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A dream is a goal with a deadline. What’s yours?

Many years back, I attended a course which had a very interesting exercise that gave me a fresh perspective on life, which I want to share with you here. How old are you? Whatever be your age, round it off to the next nearest multiple of 5. For example, if you are 23, round it off to 25. If you are 48, round it off to 50, If you are 32, round it off to 35 and so on. Done? Good. Now divide the result by 5. (Don’t tell me you need a calculator for that—but if you do don’t worry, use it! This is not a test of your math skills—So relax! Now take an A4 size paper and a pencil. Keep the paper horizontally and draw two lines across, parallel to each other. Divide the first line the same number of parts as the above result. (Your age rounded off to nearest multiple of 5, divided by 5) Relax—this is not a Geometry test either! You now have your life in 5 year segments on a piece of paper. What we were asked to do was to write out THE THREE MOST IMPORTANT and significant events in