Saturday--12 This or That questions


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Hello again!

For today's post I thought I'd do a  'This or that' post.
Here are the questions I got. (and my answers of cousre!)

  1. Skydiving or SCUBA Diving?|

    Neither. But if I had to choose one it would be sky-diving. I tried scuba diving once and I feel suffocated to breathe with all that apparatus.

  2. Cable or Streaming?

    Errr--what is Netflix and Amazon Prime?

  3. Live Theater or Movie?

    Movies forever!

  4. Sunrise Yoga or Sunset Meditation?

    Sunset Meditation. I need my sleep.

  5. Sculpture Garden or Mural Wall?

    Definitely Sculpture garden.

  6. Horseback Riding or Cycling?

    Horseback riding (Although I've never ridden a horse!  This must be the effect of Outlander that I'm currently watching and loving)

  7. Astronomy or Astrology?

    Definitely Astrology

  8. Football or Basketball?

    Basketball (I used to plat at national level)

  9. Leader or Follower?


  10. Birdsong or Ocean Waves?

    Definitely birdsong

  11. Streaming or YouTube?


  12. New Clothes or New Phone?

    New phone of course!

    More tomorrow.
    Have a pleasant day/night (depending on which part of the world you're reading this from)



  1. Nice one Preeti Didi 😊😊❤️❤️❤️❤️

  2. Namaskaram Preetiji,
    What a wonderful game/Q&A.Never thought these simple everyday stuff can be so exciting and so difficult to choose.
    Your choices are splendid.From sky diving to Sunset Meditation and from Sculptor Garden to birdsong.All your choices are impeccable.
    And a Leader undoubtedly you are an awe-inspiring leader and phenomenal motivator..
    Thank you so much for being You
    Lots and Lots of Love,Unadeltrated Respect and Inspired Devotion for you the amazing Preetiji. 🙏👍💛💛

    1.'re really sweet. Thank you!


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