Eight things I learnt from my past and a lot more eights

This morning Sunshine challenged me with a tag of 8's. Not the Sunshine that emanates from the hot ball of fire around which the Earth revolves at 66,000 miles per hour but the blogger Sunshine with random thoughts. She told me it would be hard and I cannot resist a challenge. She was right. It was hard!It really made me think. When I finished I saw no point in not posting it. So here it is:

8 TV shows I like to watch:

I don't watch a single TV show but I know about them as I read about them. I watch only music channels. So I am listing the ones I regularly watch. For added information I am also listing one song that each one regularly plays these days :-) I am sure this more than makes up for the TV shows.

1.VH1: The song I like is 'We are golden' which is climbing the charts these days
2.VH1 Classic: I like almost all songs they play. One which comes to mind is Roxette-Joyride.
3.TMF: Song I like is 'Get sexy' --sugababes
4. 4music: Song I like is Unchained melody--they play all three versions.
5.9xM: I like all songs especially 'Papu can't dance' :-)
6.B4U: I like the Hindi movie trailers
7.Magic: Song I like is 'Now you're gone'- Basshunter
8.MTV dance: Song I like 'She wolf'-shakira

8 favourite places to eat

1. Mom's kitchen
2. My own Kitchen
3. My friend Priya's kitchen
4. Dhabhas in most parts of North india
5. Thatu-kadas in Kerala
6.A small eatery in pondicherry that has only takeaways
7.Shanti Sagar in Bangalore
8. Chillies--an Andhra food joint in Kochi

8 things I look forward to

1.Completing my second book (currently it is 60% done)
2.A holiday in UK (which we would be taking shortly)
3.My visit to India in December
4.Being able to do chakarasan for at least 4 minutes (currently I can do for one minute and ten seconds)
5.Flowers blooming in my garden (The picture at the start of the post is a rose that bloomed under my TLC in my garden)
6.Being able to do at least 25% more than my current set of ab-crunches (Currently I do 3 sets of 30)
7.Buying ans SLR camera which I'd be doing soon
8. My children growing up to be good human beings (Nothing else matters really)

8 things that happened yesterday

1.It was so windy the garden furniture toppled over!
2. I skipped with my daughter all the way home from school because she wanted me to skip and I obliged :-)
3.Played a game of nintendo wii. Sword fighting. I have to add that I won. :-)
4.Helped husband pack his bags as he is travelling today
5.Called up a close friend in India and consoled her as she was very worried about something.
6.Chatted with a good friend and laughed like crazy.
7.An English friend came home.
8. Missed my daily yoga because of all the above.

8 things I love about winter

1.Hot soup
2.Frosty mornings
4.Bare trees
5.Cold winds
6.Cuddling up
8.My birthday

8 things on my wishlist

I am not sure what is meant by a wishlist. If it means I can wish for anything I would wish for the following
1.Time with my dad. Even five minutes and I would be so grateful.
2.Time with my grandmom.I would do anything to be able to hear her laughter again and to hug her.
3.A letter from my grand-dad--something I will never get again.
4.I wish my dad had seen my brother's child
5.I wish I could undo something I did in a close friendship.It is broken now beyond repair.
6.I wish i had broken a fewer hearts when I was younger
7.I wish little things did not matter to me as much as they do at the moment
8.I wish i could care less about some things and say "F*** it all"

8 things I am passionate about

7.Creating things
8 words or phrases I use often

2.You know what
3.Guess what
4.I must tell you this
5.I love you so much
6.I adore you

8 things I learnt from the past

1.Nothing lasts forever. Not a single thing. (Diamonds don't count in my books) :-)
2.Friendship is found in the most unusual places
3.Things change
4.Life goes on despite things changing
5.A hot cup of chocolate will not solve problems but it will sure make you feel better
6. So will wine and Vodka :P
7.Sometimes there comes a point in relationships when what is unsaid becomes more important than what has been said.
8.If you do not want someone in your life it is not worth wasting even a single minute on them. Time is precious. Spend it ONLY with the ones who matter.

