10 good things lockdown taught us! Especially see No.2 and No. 6 !

Hey there,

Hope all is good with you on day 16 of #lockdown. I thought I would do a fun post today.

Here are ten good things that you would have never discovered but for #lockdown.

1. You learn to celebrate small things: We got milk today. Hooray! We got vegetables today. Yay!

2.The person who goes out and gets the above mentioned stuff, becomes the hero, the  saviour,  and gets treated like  the act  was worthy of no less than a Param Vir Chakra.

 3. Your spouse/sibling/roommate watches YouTube, cooks a meal and suddenly aspires to go on the next Masterchef.

4. Home workouts become innovative, with each and every furniture being examined carefully for it to double up as bench, water-bottles as weights and stairs as elliptical.

5.You have vague memories of the time we used to have house help, and didn't have to sweep, mop, wash the dishes or iron our clothes.

6. You discover the joy of a freshly scrubbed toilet bowl and bathroom floors.

7. You discover new territory namely dust in corners of your home that you never knew existed.

8. You learn the art of exiting WhatsApp groups or  existing like a shadow without ever making your presence felt.

9. You have new empathy for prisoners, as you can relate to the feeling.

and the last one......

10. You discover your true friends--the Dunzo man, the Swiggy delivery guy, the Kirana shop guy etc. 😀

Come back tomorrow for another post!
Till then--smile, tomorrow may be worse :)

Lots of love

Photo by Maarten Deckers on Unsplash


  1. Too good! Lots of positivity pumped up! We can get through this lockdown!

    1. haha..this was supposed to be a funny post. Glad it helped.

  2. Absolutely true, Preeti! There were so many things I did not realize before the Lockdown and now it is like I am experiencing all of the above!

    1. Well--its a sarcastic and funny post! :-/

  3. 9 number-- you all can understand feeling of handicapped person who lockdown in his room and house
    ā¤œिā¤¸े ā¤•ā¤šā¤¤े ā¤šै ā¤Žā¤œे ā¤šै ā¤‡ā¤¸ā¤•े, ā¤¸ाā¤°ा ā¤Ļिā¤¨ ā¤˜ā¤° ā¤Žे ā¤†ā¤°ाā¤Ž ā¤¸े ā¤°ā¤šā¤¤ा ā¤šै ā¤Ŧā¤¸।

    1. :-/ We're all prisoners of our thoughts, our bodies and our mindsets. Some of us are trapped in our bodies, others are trapped in their own minds.

  4. Lockdown enriches family bondings.

    1. Or makes you want to kill your family members :D

    2. ha!ha!, exactly...both happens...lol

  5. Loved the post Mam. Thank you!

  6. Absolutely amazing Preeti. I enjoyed each one of them.

  7. Very nice. I am an amateur blogger too and this inspires me to write something on similar but not same lines. Thank you.

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  9. 3,6,7,8 and 9 -totally agree with personal experience đŸ‘ģ

  10. Hi Preetiji witty post loved it.My positives for the lockdown 1)Humans are regarded as Corona Virus in animal world.Welcome to the "Animal Farm".
    2)Some people would realise that. Their boss is more tolerable than their spouse 😁😁.
    3)Once you start mopping the floor you find out new muscles in your body,especially when they groan in pain.
    4)You suddenly love your relatives and the back-biting.
    5)You don't have the pressure of dressing up for office Boxers become the new formal dress while working from home.
    Mam now the LD has extended (almost certain) so your blogathon would extend to....
    There one more good thing
    6)Greed for your blog post increases.🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏💛💛💛💛💛💛💛

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  12. Nice post mam,
    after this lock down...have learnt to become more calm as I feel nothing more important than brthing, eating & survival...I am happy that am able to take this time positively...& looking more of positivity around....am enjoying simple nature like sunrise, sunset, rains....which we usually won't have much time to....

    am also enjoying squirrels, crows, sparrows....becoming my new friends...& the best part is all in my family are indulging in cooking & I have found out my spouse have become more supportive, helping & responsible or may be he was the same before but only now am able to see these in him & cherishing them.....we take rotation to go out & buy stuffs....


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