Travel Tuesday --How to choose a place to visit


We're nearing the end of the blog marathon. Only 3 more posts (apart from this one) and we're done! It's gone by so fast!

Since today is Travel Tuesday, I asked on my Instagram stories what questions you'd like me to answer related to travel. I said I'd pick the first few questions and answer them in a blog post.

here goes:

How do you decide which place you'd like to visit?

For me, I look at places I've read about in books mostly. When we decided to visit Egypt, it was because my husband and I are both huge fans of Wilbur Smith's books. Many of them are set in ancient Egypt. When we visited all those places we were filled with a sense of awe as these were places so familiar to us, because of the books!
It's a great idea to make a list of places you'd like to visit. Think about what you truly love. If you like history pick places that have historical significance. (I am a huge fan of historical places. When I visit old forts or palaces or such, it fills me with a sense of wonder to think that certain incidents happened in the very place I am standing, thousands of years ago)
If you like beach destinations, look up all the beaches. Then think about whether you don't mind the crowds (In which case there are ample destinations!) or whether you want solitude. One of the best beaches I visited was Radhanagar beach in Andaman.

Photo by Niket Malpani on Unsplash

  How do you manage expenses for travel? Do you save first or do you go when you feel like?

 I save first. I don't think it is wise to just blow up all the money on travel, on a whim. I also look for the best time of the year, when the tourist season has  finished. Usually the weather would be great for many months but it would still not be peak season as the school holidays would have got over. Hence many families wouldn't be travelling. The tickets and hotels would tend to be a lot cheaper then.

Switzerland was one of the most expensive places I visited. I saved up and spent wisely. I got quotes from many websites. If you're planning a swiss travel this official site (a division of Swiss Air) is one of the best. I dislike group tours and group travels. So I plan everything meticulously. (It takes many weeks of research) Then I book everything before I go.

 This picture was clicked in Interlaken, Switzerland.


Do you maintain your routine of writing when you travel? If yes how do you maintain that?

 I keep a sketchbook when I travel. I draw on location. I LOVE sketching on location. This is how I was sitting in Zurich and sketching.


It was really cold (probably 12 degrees or maybe lesser)  and I was finding it hard. But I loved it! Many people stopped to admire my sketches. A little girl and her grandma spoke to me in Swiss German. I couldn't understand a word they said and by action they appreciated my work. There were broad smiles on their faces. It was one of the really cherished memories for me.
At Mount Pilatus, there was no bench to sit. So I sat on the floor and sketched.

All around me were icy peaks of snow covered mountains. Here's what it was like.

It was an absolute joy to be present in the moment, and sketch. A photo is just taken very quickly. But when we sketch we are slowing down, and truly observing and taking in everything. Years later when I look at my sketchbook I transported there through the pages I created.

I am sharing with you a few pages from my sketchbook.

 I will be travelling soon to UK, and I plan to skecth daily there too. I share my drawing on my Instagram art account.

So you can follow me there or simply click on what I've linked and check out my work.


I hope you enjoyed this post.

More tomorrow.


  1. Oh yes, I enjoyed this post. Lovely photos. The first one, I feel like painting. :) I am so fascinated by plein air painting; I'll try someday. :) And your sketchbook is so wonderful! πŸ’™

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  3. Hello Ma'am, You have shared really useful information about travelling and also amazing pictures. Loved your sketchbook too.

  4. Namaskaram Preetiji,

    Wonderful blog post. Refreshing indeed to see such beautiful travel photographs and they way you have beautifully sketched the places brings a sense of personal wonder to them.

    Such beautiful Travel posts puah one to go out and explore some more uncharted destinations. "I cannot rest from travel :I will drink life to the lees".Your engaging post reminds me of this beautiful line from "Ulysses " by Alfred Lord Tennyson.

    Hope to find newer places with not many people around to experience the joys of nature untouched by human greed and intervention.

    Thank you Till Tomorrow
    Truckful loads of Love,Respect and Devotion to the brilliant lady.πŸ™πŸ’›
    Have a great day Preetiji πŸ‘

    1. I think Bhutan will be a great choice Sourabh. You will definitely like it.


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