8 places I would love to go,visit or see

2.A boating holiday on Norfolk broads (which we will be doing soon)
3.Rajasthan (I have been to almost all States in India except this one)
7.South Africa
8.A place inside my head where only happy memories are stored :)

8 things I currently need of want

1. A cup of coffee
2.A break
3.A shower :P
4.My yoga
5.Lots of time to paint
6.Lots of time to devote to something I have been meaning to make for ages
7.Time to update website which will house everything I do.
8.A baby to hold [I just carried a GORGEOUS 6 month old blue eyed, blonde baby (with two teeth)who jumped into my arms, gave me the widest smile and refused to go back to his mother! I am currently in love with him!]

I would of course read anyone who takes up this tag. But since I have to tag a few I am tagging the following people (in no particular order)as I usually find what they have to say very interesting :-)

1. Niall

2. Ramesh
5.Ajay Chauhan
7.Prashant Dhanke


  1. Gulppp...this is going to be tough especially since I'll never be able to put it as eloquently as u!!!

    I identified with so many of ur answers specially 8 phrases I use often...infact I use 2 of ur phrases as one..like "Hey, u knw wht..." all the time;-D
    But bare trees depress me!!!!!

    I'm actually waiting to read what Ramesh has to say;-D

  2. Very sweet post.says a lot abt u.

    N isn’t the place in ur mind where happy memories are stored the easiest place to visit?:)

    N I too winder why some things matter as much as they do..n why its so hard to not care. Wish there was an easy solution to that!

    N ya..nothing else matters other than our children growing up to be good humans.Thats wat I wish for my sis’s children ALL the time!

  3. so will wine and vodka..LOL!!;-D

    lovely tag...i want to visit Kenya and scotland one day too!!:)

  4. Hey. You know what. I adore you. I must tell you this. You write Oh so well. But guess what. Whoever dreams up such tags should be shot. mmmmmwah.

  5. interesting,no more secrets left.

  6. Jyotiajay: ha ha ha--if only my life could have been summed up in a tag!! :D

    Ramesh: I thought you liked challenges. You can pass. I wontgold you to this tag :) You are forgiven :)

    Mathew: yes :)

    Pavi: Sometimes it is the hardest place too. That is the irony.

    Reflections: :)Me too--but after seeing his comment I am scared ;-)

  7. One more feel good post :) from you wishing all that you have in the wishlist to become true. Plus more time for writing , yoga and painting :)

  8. Thats a great 'eight'!! :)
    I would love to take it up...need to get the brains un-rusted....and it is so much fun recollecting memories.
    and yes!!! Friendship is found in the most unusual places....

    The baby bit had me yearning too....I know how that feels...aawwww...

  9. Anonymous8:54 AM

    Preeti.. U completed it so well. read through it. Loved the things you learnt from your past. A good learning. I think there is so much we learn but to put them on words becomes so tough. Are there any more left.. may be you could have addded a few more to each of them.. :) Good Luck.. and the Rose looks so pretty. Something I wanted to ask you, are you from kerala? Try the ABC tag and the numbers too when you find time.


  10. Anonymous9:08 AM

    And forgot to answer your question.. " Whom do you love that you shouldn't?! :P [Nosey nosey writer in me--you don't have to answer--i asked as you said you are not allowed to explain till someone asks] " .. well there was someone or rather is someone.. will tell you one day when we get to chat. I always wanted someone to write my life.. say a biography. not that have done something gr8.. but i sur ehave some spicy gr8 stories.. he he.. :)

  11. Whoa! Quite a list !!
    Last weekend I had been to Shanthi Sagar(at Indira Nagar). My bro-in-laws car had to be given for service and I thought we can have lunch out before we left it and my wife was also feeling bored to cook. We went there and had some nice food. As we were about to leave, I was animatedly trying to prove a point and accidentally tumbled a glass of water in the table, and my wife gave me a stupid stare :-)
    Scotland is a beautiful place with many 'Lochs' and rolling hills. Enjoy during your visit!!

