Tell me 5 good things about YOU. (in my comment box please)

Hi there,

Hope you are holding up well on day 10 of #LockdownIndia !
Weekend is here--although every day now resembles the other. There's no concept of "weekday" anymore. Those of you who are working from hope--I hope you get a respite from the usual work pressure and  added stress of work-from-home.

I had a fabulous home workout todayI think it is possible to have a proper workout at home, and be fit even though we don't have access to the gym.

I think it is very important to celebrate our smallest successes. Be it a simple task like sweeping and mopping the house, or resisting the temptation to take an afternoon snooze or cleaning up your bathroom really well. We need to remember to applaud ourselves for even the smallest tasks we managed to achieve, simply because these are very stressful times. Our idea of 'normal' has been completely distorted, and we're bombarded with news of deaths and suffering.

I find that journalling helps me. I have been writing in journals ever since I was a child. I write when i am sad, when I am happy, worried, excited, eager, tired, confused. Writing has been my saviour for ages.

Have you ever maintained a journal? If so did you give up because you were bored of the monotony?
If you want to journal and are looking for what you can write about please read this article:
7  different ways to journal to help you help you create, reflect and explore.

I want to give you a little  kick-start into appreciating yourself: So in my comment box, tell me 5 good things about yourself that you are proud of!
I was once asked this in an interview. You can watch the interview here  where I have candidly answered why  I love myself.

Do it--go! If you are reading this in your inbox, head over to my blog and feel free to use my comment box.

 See you tomorow!

Till then--get busy, filling up my comment box with 5 good things about you. What you believe are good (not what others tell you).

Lots of love
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  1. Good morning ma'am 🌳🌳

    5 good things about me...

    Wake up Early morning
    Exercise and yoga
    No morning tea
    Write daily journal
    write and read daily

  2. First of all Thank you Ma'am for making me think about myself.
    Five Good Things about Myself are:
    2.writing my own blog Daily.
    3. Helping Mom in some household works.
    4. Being positive all the time.
    5. Walking

  3. Very good post Mam 👌👌👌 Thank you.

    5 good things about myself is -

    I read a lot.
    I draw very well.
    I cook well.
    I keep my house neat and tidy always.
    I have a very good helping nature.

    1. Nice to know that you always keep your house neat !Lots of ❤️to you!

    2. Thank you Mam! 💝💝💝💝

  4. Good morning madam
    1.Drawing /painting atleast once in a week.
    2.stands for what is right.
    3.Being active and enthusiastic.
    4.Reading on quora.
    5.Encouraging the people around to do what they were interested in.

  5. Lovely article to keep start my weekend. I have been working from home for past 10 years, so I have a routine. Here are a best five things I noticed about me during this lockdown period.

    1. Appreciate the time I get to spend time with my daughter who is turning 9 the coming week.
    2. Keeping cool and not fretting about how my living room looks. I believe now it looks very much lived in now than earlier.
    3. I realized that I can do without a help to dust, sweep and Scour the floor.
    4. Enjoyed baking as it is very therapeutic. Now teaching my kid the basics of baking and trying out new recipes together.
    5. I love to read and there is a big pile of books lying idle. Now I am taking time to read them. Currently reading Fluffy and Me by Anita Krishnan. Actually bought it for my daughter.
    I love to live in the present, without thinking much about the past and future. I realized it gives me both mental peace and physical health.

    1. Welcome to my blog Maya! Thank you for writing in detail. Nice to know. Lots of ❤️to you!

  6. Its really hard to think and self appreciate. However as you have triggered this let methink and say i guess i am good at.
    1. Empathy
    2. Trying to self love
    3. Following a routine or habit.
    4. Getting up early is one of the good habits i inculcated from my parents.

    Yes i do write journal since iwas in std 8. I learnt this from my dad. He is 65 and makes a daily entry everyday.. I started doing it everyday and then when it became monotonouz and after reading your book 100 little flames i shifted from daily to once in a while entry..

    1. Yeah, once in a while also works. Check out the article I wrote.Lots of ❤️to you!

  7. Five good things about me:
    1. Humble at heart
    2. I am a child in an adult's body :P
    3. I show maturity only when required, rest of the time I am childish, troubling my mom dad and bro and making them happy :D
    4. I love science and art and reading books a loooooooooot
    5. helpful and kind at heart but can become a rebel when required.....

    Thank you so much mam for your lovely posts daily!!!! I look forward to it and it makes my day :)

    1. Thank you for leaving me a comment! Lots of ❤️to you!


  8. Now Preetiji this is an arduous task that you have given me.Its so easy to elucidate and eulogize others (if they deserve it).
    Like its easy to describe you as a smart,confident, intelligent lady with a plethora of skills and a prolific writer and artist.
    But it becomes a tad difficult
    to self -eulogize
    1) Emotional (and an emotional fool sometimes)
    2)Never feel lonely ,I kind of enjoy my company but am certainly not a hermit.
    3)Have learnt to fight and win .Coz I was born with severe asthama but came back strong each time.
    4)Pretty decent with my core work of investments.(Learnt it for over 12 yrs and made few mistakes also )
    5)Can't think of more.....
    Lots of Respect to you 🙏🙏

    1. I think we have been constantly told "Others should speak good of you, you shouldn't etc etc. Hence it becomes difficult for us to speak about ourselves. For your 5th point, I will fill it for you: You are kind and have a large heart.Lots of ❤️to you!

