How to meditate--a guide for beginners.

Hi there beautiful soul,

Today, day 12 of #lockdown my day began by joining in the Global mediation , which was an urgent call for healers. Click on the highlighted words and do read up about how 1 million people came together globally, today. The time in the Indian time zone was 8.15 am in the morning. I have a meditation room in my home, and I also have a  bamboo waterfall in the corner which my son and I built. The room is done up entirely in white. There is a singing bowl I got from Mc.Leod Ganj, a couple of plants, white tapestry with the Tree of life, a pale cream shag rug, large cushions. The view from the windows is deep green foliage. It is my oasis of calmness, and I meditate regularly. ( I also work out  regularly but I will save that for another post).
 The room also has a meditation journal (made of handmade paper)  and after each session, I record my insights.
If you have never tried meditation before, I urge you to try it. If you are an absolute beginner, here is a step by step guide.

 Step 1:  Start  by doing a five minute guided  meditation. To do this, just put on your headphone and follow the instructions in this video. (I recommend this one as I have tried many and I found this one to be good and effective)

Step 2. Once you  have done the above video for a few days, slowly  extend the time of the guided meditation. Do the ten minute one. If you search for ten minute guided meditation by the Honest guys on YoutTube, you will find it.

Step 3.  Once you have done the  guided meditation for a few days,  start doing regular meditation. You can do this  by simply sitting still and focusing on your breath. It's okay if your mind wanders, simply observe the thoughts.

 Since I meditate for over 20 minutes, I use a meditation timer on my phone.(Of course my phone is on flight mode). You can download any suitable timer --there are many apps for it.

If you have Netflix, do watch the documentary Mind Explained. It has an episode on meditation. I highly recommend it.

Meditation creates stillness in our minds, gives us powerful insights and takes us on an inner journey in a different dimension.
Have you ever tried meditation? Tell me in comments what you think.
If you are reading this in your inbox, you know what to do. Head over to the comment box on my blog.

Many many of you are reaching out to my privately, and telling me how much these daily posts of mine are helping you. I am glad they do. Do try and leave comments, so that many others know they are not alone. Sharing is caring, especially in difficult times like these.
Stay strong folks.

I will be back tomorrow.
Lots of love
Photo by Dingzeyu Li on Unsplash


  1. Thank you so much for this post Mam! Actually I wanted to ask you about meditation. I have tried it few times for 5 minutes and felt good. I will try to do it daily. Thank you once again Mam! 🙏🏻

  2. I was trying to begin my meditation and it'll be useful for me Ma'am. I think you read the intuition and thoughts of your readers.

  3. Firstly, I immensely thank you for letting us know about this mass mediation. I could do it yesterday!! I don’t do it regularly somehow these days but I am into meditation process. Six months back my father took all of us to Pyramid Valley international near Kanakapura, Bangalore for Buddha Poornima. We haven’t done meditation for very long like they do it there. But it was fantastic. He saw this on PMC channel by Meditation Guru Patriji and felt it really good. Since then we started doing it. You don’t believe mam, during my semester exams in the September last year, every morning at 4-5 am I sit first to meditation and then start for studying. It was very powerful! The process is soothing and results? They were amazing. My concentration increased a lot and i did amazingly well in that exams.It helped me a lot. I am immensely grateful for getting such a daddy!!He has always chosen to learn us something good for the life.

    1. My father too had introduced me to meditation! :)

  4. Hello,
    Meditation, for me started as a curiosity and I used to do it quite irregularly. But in this March, I decided it must become a part of my life and completed a minimum of 5 minutes each day in March 2020......unknowingly I started to sit for more than 5 min. Now it is a steady 10 min meditation for me.

    Some days the meditation would seem rushed, sometimes mind gets very chatty, there were times I opened my eyes only to find myself crying (Because I confronted my pain and fear)! Let's see what insights it will give me in this month as I continue to do so.

    1. Indeed! I can completely relate to what you are saying here. I too started with 6 min meditation initially. Now it is an amazing journey.

  5. Hi Preeti. Wow! I feel like there is some 6th sense between us! Last night, I was thinking that I will go to You Tube and search for videos on Meditation. This morning, when I checked your website I found this article. I feel so happy! Cannot wait to try the link you shared. By the way, I took the Personality Test yesterday and found out I am: Defender: IFSJ-T. Took the screen shot of the results and explanation so I can read it lesiurely. Thank you for providing the link. :-) Have a good day!:-)

    1. So strange that every comment above yours also said the same thing! Love and light!

  6. Namaskara Preetiji it was a great blog post as always.Your finnese as a writer is sufficiently displayed where you can easily write about diverse topics as it is your innate skill set.What I would like to know are the thoughts you jott down in your meditation journal.(of course respecting your personal space).As Albert Einstein once said "I want to know God's thoughts the rest are all details". Similarly I also want to know your thoughts.
    Well my thoughts on meditation -I have been practicing meditation for the past year and a half with chants of Lord Shiva and I feel extreme peace and feel energised by concentrating my thoughts on Shiva and sometimes I have very brief moments where my mind does not have a single though.That is real calm.
    Everyone has to find their own Shiva (or own object or purpose to concentrate upon) so that you can liberate your mind and feel complete peace.
    Thank you Mam for being the guiding light in our lives.
    Regards 🙏🙏

    1. They are mostly notes and insights relating to many things which are deeply meaningful and significant to me.
      Thank you for reading whatever I write!

  7. Thankyou for sharing the process of meditation.I have also tried Oprah and Deepak Chopra's meditation series. Thankyou for everything that you do. Love


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