  12. Nice post...umm no...sweet post! :)

  13. And even this glimpse of Preeti brings a smile :)

    All the things you learnt from your past makes me identify with it so much...

    Wow! You sure love traveling - I've been to Rajasthan and SA; amazing places I must say!
    I so want to see Tuscany too (the urge is heightened everytime I see 'Under the Tuscan Sun') :)

  14. This comment has been removed by the author.

  15. Hi.......

    I recently started reading your blog........and now I have become a big fan of urs........ Your ability to express your thoughts clearly is amazing......I read your book and loved it and then started looking for your blog.....Looking forward to your second book........

  16. Brilliant!

    I loved this line "If you do not want someone in your life it is not worth wasting even a single minute on them. Time is precious. Spend it ONLY with the ones who matter."

  17. Nice post.

    Since you love music, lemme suggest a few songs.
    -->The Answer lies within( Dream Theater)
    -->The rain song (Led Zeppelin)
    --> Why worry( Dire Straits)
    -->Tears in Heaven (Eric Clapton)

    ANd I liked the skipping part for your daughter. That was soo cute :D

  18. Btw maam, I have written the part 2 of my project. :)

  19. I found the points listed under "8 things I learnt from the past" VERY insightful :-) specially the there's no point in wasting time over someone who doesn't matter! So true.

  20. 8 things I like in this post

    ....favourite places to eat

    Mom's kitchen ( A daughter)

    ....things I look forward to

    My children growing up to be good human beings (Nothing else matters really) ( Mother's blessings)

    ....things that happened yesterday

    I skipped with my daughter all the way home from school because she wanted me to skip and I obliged :-)

    ( A good mother)

    Called up a close friend in India and consoled her as she was very worried about something.

    ( A good friend)

    ....things I love about winter

    Cuddling up (Living in the moment)

    ....things on my wishlist

    I wish i had broken a fewer hearts when I was younger ( Naughty)

    .....words or phrases I use often

    Babba/Baba ( Unique)

    ......things I learnt from the past

    Friendship is found in the most unusual places ( Realist)

    Enjoy pannungo!! Padikka romba nallaa, santhosama irukku.

  21. Preet: Nice list. Tags are actually a great way to know a lot about the blogger.

  22. "8 Things I look forward to" impressed me the most. 3 sets of 30 crunches !! RESPECT .
    Fantastic selection of places to visit. And wise learnings from the past :)

    Thanks for tagging me :).

  23. Lovely post, Preeti. That's a beautiful rose you got there under your TLC. And thank you for sending your lovely card with a keep-smiling inspirational message.

  24. 8 things I loved the "bestest" :P about this post:
    1. 'I skipped with my daughter all the way home from school because she wanted me to skip and I obliged :-)'
    reminded me of those skipping games I used to play with my mum as my sis was too young then to play with! :D

    2.Being able to do chakarasan for at least 4 minutes (currently I can do for one minute and ten seconds)
    Mines just 40 seconds that too with great difficulty. :( aapke charan kahaan hey!

    3.Buying ans SLR camera which I'd be doing soon . hey, we are planning that too.. same pinch!

    4.My children growing up to be good human beings (Nothing else matters really)
    Aj n me actually came to this point during one of our 'future' discussions!

    5.A letter from my grand-dad--something I will never get again
    Actually I wish he could have met Aj even for 5 minutes .:(

    this is the most common adress both of us have for each other! :)
    when we have kids the no of baba s are just gonna multiply - my Mil jokes about!

    7.Life goes on despite things changing
    I have experienced this many a times and somewhere during hard times, this sentence brings a lot of peace n hope.

    8. If you do not want someone in your life it is not worth wasting even a single minute on them. Time is precious. Spend it ONLY with the ones who matter.
    The best thing I ve learnt from this post!
    this is so hard for me, but what you ve told is perfectly right!

    Sorry I dint know how to use HTML tags,so may be a bit hard for u to read this.

  25. Hey PS,

    Beatiful pic of the rose...the droplets on the leaves...the nice shades or orange and pink that the rose has :) It's a real nice plant...

