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 Hello my lovely readers,

It's been nearly 18 years since I started this blog. So now my blog is an adult :)  

Some years ago, I started something called a 'Blog marathon' where I post every day for 30 days. I have done it for many years now. This year, I will not be doing it. The reasons are many.

1. I have a full time column at The New Indian Express now. My advice column "Dear Life" is published every Tuesday. If you have any questions you want to ask someone but do not know who to ask, please mail me on AskPreetiShenoy(at)gmail(dot)com. Everything you share is anonymous. Each week I pick one and answer it.

To give you an idea of what it looks like here are some of my previous columns:

As you can see, the questions are varied, and the problems are so many. So feel free to ask anything.

2. I also have a monthly column at the New Indian Express since January this year. This was my last column:

You can also read it online HERE.

2. The blogger interface is quite outdated. To upload these images of my columns itself, I had to change my browser. 

3. I am busy with my next book which will be out in November this year. It's published by Harper Collins,It is called 'The Homecoming' and is a sequel to 'A Place called home'.

If you haven't yet read it, please do read it.

4. I find that whenever I post here (especially) for my blog marathon, it is the same set of 3 people who leave comments on every post. While I am grateful for the comments, it is also quite discouraging to "talk to myself'. 

5. Blogger gives me not much options or flexibility in terms of controlling the subscriptions to my blog in anyway. The RSS feeds deliver the posts quite late.

6. Bloggers reach is reducing a lot! Hardly anyone on blogger anymore--readers as well as writers. I wont be surprised if google suddenly decides to wind up blogger. 

Because of  all the above reasons (and several more!) I decided to start writing on Substack. It's a great place to read quality content. It gives me a lot more flexibility as a writer,  and for readers it's very user friendly as well.

I hope to be posting regularly on substack now.

You can read my first piece by clicking on the link below:

Please do join me on my substack. It is called Life's Little Notes.

I will continue posting here too (after all it is my first 'home' on the Internet) but I will be posting more often in Substack.
See you there!



  1. What will happen to all your posts if the Google shuts down the blogger? 😭


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