Hello. Are you doing okay? Let me know.

Hi beautiful person,

How are you doing today on day 9 of #LockdownIndia? 

I was just thinking about human adaptability. We're all hard-wired to adapt to situations. It is thousands of years of evolution, coded into our genes. I think all of us have kind of resigned to the lockdown now, and have settled into a pattern. At least  I have.

If you have got into a slightly sad frame of mind, do pull yourself up, before you slip further down. it is a slippery slope, with a quick fall. Try and do something new every day.

Today I shared a video of how to grow mint plants from the pudina that you buy from the vegetable vendor. You can view it by clicking HERE.

Apart from this, I had an intensely good homeworkout.
I cannot emphasise enough, the need for fitness in times like these. When you are physically fit, you feel good mentally too.

I have to go now as I want to do my portrait for today.

Tell me how your day went, what you did and most importantly how you are feeling. Also please share any tips and tricks for coping through the lockdown so that everyone can benefit.

If you are reading this in your inbox, you know where to leave your comment. On my blog, in ,my comment box.

This picture of me was clicked this morning, as I sat in my garden, having my coffee.
I shall be back tomorrow.
Till then I look forward to hearing from you, in my comment box.
Lots of love
Photo by Melissa Askew on Unsplash


  1. You look very cute in the photo Mam! 😍💝 In these times when I feel down, I shift my attention to all the positives in my life and feel grateful for it. This helps me in keeping my mind sane.

    1. Thank you so much and glad my words help.

    2. Surely they do Mam! 🙏🏻

  2. Today enjoyed the ram navmi holiday with family.from tomorrow we have to follow office work. First week will also be challenging due to high workload.

    1. Hope it goes through smoothly! Good luck!

  3. Happy Ram Navami. I too have settled into a particular pattern. Got so used to it that even when I resume work, I will still be used to this pattern. Had a productive day cleaning the house, helping my Mom and also relaxing. Wanted to start making a scrapbook from a very long time. Today I finally started! Feels great. It is a book of movie ticket stubs, boarding passes, restaurant bills, chocolate wrappers, etc. I try to something to keep myself busy.:-)

    1. I too am enjoying this phase somehow.

  4. Namaskara Preetiji I am leaving a comment on your blog at 5 am 3rd April Well it might seem insignificant but in your previous posts I had mentioned of doing one new thing each day.So today after ages I got up at 4.30 am and am seeing the sky changing colours.Yesterday I had attempted to learn Surya Namaskar .Learnt it to a certain extent and hopefully would relearn it fully today.
    Akka you have inspired me unknowingly into this thought of doing something new each day coz I do look up to you and always wonder how multi-talented you are.Thank you for being who you are and touching our lives and make it shine brightly like "A hundred little flames"💛🙏🙏🙏🙏

    1. Very glad I inspire you Sourabh!! Just call me Preeti ,please. It feels weird to be addressed as 'ji' and 'akka'. I don't believe age brings respect :) Respect has to be earned. Even if I have earned it, it is fine to address a person by name, if the person says so :)
      Just out of curiosity: where are you based and what do you do?

    2. Preetiji Firstly I and probably all your readers have the deepest regards for you.I am Punjabi -Made in Bengal living in Kolkata for 4 decades now.Was a Investment Advisor .Last job was SM with HSBC .Currently managing Investment portfolios (equities and real estate)of a few close family members as well as my own.

  5. Yes. Human adaptability. Mujhse bahtr ise kon jaan skta h. Chije utni muskil bhi nhi hoti jitni lgti h. Lekin sb bahr ghum rhe ho aap andr lock ho to wo baat bahut alag ho jaati h.

    My april start is very good. 1st april ko 6 page paper pr write kiye aur 10 page book read.

    2nd april ko 5 page pc m type kiye and 10 page book read and 10 words vocabulary.

    Aaj yaani 3rd april ko 10 page paper pr write krne h ,
    I hope night se pahle ho jaaye ga.

    1. Oh my god---thanks for the comment, struggled to make out what you are saying.

  6. Somehow my gut feeling is still very strong and I am optimistic that things wont turn out that bad as it is in the world... and we will together fight it globally....

    we will somehow find a cure!

    And in the end as Mr.Dufresne says... Hope is a good thing my friend! and no good thing ever dies!

    1. Things won't turn out as bad--meaning? A cure will be found?
      Hope is always a good thing :)

  7. Really happy to read your positive words.... Please keep on motivating us. This lockdown makes us feel down sometimes. But trying my level to cope up with the situation by focusing on the positives as you said.

  8. Adopted to Lockdown.... Family is the biggest support and strength to over this time fruitfully. We reminiscence things which were rooted deep down in our hearts.

  9. Hi Preeti,
    I am actually enjoying this lock down though become stressful at times...
    I have joined 2 NLP courses & am busy doing my given tasks
    then have my household routines
    do my meditation, yoga
    am reading a book - Power by Rhonda Byrne
    am enjoying a lot with my family
    spend time with plants - a small terrace garden of mine
    play skipping, badminton with my daughters

    have found during this lock down that anything can happen anytime & nothing is permanent so have learnt to go with the flow & to easily let go


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