Surprise, surprise!

Most people love surprises.There are a few who consider surprises a great inconvenience and a foolish thing because it makes them deviate from their pre-planned routine which they adhere to, tighter than a lycra skirt worn by a teen at a first date to a disco. Almost all children do. Love surprises that is, not the tight skirt.

A friend of mine used to tell her husband that he has to bring a surprise gift for her when he travelled. Sometimes she would even specify what the surprise gift should be . :-) He always obliged.

What is life if there is no element of surprise? It would be staid, predictable, routine and boring.Of course, the people who hate surprises would argue that there is comfort in familiarity and people like me who detest routines will swear that the opposite is true. Naturally, this way of thinking has passed on to the spouse who surprises me with flowers every now and then and who also surprises me with the delicious meals that he cooks. On days that I am out of the house in the evenings, is when I am surprised the most. The children are fed and tucked into bed long before their bedtimes, a task that I struggle with, routinely. I don't know how he manages it but he does. It is only the danger of my position as chief cook and story reader becoming redundant due to his extreme efficiency which makes me reluctant to outsource this job to him, permanently. Besides, if he did it on a regular basis, it wouldn't be a surprise would it? ;-)

My daughter is the master of surprises. Almost all days she has a surprise for me when she comes home from school. I wait eagerly for the time that she comes out from her class in Pavlovian anticipation of a gift from her. She never disappoints. She usually will have something that she has made in the class.
Her eyes shining and a wide smile spread across her face, she will say " Ma--guess that I made today?"
Each day I think of new things to 'guess' which can be as off track as possible, ranging from flying saucers to mooli paranthas to high heel shoes.

"Ma--how can I make that? Now guess really," she will say.
I will pretend to think really hard and then I say that I give up.
She will usually give me a drawing or a model that she made in class.

"Ma--it is just for you," she will say with all sincerity and hug me tight.
After five minutes she will invariably ask if she can also give it to her dad and her brother and whether I would feel bad as she had given it to me first. :-)

It gives me so much joy to see her face lit up. She will then anxiously ask me if I like it.
How can I not?! My heart fills up with warmth and love, looking at the pictures she makes for me as 'gifts', which usually have innumerable details. (I shall post them on the blog someday)

Yesterday she had a slightly different surprise for me. It was a paper bracelet with a 'gem'. There was only one 'gem' in the box from which the children had to choose the beads and accessories, that they could use. Another girl had chosen the gem but my daughter told her that she very badly wanted it to make something very beautiful for her mother. My daughter says that it was the best day in her life because the other girl agreed to let her have the 'gem'. She made a bracelet for me, which goes around my arm, not my wrist. She was delighted to see me wearing it (see photo).This was one gift she did not want me to share with her brother and father.

Yesterday I too had a surprise for her. A few weeks back, she had taken part in a competition at the Children's library where she had answered a few questions about BFG which is a Roald Dahl book. The prize was tickets to the play which is being staged in an art deco theatre, one of the finest in UK, that can seat 1300 and it stages a high quality mix of comedy, drama, dance, operas and musical shows. The library called me to tell me that she had won four tickets!

Needless to say I had a surprise for her yesterday. :-)

The show is today at 7.00. p.m.

I simply love suprises. What about you?

Ps: A surprise request! :-)

A fellow blogger, now also a friend is taking part in a contest for 'Chief blogger'. His writing is superb as many of you already know (Don't take my word for it. Click here for proof) There are only four days left for voting. It would take only two minutes of your time. Please vote for him by clicking here. I do want him to win as he deserves it totally . Good luck Prashant!


  1. First dibs :)
    I love surprises too. Although I like tight lycra skirts just as much (just clarifying - not wearing them myself) :)
    I have a mix of both - sticking to routine as well as going berserk once in a while :)
    That bracelet does look very nice

  2. Such a beautiful bracelet made with love.
    I am with you in this matter of surprises. I simp0ly love them. But usually it is moi surprising the rest rather than being surprised myself. But I guess, some are born surprise-givers and others surprise-takers! ;) As for routine, I dont stick to one at all!

  3. Lovely bracelet that was!!Again, an 'anythng is worth is moment!'.
    And I love surprises,too!And my life has always been full of them!! :)
    Hope the four of you had a grand time!!Pass my congrats to the sweet girl for her win!!

  4. Ajay: :) Do you go berserk because of lycra skirts? :P :)

    Shail: You're a woman after my own heart! Yes--routines are boring!

  5. I love surprises as well!
    Though I do like getting them, I love giving them to people and watching their faces light up when they realize what is going on!

    I hope you have a great time at the play tonight, it sounds like a good surprise indeed :).

  6. May you have as many pleasant surprises as can be had without making them a routine :).

    Purvi is a real champ :).

    Tahe-dil se shukriya for the vote-request. I am your slave forever :).