    Great list as well...Best wishes to you for completing your second book soon.


  26. i love number 8. but your 8 lessons i love most. i hope i could carry that baby too!. i learned so much from this post. love it! thanks! nice day! :)

  27. Iriz: :) Thank you so much! Hope you have a great day too :)


    Swathy: nopes --it was not hard at all! Funnily I don't use 'babba' with my kids :D same pinch! :)Thank you for such a nice comment :)

    Gayatri: happy it finally reched--there is a postal strike going on here.

  28. Brown Phantom: My friend does three sets of more than 100!! Can you believe it? (she has a personal trainer and has been doing for more than a year, but still!) So I feel 30 is indeed nothing because it does not even hurt :) The real test is if you start counting only when the pain begins :) Please do the FULL tag :)

    Dil se: yes they are.Thank you for reading :)

    Maddy: So sweetly analysed! thanks you so much!

    tranquility: yes--but sometimes hard to follow right?

    Aditya:Will check out the songs. Will check pat two also :) Part 1 was really hilarious! I sent the link of that post to me friend too :) And please call me preeti :)

    Mamta: Thanks! Sometimes that is hard to follow--but I do try.

  29. Rujuta: i am honoured and touched. Thank you!

    Sparkling: I have not seen Under the Tuscan sun :) Yeah past does make us wise, doesn't it?

    Anu: sweet comment too :) thank you!

    Nandagopan: Indeed! I ahve heard lots about scotland. I love the filter coffee in shanti sagar :)

    Sunshine: :) We will chat sometime. i would love to know your story. We all have stories, don't we? Every story deserves to be told. I am from kerala but I am not a mallu--but I do speak malayalam :) For further clarifications read this post. :)

    Prats: oh yes to the baby bit :) The bhooth has still not passed! I want a baby so badly! :D

    Srivats:Thank you so much. Wishing you lots of time too :)

  30. Wow 30 crunches and chakraasna for 1 minute -wish i could be as fit as that.
    Lovely post - as usual - have half a mind to take up this tag !

  31. Of course I'll pick the tag - would I ever drop one from you. But half the fun is in moaning about it - hence "moaned" in your language !!

  32. Ramesh: oops--sorry :) What you said in my language was sadly lost in translation :P :)

    Ruch: Please consider yourself tag!Half mind is made up now :) U ARE tagged :) it is very hard.

  33. After almost 2-3 hours of working on this, here are my answers to the Tag :)


    I don't watch much TV at all. Even these shows that I mention here I watch / have watched on computer only

    1) Number 1 spot goes to 'Band of Brothers' (which is not exactly a TV show but was a 10 episode mini-series - HBO's in house production)
    2) Friends
    3) How I met your Mother
    4) Prison Break
    5) Coupling
    6) The BIg Fight / We the People (this I watch on TV)
    7) Big Bang Theory
    8) Discovery / Nat Geo / History Channel documentaries

    1) At home, Mom's food
    2) Subway
    3) Roadside dhaba outside office
    4) Mc Donald's (French Fries only)
    5) Domino's (pasta only)
    6) Slice of Italy
    7) Gurgaon's DT Mega Mall food court
    8) Not really that much of a foodie :P

    1) Broke the traction belt on my excercise bike (yes I own one :P)
    2) Voice chatted with a very good friend
    3) A friend totalled his car on NH8 (Delhi-Gurgaon expressway) because he was drunk driving last night - heard about it this morning only. (Friend is 100% fine. Thank God!)
    4) I discovered a new dent on my car - perils of driving in the NCR - there're so many maniacs driving around you are bound to get nicked some time.
    5) Forgot to have dinner in office and ate at the dhaba outside office later then
    6) Sent out 3 tweets - one was a news report about an autorickshaw driver who returned someone's laptop and was rewarded generously for it - felt good reading such a news item
    7) The washerman didn't show up
    8) Logged into my yahoo account after about an year to send an e-mail to my alumni network.

