Sunday Stealing--with someone famous!


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 It's Sunday again! Where does time fly to? It's time for a Sunday Stealing.

(Sunday stealing has been going on for over 15 years now and I used to take part in my early days of blogging. It's pretty commendable that it still continues.  Kudos to Bev for hosting it every sunday and spreading warmth in the blogging community.

1) What is your favorite way to spend a lazy day?

 Sleeping and reading. Is there any other way to spend a Sunday? (Oh--but I went to the gym and had a superb workout today. But I did read and sleep the whole morning!)


2) What do you look forward to every week?

When I am working on a book, I do look forward to finishing my word count and tracking my progress. But these days I am not writing (I already have three completed manuscripts). So I most look forward to my trip to UK which is coming up, as it means I can be with my daughter again!


3) Name three pet peeves you currently have.

  •  People who are cruel to animals and also people who are rude, arrogant and think too much of themselves.
  •  People who damage books they read by carelessly leaving it with the spine open and making the pages dog-eared.
  • The know-it-alls who give unsolicited advice and also people 


4) If you were to win an all expense paid vacation for two weeks to anywhere in the world, where would you choose to go? What are some of the things you would like to experience while you were there?

The blessing is that I am at a point in my life, where I indeed can afford a vacation to anywhere in the world. (and I am so grateful for that as I have worked hard to be able to afford it). The places I'd like to visit are (in no specific order)

  • Japan
  • South Korea
  • Indonesia
  • Montenegro
  • Spain
In India I've been to most places except Leh. So I'd love to visit Leh. I'd like to revisit Varanasi over and over.



5) What was one of your favorite toys as a kid? Did you save any special things from your childhood that you still have today?

I had several dolls and I'd named them all. I was also very fond of books right from a young age. I do have a steel rattle which my paternal grandmother had got specially for me, when I was a baby.


6) What is your favorite holiday? What is your least favorite holiday?

 There are too many favourite holidays to name. My trip to Bhutan where we climbed up the mountain to reach Tiger's nest is unforgettable. I'd love to go back. I also loved Maldives where we took an ocean villa both times we went. We could get down from our villa into the sea and swim. Recently I loved my Switzerland trip.

Worst holiday--I've never had one. Thank Lord! (What a nightmare a bad holiday would be. Such a waste of money too)


7) Have you ever met anyone famous? What concerts have you attended?

 Oh yes--I have met tonnes of famous people. One of them has even interviewed





 I was also invited to be a speaker along with another very famous person (Bruce Dickenson) This picture was clicked in the green room where he and I were waiting to speak. (He was speaking after me)

8) Are there any expressions that people use that really annoy you? If so, what are they?

 I dislike the term 'Hubby' and 'wifey'.  I don't know why---they are harmless but it irks me a great deal. Also So many people call me 'Pretty' and they think they're being original. I've heard it a million times before and it annoys me.
I also hate it when my old old friends keep repeating t 'You're a celebrity now.' (I mean, if they say it once I am really okay..But if someone keeps repeating it, it irks me because I truly believe I don't think of myself as a 'celebrity' and I'm quite grounded and down-to-earth.


9) Do you like your name? Are you named after anyone? Is there a story how you got your name? Would you change it if you could? If so, what name would you give yourself?

 I quite like my name, although its a very common one. It was a popular name in the seventies. There were always at lest 2 or 3 Preetis in my class.
No, I wouldn't change my name at all.


10) It is said that it's the little things that make life worth living. Name five of those little things in your life

The love I get from my closest people

The love I get from you all--my readers.

My writing.

My gym (I know--I am such a gym rat now)

My art.


  1. I listened to a bit of the interview; very interesting. The very few times I was interviewed were fairly brief, about the anniversary of a freak Oct 4, 1987 snowstorm, and before I appeared on JEOPARDY!

    1. Thank you for listening. I had to look up what Jeopardy was. It must have been exciting !

  2. I like your name, too!

  3. Hello Ma'am, really enjoyed your brief answers, and I like your name, it is short and sweet.

  4. Ma'am, you said you have three completed manuscripts with you. When will they get published and if you can provide us the blurb.

    1. Priyajit--I wont be able to say right now when the book will be published or who will be publishing it. It depends on a lot of things (inlcuding the money I am offered!). Do fill and you will be among the first to know!

  5. Namaskaram Preetiji,

    You have stolen my heart with your answers for 'Sunday Stealing'.Be it your lazy day routine,your little things which are close to your heart or your holiday lists.

    Your interview with Sonaliji was amazing .I had even watched and enjoyed your interview with 'Doordarshan - Subah Savere'.

    And Yes Mam not only you even we the readers are also fond of your name -Preeti Shenoy (sirf naam hi kaafi hai.

    Loving this blogathon
    Lots and Lots of Love,Unadeltrated Respect and Complete Devotion to you Preeti Shenoy ji .1🙏👍💛Thank you Mam.

    1. Thank you thank you--don't know what else to say! ❤️

  6. Such a lovely post!

    And wow, you've been interviewed by Sonali Bendre! Will watch the video.

    Same here: Hubby/wifey sounds so annoying (and in Hindi ―Jiju).

    My name is very uncommon (Many people think I am a man and address me as Mr. Sinha). I didn't really like my name when I was in school because there was no other Tarang in my school (I wished I was Pooja or something like that), but later I began to love my name for the very same reason. I wouldn't change it. When I was born, my uncle wrote a poem for me, which was kind of my Naamkaran. I still have that poem. ☺️

    And oh God, I'm going on and on. :)

    1. Oh wow! What an interesting story behind an unusual name. I too would have thought Tarang is a guy had I not known you from years back. The. again a lot of Punjabi names are gender-fluid and I like that.

    2. I don't mean to say your name is Punjabi--what I meant is Baljeet can be a boy or a girl, Parminder too--and many names like that. I like that a lot.


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