  7. Your daughters gift was a cool one :-)
    Surprise..hmmm.. I dont know whether to classify it really as a surprise, but, hey, that was pretty surprising for me today when I hit the office. My current client, is almost on dire straits with their finance and they thought it would be better to scrap the project !
    I did not know how to say it to the team(and ofcourse convince myself to an extent) which had put quite a lot of hard effort in trying to learn things. I just started off with a saying "Nothing is permanent and only change is permanent...". Well, they got the message.

  8. Anonymous10:01 PM

    I love surprises.... I agree that a life without surprises is tad too boring...

    and your daughter is too cute... after surprising you with different things.. hugs to her :))

  9. Everyone loves suprises.... and the most comes, when someone close gives that.... and your totally had no idea about it!!

  10. Surprises are always welcomed.An unexpected phone call,an unexpected help,a surprise visit,a gift...they make our life worth-living and non-monotonous...

    ...Your daughter is really sweet :)

  11. Really there exist people who get annoyed by surprises?Yikes!

    I dig ‘em..surprises! The joy in getting them or giving them is so brilliant..its hard to xplain. Haha..i also eat friends’ n hubby’s head to give me a surprise! Once iw as telling a dear friend of mine details abt he surprise baby shower she n my husband shld plan for me **when** I get preg..haha! My husband complains that its very hard to think of surprises for me..’coz im alwez tellin him how to surprise me :)

    The bracelet is so thoughtful of ur daughter! N so VERY thoughtful of the li’l girl who was willing to give away her gem.:)

  12. Hi Preeti,

    I have been reading your blog regularly from the beginning of the year and so far never left a comment (just lazy not to do so). Your writing is so good that I am compelled to do so now. You are a wonderful writer. What I really like about your writing is both content and style - you take simple events/moments and write about them so stylishly that it leaves the reader I can relate to that as well. So good job and continue writing.

    With respect to this article on surprises - its a wonderful thought. Sometimes in the "routineness" of life I start hating surprises as it puts other plans of mine on hold. However I love your take on it - ya unexpected events do make life interesting. Wonderful and thought provoking post to me.

  13. That's really sweet of your daughter to make a bracelet for you :)

    Loved the writing as always.. I love surprises and forever tell my hubby to give me surprise. I once went to India alone [only my parents and in-laws were aware of this] and surprised my cousin who was getting married. She wanted me to be there for her wedding and I told her I could not make it. Everyone at the wedding were surprised to see me there..
    My hubby says that it is difficult for him to give me surprise as I come to know all his actions he he he..

  14. Oh this romantic man - roses as a surprise, dinner as a surprise - lucky you !!

    Life would be boring indeed if not for surprises. Can we now have a surprise post from THE romantic man himself :)

  15. The arm-band is so neat! And she won tickets to a Roald Dahl play? That's awesome :)
    I'm the surprise-giver in my family, though I am inducting the husband into it too. (Asking him to get flowers works. He forgets half the time but remembers some times, so it becomes a surprise nonetheless :D)

  16. ohh lovely post.. could imagine how you must have felt (feel actually since Purvi surprises u regularly).. i totally loved the bracelet.. Please convey my congratualtions to her for having won those tickets.. you must be a real proud mammma.

  17. That's a lovely bracelet and I guess an armlet is a very fashion forward piece of jewelery :)

    I am a huge fan of surprises.. I love them.

    But for some reason, no one who is close to me is a big fan of them, so frankly speaking, I might not even be able to count upto 5 on my fingers if I were to the surprises which I have ever got :(

  18. That was soo sweet. I soo wish to meet your daughter :)

    And not surprisingly, yet nothing routine, your post was once again a super blend of love, emotions and sheer poetic writing.

  19. Cuuute! :)
    The bracelet is beautiful and I love the shape of the gem! Please give Purvi a hug from me. Daughters are really special!!!

    Btw, was she surprised when you gave her the news? :D

    P.S: I'm sooo waiting for surprises these days! :(
    P.S1: And your surprise request will be adhered to :)

  20. hii i chk your blog everyday... jus to see if thr r any new entries.. :D found it accidentally whiel i was browsing when i was free at office.. i ve found other interesting blogs too, thru yours. thank.. :) keep writing...

  21. Anonymous5:39 PM

    cute is all I can say..

  22. I remember Purvi's drawings and her attention to detail at such a young age! It amazed me no end :D The bracelet is SO cute :D I can vividly imagine her smiling wide as you put that on :) Hugs and kisses to her :)

  23. Anonymous7:20 PM

    What a cutie pie Purvi is! :-) Congratulations on winning the quiz, Purvi! The bracelt is sooooooooper!! Waiting to see her other artworks. :-)

  24. thoughtful train: Will tell her you said so :) She made one art work today too! :)

    Tranquility: oh yes--you remember her drawings right?! :) Will surely give hugs and kissies :D

    Sunshine: :-)

    25yearold: Thanks a lot! :) U can get the posts delivered to your inbox when I update :)

    Sparkling: You're the only one who seemed to have paid heed to my requestThank you! Oh yes--she was very surprised and she loved it! :)

    Aditya: Thanks a lot! Many who cmae to my book launch had come specifically to meet my children! :)

    Aathira: awww--INSIST that you want surprise! :)

    AJCL: I feel good when she makes pictures--proud--no, not really! Happy--yes!

