Thursday thirteen--My top 13 TV series!


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It's a  Thursday today, and Thursday thirteen it is!

Today I thought I'd make a list of my top 13 TV series that I've watched and loved. 

Here goes (In no particular order)

1. Breaking Bad


 2. Game of Thrones

(My favourite character is Cersei! (Although many hate her I really like her)


3.  Narcos


4.  It's Okay Not to be Okay  (K drama)


5. Crash Landing on You (K drama)



6.  Band of Brothers


7.  Sex Education


8. Never Have I Ever



9. To All The Boys I've Loved Before

10. Family Man


11. Farzi


12. Schitts Creek

13. Kim's convenience

14. Atypical


I know it's 14, but I couldn't resist mentioning Atypical..It's a beautiful show.

I also had to leave out many other shows I've watched like Sabrina, Stranger Things, Suits and Gossip Girl.


How many of the above have you watched? Tell me in comments. 👇🏽👇🏽


  1. I've seen Family Man (S1). My recent favourites are Asur (S1) and Gullak (2 & 3). I like some of Pakistani dramas.

    1. Will surely check out the ones you mention here!

  2. Namaskaram Preetiji,
    Great choices for TV Series.My favorite 14 would be (coz I don't like 13 n my birthday is on 14th july)
    1)Prison Break
    2)Breaking Bad
    3)Boston Legal
    4)Made in Heaven
    5)Family Man
    8)Little Things
    9)Black Crows
    10)Scam 1992
    11)Living with yourself
    12)November Story
    14)Feluda (Bengali)

    Wow the blogathon is nearing its end but there are so many things to hear and so many things to tell.
    Till Tomorrow
    Lots of Love Unadeltrated Respect and Complete Devotion to you 🙏 👍 💛

    1. I loved Made in Heaven too! Prison Break--my daughter binge watched it. Do watch Farzi.


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