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Postcards from Kerala and a medley of thoughts (blog marathon post

So, I left home at 7.30 am this morning and am in Kerala right now. I will be conducting a National creative writing workshop at my alma mater, St.Teresa's college Kochi. The other two writers who have graduated from here are Shinie Antony and Jaishree Mishra, both of who are my seniors from college. I feel proud of this Institution. Tomorrow evening I will be at DC books, convent Junction at 5.30 pm. Come! or if you have riends in Kochi who would like to attend this event, do pass on the inforomation. On 15th I am giving a talk at Sacred Heart college, Kochi and then i get back to Bangalore. In between, I have press interviews too. Today, as soon as I got off the plane, I was barraged by messages, which demanded that I turn around an assignment in less than 24 hours. It would require me to read at least 25000 words. No prior intimation was given of this deadline. It was foisted upon me and I was asked if I wasn't aware of it. There was no mail sent earlier informing me o

How to be a sexier man(blog marathon post 28)

If you were a   teen or in college,   in the nineties you would be familiar with the catchy number   ‘I am too sexy’ by Right Said Fred, which released in 1991, going on to reach number two in United Kingdom and No.1 on the US charts. The song is sung from the point of view of a narcissistic, bald muscular, male model with hoop earrings and a netted   mesh shirt   who goes on to sing that his personal level of sexiness makes him too sexy for various different things ranging from a shirt to his cat to New York   to Japan. Another music band The Black Crowes have a song   with really cocky lyrics that   lyrics that go Action speaks louder than words/ And I’m a man of great experience/I know you’ve got another man/But I can love you better than him. There are many songs where the singers brag about themselves and can’t wait to tell the world how great they are and how everyone else just cannot match up to their prowess. How presumptuous and boastful is that? While on

Ten things you do when when you love someone (blog marathon post 27)

No matter how much you try, no matter how much you want to love somebody else, no matter how much you convince yourself that you have moved on, deep down you know the truth. If you are deliriously happy when you think about someone and a smile creeps up on you, even when you are in the worst of moods, if even a mere thought of that person has a power to send a jolt of energy through your weary body, then it is nothing but love. You can try to squish it, pretend that it does not exist, ignore it, try to make it go away, but it never entirely does. It always finds a way back. The above lines are from my book T he One You Cannot Have. Here are ten things you do, when you are truly in love with someone: 1. Talking to them for hours feels like just a few minutes 2. You smile throughout the day, each time you think of them 3. You begin to enjoy songs like this one:   4.When they are not around, you keep finding yourself, making references about them when you a

The magic of absurdity (blog marathon post 26)

 My best friend and I often chat on an Instant Messenger. Sometimes what we talk is so absurd that we crack up completely---and then have to call the other just to hear the absolute helpless laughter. After one such mad session, I wrote this poem which I share below. If you have a friend with whom you can laugh like this, you will probably love this one. Read and let me know if you liked! Laughter. Helpless laughter. Guffaw, chuckles, mirth, cracking-up, cacchination, hilarity Absurdity. For a whole five minutes. Oh, the joy of utter nonsense. A priceless memory made. Life gifts you unexpected moments And sometime in the future, We will look back and say “Remember that time when we laughed so hard that our tummies hurt?” And we will laugh again. Reliving the magic of absurdity And it’s power to heal. _____________________________ © 2015 Preeti Shenoy  For more poems click here. Some poems have already appeared in print. Kindly do not reproduce witho

Wissenaire 2016 (blog marathon post 25)

Warm welcomes, Thunderous applause, Ovations---many times during my talk, involved interaction and a lot of love. Fondest, cherished memories of an evening which went off fabulously---despite the almost cancelled flight, despite a journey of almost 9 hours due to delayed flights, despite barely having time to rest before my talk. I spoke, they appreciated. And how! Grateful.

Bhubaneshwar again!! Blog marathon post 24

Am a speaker at Wessenaire 2015, an annual tecnho festival at IIT Bhubhaneshwar. So i am off tomorrow. And since I have a very early start tomorrow and a flight to catch this is the song I am singing: (I like this version the best though there are many versions) Do listen to it. It's one of my favourite songs. _________________________________________' Like what you read? Buy my books, you will love them:  Get my latest non-fiction book on relationships at just Rs.175/- :

Make yourself happy today (blog marathon post 23)

Today I read a well-written piece by Kavitha Rao which made me want to stand up and applaud her -- Why Indian women are never taught to be alone and why that is a problem. Some time back I had read a piece 30 things every woman should have and know by the time she is 30.   I so loved that piece too. The thing about Indian women, most of us are taught to put our husbands and children first. Today was one of the extremely rare days that I watched TV for 30 minutes. (Usually I cannot stand watching for more than 5 minutes). I was watching Two and a Half Men , and in between, during the commercial break, I happened to watch a few ads. One of them showed a husband and a child, sleeping in bed with a woman, and in the middle of the night, they wake up coughing. The woman immediately jumps up and applies Vicks on them and they instantly feel better. What about her sleep? Isn't that important? There was another advert--I forget what product it was---where two hungry children wh