    I am thinking now, that I have a very uneventful life. Events related to office nobody would relate to so not including that :)

    1) Meeting "the love of my life"
    2) Getting that bumper bonus
    3) Getting a Laborghini Gallardo or Murcielago some day
    4) World peace (Ok! Not really - I think that's a utopian idea)
    5) Seeing India as a super-power
    6) Seeing Indians discpilined and the country free of corruption and exploitation

    That's quite enough :)

    1) The flowers (in March)
    2) Dew drops on grass / leaves in the mornings
    3) That 5 extra minutes of sleep in the warm quilt/blanket in the morning
    4) Smoke coming out of your mouth (so that if an uncle / aunty saw you smoking a cigarette you could quickly throw away the cigarette and exhaling the smoke can always be blamed to "It's so cold na aunty" :D - although this is no longer valid as I don't hide it anymore)
    5) All the cute girls dressed in cute woollens :) (Although summer has its benefits too in that regard ;) )
    6) It's ok to go without a shower for a day or two :P
    7) You can conceal the beer belly with layers of clothing :)
    8) Mom's cooked pakodas and tea :)

  34. Posting in two parts as I exceeded the character limit
    1) Basketball
    2) Cars
    3) Bikes
    4) Speed and adventure and thrill
    5) My job / work and duty (Yeah! That sounds so lame na!)
    6) Music (listening only) and movies (as of now, only watching)
    7) Relationships and friends
    8) History / mythology / occult / spirituality

    Phew! I don't know if one can actually be passionate about so many things at one time. Had to convert my interests into passions too to complete the list of 8

    1) LOL :D
    2) B-) (That's the smiley for a guy wearing shades on gtalk)
    3) Hey
    4) Love and all that jazz
    5) IMHO
    6) WTF
    7) Cheating! Main nahin khel raha :) (when I perceive something as unfair - did I mention I have a heightened sense of justice)
    8) Unfortunately, nobody can be told what the Matrix is. You have to see it for yourself - from the movie The Matrix.

    1) You must be the change you want to see in the world - Mahatma Gandhi
    2) The one who does not remember history is bound to live through it - George Santayana (often misquoted as "Those who forget history are condemned to relive it")
    3) Man is least himself when he talks in his own person. Give him a mask, and he will tell you the truth - Oscar Wilde
    4) I give hope to men, and keep none for myself - Lord Aragorn (Viggo Mortensen) in The Lord of the Rings : The Return of the King
    5) You should never expect anything back - My Dad
    6) If you are not moving forward in a relationship, then you are moving backwards. There's no standing still - Yours truly :)
    7) The day we stop looking is the day we die - Lt. Col. Frank Slade (Al Pacino) in Scent of a Woman
    8) Always account for variable change - from the movie 21

    1) Ladakh
    2) Kerala
    3) Northern lights in Norway
    4) New Zealand country side
    5) Monaco and Casablanca
    6) Disneyland California
    7) Ecuador and Peru
    8) Bonneville salt flats in Utah to drive something at break neck speed

    1) Love :) can never get enough of (IMHO)
    2) Bigger salary
    3) Bigger car
    4) Bigger house (yeah yeah cliche'ed)
    5) Extended holiday to go to Ladakh or Kerala
    6) A good vacation at my parent's place, then a holiday with them to somewhere near by
    7) A billion dollars :)
    8) For right now, I can do with a Sub and a cold coffee

  35. Ajay: THANK YOU for doing the tag :)laughed out loud at least twice reading it :) So it wasn't a complete waste of time.Ok i am talking about myself :) May you meet the love of your life soon! (and may u live happily ever after)I like happy endings :) It was hard, wasn't it?

  36. I just finshed reading your post now :P (and all the comments too). Found most of what you said under things learnt from the past as very very true - especially the bit about a hot cup of chocolate making one feel better, and wine and vodka too :)
    You bet this was tough. With one eye on the other screens it was even tougher :) Waste of time - well that made it worthwhile :)

  37. Lovely ! One of the best tags I've come across!..Will take it up for sure..Can relate to many of your 'eights'...

  38. :) Just that!!Whatelse can I say??

