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A happy day of SON-shine :)

Hey there!

Mothers and sons always have a special bond. (Just like mothers and daughters do)

I am super super excited just now, as I am leaving for the airport, to receive my son. It's been almost 6 months since I saw him. My daughter will come home probably next month or so. Some of you who have been following this blog might remember that he was scouted by a modelling agency in Singapore, while was walking out from the gym. He didn't even intend to take part!

He was one of the finalists in Singapore's face of the year model hunt. I had attended his first ramp show, and had even live-streamed it from Singapore (so my mom  in Kerala could watch it as it happened!) You can click HERE to see his profile.

My son is totally into fitness and riding. He was the one who taught me how to ride is KTM RC 390 :) (I never thought I would be able to ride a sports bike).  Here is the video  of me riding :)

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Riding into 2019! I wasn’t kidding when I said my son…

To my daughter, on her eighteenth birthday.

My darling daughter,
On this day eighteen years ago, I lay in the hospital, utterly overwhelmed. I had gone into labour unexpectedly. My gynaecologist had not yet reached the hospital as it was 5.30 am in the morning. You were in a tearing hurry to come out into the world. The doctor who was on night duty scurried about in panic and urgency; It was a natural childbirth (but God—I had to have stitches which I won’t freak you out with now). ‘Are you qualified enough to handle my baby?’ I thundered at the doctor, in throes of mylabour pain. ‘Yes m’am,’ she replied. When they told me I had a baby girl, I wept in joy. When you are hoping, wishing and wanting something so badly, it is an incredible and a magical moment, when the wish is granted. But the nurses on duty that night didn’t know this.
‘Don’t worry, you can try for a boy next time,’ the nurses said. ‘I ALREADY HAVE a boy. I soooo badly wanted a GIRL,’ I yelled through my tears.
This, my daughter was your welcome into this world. Where pe…

The connection between my art and writing :)

For today's post I am sharing three portraits I made over last three days. These were hard pictures to draw. I am a part of an international Artists community (Sktchy which I have mentioned before), and every day, we get a muse in our inbox. We paint the muse and share it. So do many others.
I enjoy it immensely, and now have many artist friends who I've met online, but I know will meet in real life too, because of sketch meets and  sketching conferences.

For me, art gives me so much joy. Just as writing does. In an interview I was asked recently which one I like better and how one supports the other. My answer was that one is like my right arm and the other is like my left arm. I do not know how they are connected, but I do know, I need both !

Here are the portraits:

That's all for today.
Tomorrow: A very special post.

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A fun fun post for Sunday.

For the last many years now, whenever I do a blog marathon, I always do a post from Sunday Stealing.
Since I haven't t done one this time, I thought I would do it today. Every Sunday, Sunday Stealing puts up a nice set of questions, which bloggers then answer on their own blogs, and leave a link at the original post, so others can blog-hop and read  other people's answers. It's great fun!

I am copy pasting today's questions  (and I am also giving my answers below)

Today's Sunday stealing is from  From Unconscious Mutterings.

Instructions:   There are no right or wrong answers. Don't limit yourself to one word responses; just say everything that pops into your head.  Thanks to The Gal Herself for the suggestion.

I say ... and you think ... ?

    Hurry! :: Bon Jovi from It's my life

    Dumb :: The movie Dumb and Dumber, which I never watched!

    Fudge :: Something  sweet and chocolatey that sticks to your teeth.

    Sturdy ::  My grandfather's antique tabl…

Why what you wear is important

A little while ago I watched a nice episode of a reality TV series on Netflix called  Queer Eye. It's an award winning show. It consists of five style experts (who happen to be gay) who go around transforming lives, forging relationships with people who have completely different beliefs from them. It was all about helping people to be the best they can be---transforming them from inside, helping them get a makeover for themselves, for their homes, for their life itself.

Click HERE for a trailer which tells you more about the show.
Coincidentally, this morning I also got featured on a fashion blog.

You can click HEREto read the above piece. I have  elaborated on about what my personal style means to me and have described in detail how I like to dress.

I believe it is extremely important to dress well.

Do watch the above Ted x talk by Stasia Savasuk. It is inspiring and I completely agree with what Stasia says.

When you dress well, you feel confident. Dressing well isn't about…

Wake Up Life is Calling: Win A Kindle!

We've been running contests and giving away Kindles for the promos of my latest book 'Wake Up, Life Is Calling.' This is in partnership with Kindle India.

 So far we've given away FIVE Kindles.
Now here're the last one to be won! I thought I would post it here, as it's the last one, and it is a very easy contest,

What you have to do:
1. Watch this trailer
2.Answer the question  'What consumes Ankita and draws her in?'
3. Tag three friends.

That's it!

To participate you can head over either to my Facebook post, or Instagram post
Winners will be announced on 1st  June.
Apart from kindle we are also giving away a set of three books of mine !

Go on! You may be the lucky winner!
It's a simple contest to participate in.
If you win, you need a valid shipping address in India.

That's all for today.
More tomorrow

Get the book at a special price of 99: Type in your browser. Limited per…

On painting portraits

Today I restarted my practice of  making a portrait daily. I used to do it every single day.  I am a part of an International Artists Community. (Check out thousands of reference photos on Sktchy which is currently for iphone users only)
I would post daily on the app as well as on my Instagram Art Handle. You can see my other portraits by clicking on the link.
Any artist will tell you that drawing people is an extremely difficult thing. Even if you differ a line on the face  by a millimeter, the likeness is totally lost. It is very intense work. At the same time, a portrait is a not a photographic reproduction of the person. You have to capture the likeness, and yet it has to be your own unique style.
As a child, I dreamt of making a portrait which would have a great likeness.  I would draw people and ask my family members if they could guess who the person was. I never got the proportions right, and I would be disappointed. I would try harder. :)

Now I am happy that I can get a good l…