that there is nothing that cannot be done.
We forget that it is only what we ourselves think that matters.
We forget that there is nothing wrong or right…
It is only our thinking which makes it so..
And our thinking can make anything possible.
Had made this painting when i was in one of my really down moods..Later wrote the poem.


  1. I think it's important that you have shown the subject not looking at the is showing that she is blaming no one else for her incarceration

  2. true in every sense

  3. WOW! nice :) I am a 15 year old blogger highly inspired by you. U have influenced my life in a great way :)


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