    Meira: heh heh.Yeah--you train them right they will behave through out the coming years :P :D Play was indeed awesome.

    Ramesh: he does not always get roses. Sometimes he gets flowers I hate :) But I love the fact that he makes an effort. Will convey your request to him--but after coming back from work he hates to look at a computer :)

  25. UJ: What a lovely surprise for your cousin! And yes! Wives can always tell! :)

    Sanjini: Honoured that my writing prompted you to finally break your silence :) Welcome to my blog and happy that you enjoy it!

    Pavi:heh heh --you're just like my friend! :) You must also be a very fun loving person i am sure. :)

    Anu: true! :) i love unexpected phone calls too :)

    Rohit: oh yes. Very true!

    kanaguonline: Will surely hug her :)

    Nandgopan: I guess there can be pleasant surprises and not so pleasant ones as well!

    Brown phantom: Since you so gallantly have offered to be my slave I command you to take the next flight to UK. After you have done the dishes you can do the laundry and await further instructions :D

    Only one: Yes! I too like to give surprises :) Play was really good :)

  26. Ahh - how sweet of Purvi :) I'm sure she takes after you on this one ;)

    I love to give surprises, and fortunately, I get them too.....and both are equally fulfilling :)

  27. I've been missed :(

  28. Purvi is such a darling!!! And of course I love surprises...infact my hubby never knew what is surprise...but now even he has started giving and then he would bring roses for me..i feel so good!!

    I loved the bracelet..hugs to puvi!!

  29. Seriously ur daughter reminds me so much of Nikita....though I havent heard it atleast for 2 months now[maybe coz of summer hols] but it used be usual for Nikita to get off her school bus & hold her hands behind her back & say "Mama I have a surpraaise for U" & it wd be some hand-made card or some golden beads or a 'diamond' which some friend gave her or a chocolate which she got from her classmate who celebrated a birthday.

    And in the same way I do the simplest of things like maybe pick a flower for her from the park or make her favourite tomato chutney or make a tent in the living room with a bedsheet & say surprise & watch their faces, they are so thrilled. That joy is so pure tht sometimes the eyes sting:-)).

    Wonderful post usual:-))!!!!!

  30. Anonymous3:16 PM

    hop here via ur interview on blogadda...and fell in luv with ur blog....

    Me too luv surprises...more on giving side...every now and then i surprise hubby dear...daughter is too young to give surprise :-)

    Purvi is adorable...Hugs and muhas to her :-) :-)

  31. Rashworld: Welcome to my blog and glad you liked it :) Will surely pass on hugs :) Your daughter will start giving surprises when she is a bit older :)

    Reflections: same pinch! Like mothers like daughters! :)I also do what you have mentioned :)

    Chirpy-paro: Will surely tell her what you said :) Thanks :)

    Savitha: Apologies! Glad you pointed it out.Actually you commented the exact same time as I replied! That is how I missed it--as later when i scrolled up I replied upto the point which had my last reply! :) Yes the play was great and will surely pass on your wishs to purvi :) Thank U!

    Shachi: Oh yes--both are! :)

  32. //Aditya: Thanks a lot! Many who cmae to my book launch had come specifically to meet my children! :)//

    Was the book launch in Pune? Becase I came back from Pune jus 2 month back. i was there for 2 years :|

    Wish I had come across your blog before. Coz I would have defintely come to meet your children :)

  33. Aditya: I was in Pune for two years too. :) Almost all the newspapers had covered my book launch :) Click 'In the news' on right side of blog right on top in case you want to see. It was in October last year. Subsequently I was the chief guest for another event to which I had taken the children and their pics had come on paper as well. (though I had wanted to avoid that)
    I read part 2 & 3. Great read!

  34. Who doesn't like surprises??? I simply love them. That was sweet of your daughter to make a bracelet just for you.

  35. Surprise surprise...amrita was always talking about u...and she was right... u r a great blogger...

    hey I wanna publish a book too...can you pls guide me...thanks...:D

  36. Everyone like surprises.I like to give a surprise gift to my husband.May be its a book,cd or anything wat he likes.

  37. How sweet..........Give my love to your kids.......ur kids are truely adorable......u must be very proud of the kids are generally reflections of their parents so congrats to u on such wonderful kids........

  38. That was a very lovely bracelet ...

    Congrats to Purvi on winning the tickets..

  39. I dont know how you manage to do it but every time I read about you writing on your kids, I feel really happy and nice and good and uh - am running out of adjectives :-)

    Sigh PS! Your blog url is just so apt for you :-)

  40. ooh yes i love surprises too...n i don't think i'm alone when i say who doesn't but only if they r good surprises...


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