  39. Anonymous8:33 AM

    Hey thay link is not working... :(..

  40. Nice post :)
    Liked your home-grown rose pic as well!

  41. Preeti,

    Visiting you after a loooonnnnng gap. Could not keep up with your pace during marathon and lagged behind badly. Read all available posts now. Colour you day, painting is eye catching. One is lucky to have true friends. Laws of Parenting, I could talk about grandparenting now. I have given up full time job and taken up consultancy at my own time. So I am at home mostly unless I go for meetings. Our daughter's 2 children ( 7 years old girl and 3 years old boy ) spend day with us after school as she is working and our son's 1 1/2 year old girl is at home. So you can well imagine what I must be a witness to and play mediator for. I loved your statement that you wish your children to grow up to be good human being. This echos my thoughts. OMG! You broke hearts when young.

    Please say hello to Satish and hug little ones from my side.

    Take care

  42. Good one Preeti :) I feel like picking up the tag but feeling lazy....

    I saw Shakira perform She wolf couple days ago and loved it :) She looks hot hot hot!!!!!

    Which SLR are you planning to buy? I am a Nikon fan and have a Nikon SLR...if u need any help let me know :)

    I loved your wishlist - very touching!

    And your learnings from the past are so spot on! #8 is very hard for me to implement :(

    A boating holiday on Norfolk broads??? wow do share ur experience and pics with us....

  43. I hve become a great fan of U. Every time i read UR blog i feel that U live life with great zeal,enthusiasm & passion {it will be my take away also every time :)}.U hve such varied interests in life.

    I want to meet U in person when UR here in India.

  44. Guru: Thank you so much. Usually I try and look up blogs of those who leave a comment. In your case I don't think you blog, right? Do tell me more about you. Mail me on ps @ preetisatish.com

    Shachi: i am planning to buy only Nikon. Most probably D60/D40. i have done research as a friend is a very good photographer and he has given me a detailed guide :) yes--no.8 one has to be a little heartless to implement but it makes life worth it :)

    Jack: thank you so much. Thank you for taking time to visit me too :) Grand children are a blessing! yours are lucky to have you.

    Thinker:Thank you and thank you again for appreciating my rose :)

    Sunshine: Sorry about that. Just search for 'GSB Konkani' in the right side of my blog which has th button 'search this blog.'

    Savitha: :) :)

    Mistress of Art: Read. Responded :)

  45. Ajay: had to point out-- you missed one because of your eye on screen ;-) You missed 'wishlist'. Never mind :-) I do know what your wishes are :D

  46. Hey ! Thanks a lot for Reading me ! Btw, I just loved the interview, I so wish I could've done it in person...aaah...someday i will !

  47. Anonymous1:33 PM

    Lovely... I specially identify with the wishlist and things you learnt from the past! Sometimes there are things in the wish list you can help build up for the children.

  48. As you can see, i'm terribly bad at keeping up with anyone's blog at the moment...and for that I'm truely sorry, but thank you for the tag..I get my brain into gear(which might take some time I might add!)

  49. I really enjoyed reading your 8 things you have learnt from your past!
    Thanks for sharing.

  50. "I wish I could undo something I did in a close friendship.It is broken now beyond repair."

    I wish I could undo a lot many things i did before...i so want to write about all that...but whenever i start i find that i am running short of words and the writeup isn't enough!

    "If you do not want someone in your life it is not worth wasting even a single minute on them. Time is precious. Spend it ONLY with the ones who matter."

    totally agree...I did this...its not easy...but its the best you can do to yourself and also to the other person!

  51. You know, I arrived here the day you posted it, read your post and jumped with joy that you had tagged me. Then I remembered I'd already done it once (and very difficult it was!)
    SO I went back wanting to immediately post the link. But I couldn't find it. I searched and searched in the blogspot blog too, but couldn't find it. Searched for it again yesterday, and started reading my own posts ! Ah nostalgia.
    But today I found it...so here it is: My Date with Eight :)


  52. No Pune place in top 8 places u like to eat??

  53. really nice words from u..........keep it up...........


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