Highest selling books of 2015. Why We Love The Way We Do is in TOP FIVE

The one thing I have never mentioned is that during blog marathons, there are always good days, bad days and really-bad-i-feel-like-throwing-the-laptop-out-of-the-window days. No prizes for guessing which category today fell into. I was having a tummy ache the whole evening. I didnt even go for my yoga and was sleeping  5.30 pm to 7.00 pm as I was too exhausted and feeling unwell. Then a reader. Karthick Balaraman, who calls himself a 'sincere fan', messages me on Facebook. Actually a few months back, he had bumped into me in person, and he was really happy to have recognised me. He sent me the link to the best-selling books of 2015. I was elated to see that Why We Love The Way We Do was among the highest selling non-fiction titles of 2015. Here is the link: My tiredness, my stomach pain and any discomfort that I was feeling instantly vanished! I was fine suddenly. It i

A tale of two sea-horses (blog marathon post 21)

Every Saturday, in the Financial Chronicle, my column Sex and the city appears. To write this I research quite a bit and today I discovered about sea horses. Did you know that in sea horses, it is the males who carry the babies? The females deposit their eggs in the male's pouch and he carries them till they are ready to hatch. After I wrote my column (I have a deadline of Wednesday.And I am proud to say that I have been writing this column for nearly two years now and I have never missed a deadline) I sat back and imagined a scenario between two sea-horses meeting at a bar, and decided to write a dialogue between them, just for fun and to amuse myself. After I wrote it, I couldn't stop chuckling :)  and so I decided to share it here. Here's  what I wrote: Deep down in the pacific ocean,between the coral reefs, two sea-horses meet at the sea-weed bar. She is nursing a blue-algae margarita while he walks up to her. She looks at him and looks away, pretending

A review--Why We Love The Way we Do (Blog marathon post 20)

Just got to know that Sakal Times have given my latest book a really nice review. I quote from the review: The essays are peppered with a lot of real-life stories and practical advice about myriad matters related to love and marriage — from how to survive heartbreaks, to how to make relationships last. Shenoy’s writing style is articulate, engaging and candid (she shares personal experiences of her marriage at several points in the book). The book is replete with references to social and psychological studies and cultural facts, which gives a welcome sense of authenticity to the reading experience. The author is careful not to come across as repetitive or preachy. No matter how many books you have written, it always feels great to get a positive review. At the end of the day, we put in a lot of work to write a book. We do the best that we can. For this book, I had put in hours and hours of meticulous research. i had taken care to not sound preachy or like a ms.Know-

A good drive (blog marathon post 19)

On some days, nothing really beats a good drive. And being driven around by your son, is icing on the cake. The cherry, being the fact that it was I who had taught him how to drive. _________________________________________________________________ Pssst: Like what you read? Buy my books, you will love them:  Get my latest non-fiction book on relationships at just Rs.175/- :

Get over your fears (Blog marathon post 18)

It's the 2nd of January 2016. Have you broken any resolutions yet? Or are you saving that for mid February or March when the steam runs out? :) I think one of the biggest things that we an do for ourselves this year is to lose our fears. Ask yourself--what is the biggest thing you fear? Is it losing someone you love? Is it fear of public speaking? Is it not having enough money? Is it fear of failure? Often, when it comes to living life to the fullest, it is our fears that hold us back. We are so afraid to go out there and give whatever we want to do a chance, because we fear the consequences. We fear rejection. We fear ridicule, scorn. We fear change. But what if you were assured that you would succeed at whatever it is that you want to try but do not have the courage for? What if someone gave you a guarantee that no matter what it is, you wont fail? What would you do? Make a list. Write it down. Then cross off one off the list each month. IF you fail, so be it.

Beginning a new year with happy memories (Blog marathon post 17)

When I was a child, my mother used to always say that whatever you do on the first day of the new year will be that which would set the tone for the rest of the year. We took great care to make the first day a positive one, to be happy with what we have rather than focus on those issues that weren't right, and to do those things that brought us joy. Even to this day, I take care to follow that on 1st of January, each year. 1st January always signifies hope and a new start. I spent my day with my family, and my closest cousin (almost like a sister) whom I was meeting after 15 years, as we live in two different parts of the world,and our paths  in life have been very different. It is amazing how the bond formed in childhood still remains just as strong. She was visiting me with her family and had been staying with us the last three days. We had thousands of things to talk about, and the laughter was non-stop as we recalled one thing after the other. With her, I can be total

Happy new Year!! (blog marathon post 16)

Remember the year gone by But remember only the happy things Look back at the year gone by But consider only the sucesses Remember the year gone by Take what you want from it Lessons and memories Cherish it. Value it. Each day comes only once. And a new year can be a new beginning. Start, Begin, Renew. I wish you a WONDERFUL  new year. May you have health, money, happiness and may you be surrounded by loved ones.