A life lesson from a plant.



For four years this plant stood in the pot without a single flower.  Every time I passed it, I wondered why it wasn't blooming. I tried everything --fetiliser, water sunlight. But it stood stubbornly, with not a single flower.

Whenever my mother came to visit, I'd tell her I should probably uproot it as it never flowered. My mother said 'Let it be--it can exist just as a green plant to add some greenery in your garden.'

So I let it remain.

 Last week it bloome ! And ever since then it has been giving me a magnificent flower. Every single day. How wonderful is that!

 Many a time we get imaptient when we take time to achieve things. We get disappointed when the work we're putting in does not seem to be yielding results. But underneath, deep down there's a lot happening which we aren't aware of.
This plant was growing strong roots, and preparing for the right moment to flower.
Similarly the adversities and the difficult times are preparing us for something better. It's preparing us to BLOOM so we can take out place in the sun!


  1. Hello Ma'am, with this short story, you have shared really very important & helpful lesson about patience. Flower is also looking awesome with bright yellow color.
    I am not very good with writing still I try to comment on your posts because I love your stories & powerful writing.

    1. Thank you so very much. I really appreciate your taking the time out to leave a comment.

  2. Such a lovely, insightful post! Reminds me of one of your old blog posts. I used a quotation from that post in one of my articles (and you were so kind to allow me to do so). 😊

    1. oh! I don't remember. Do share! :) And thank you!

  3. Namaskaram Preetiji,

    The flower is as beautiful as the post and the story behind it is really inspiring and teaching us so many values .

    5)Results of Compounded Efforts
    6)Listening to advice of Elders
    7)Each seed/person has inert potential

    Again your brilliance as writer is at full display.With a short story and economical use of words you bring out so many learnings and such beauty in your post and the picture is wonderful.

    Till Tomorrow
    Lots of Love Unadeltrated Respect and Complete Devotion to you 🙏 👍 💛

    1. The three P's you mention are so important but oh so hard to follow! Many thanks for patiently leaving me thoughtful and interesting comments on each post!


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