    2. I am overwhelmed with happiness with your kind words Mam.Thank you so much it means so much to me .Right now I am on "cloud no 9".....By the way love that song by Bryan Adams.🙏🙏Lots of regards to you

  9. 1. I am quite generous. I try my best to help and understand people the most.
    2. I love and believe myself.
    I feel happy about it.
    3. I am mature.
    4. I put in effort for things I am passionate about.
    5. I have learnt to handle myself, therefore I am more dependent on myself than others.

    1. Lots of ❤️to you! Thank you for sharing and welcome to my blog!

  10. As I am working in revenue department there is no lockdown for us and today i took a leave bcz of sicknesses. And i am fortune about it as i got the time to read your blog.
    I think this is the first time i am thinking about my own good qualities.
    There they are
    1. Regular exercise
    2. Neatness
    3. Making others laugh
    4. Reading books
    5. Helping kids in studies

    1. Welcome to my blog Ashi. Thank you for leaving a comment. Lots of ❤️to you!

  11. Hii Preeeti jee...... I feel very happy to share.. this

    1. I look good that gives me confidence
    2. I always try to stay positive
    3. I read books especially yours
    4. I cook and keep my stuffs organised.
    5. I eat healthy and exercise regularly.

    1. Welcome to my blog. Thank you for leaving a comment.Lots of ❤️to you!

  12. Ashok Sharma here
    I am going through a very difficult phase of my life as I lost my life partner more than a month ago.. I still try to stay calm and I would like to say that I am an early riser for the past two decades.. After getting up I drink 6 glasses of water in empty stomach. This is my first quality that I continue even now.
    Listening to music for relaxation and exercise for 20 minutes This is my second quality Cooking and experimenting with new dishes is my third quality. Reading the news paper and magazines and books are my fourth quality . Have an early light dinner at least two hours before sleeping and sleeping for a minimum of 6 hours or more is my fifth and final quality.. Really enjoying reading your daily blogs..

    1. Dear Ashok,
      Your comment deeply moved me. I am so sorry to hear about your loss. I completely can relate to the pain of losing a loved one forever.
      Do read the last chapter in my book 'Love a little stronger'. (you will have to buy an ebook now) You will know why I even started this blog.Lots of ❤️to you!

    2. Thanks for your immediate response and thoughts.... Yes I will certainly read... Keep writing... I am slowly getting back to normalcy...

  13. 1) I love myself for just the way I'm and I dont care what people think of me.
    2) I care a lot for people I truly love (not way too much to make them feel sudfocated).
    3) I give valuable advices and motivation to people who need my help and most of advices have helped them.
    4) I have good sense of humour and also sarcastic/ savage in nature (when required)
    5) I smile almost all the time despite what all I'm going through for my happiness and also my smile can make others smile too.

  14. When I was a child, I used to maintain a journal and write in it everyday. I may have skipped my favorite TV Show, but I would never miss writing an entry in my Journal. I had the one with a small lock and key and would hide it in my barbie suitcase in my closet! After I grew up, I could not maintain a Journal as I would be busy with other activities.

    Here are 5 Things I would like to share about myself:
    1. I have become more responsible.
    2. I help my mom out with the daily chores.
    3. Books that were bought and not read are being read and it is nice to sit in my room and read.
    4. I try to message friends and relatives to find out if they are doing okay or not.
    5. I spend less time on Social Media.

  15. Hye mam,

    After waking up I do yoga to stay fit . Second is I eats a lot.third one is I read blogs n online short stories.fourth is learning cooking sotht I would b a perfect not perfect but a gud cook.last one is I do spend sometime on u tube to watch some old comedy episodes..

  16. good things about me
    1. get up early in the morning
    2. always strive to improve myself in all area
    3. try to help others by giving healing or couselling
    4. give advices to my daughters as per the need
    5. do yoga & meditation

    Thanks mam for giving me this opportunity

  17. good things about me
    1. get up early in the morning
    2. always strive to improve myself in all area
    3. try to help others by giving healing or couselling
    4. give advices to my daughters as per the need
    5. do yoga & meditation

    Thanks mam for giving me this opportunity

  18. Thankx mam, for asking this question, it had triggered lots of things inside me to introspect about myself.
    1. I read Holy Bhagavath Gita.
    2.Wakes up early morning n do exercise.
    3. I don't use social media except watsapp.
    4. I am vegetarian but my parents are non vegetarian.
    5. I don't drink alcohol n smoke..
    6. I accept the person who I am, inspite of lots of failure n loves myself .


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