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Hello lovely people,

How are you today? We complete two whole weeks of #lockdown today.  That's a LOT of time! Yesterday, I had given you by favourite TV shows. Most  of you haven't watched most of them.
I too used to never watch TV shows till a few years back, when I began. While I am a huge advocate of reading books, I think you cannot ignore the fact that good movies and TV shows expand our  cultural horizons such a lot as the experience is very visceral.

I used to see people watching Game of Thrones, and never understood what was so great till I began watching myself. Then I turned into a huge fan. Same for Breaking Bad and Narcos. If I were to pick my top three TV shows, these three would be it. All three have content suitable only for adults (just in case you have kids around you while watching it).

Those of you who follow me on Instagram know that I make a portrait every day. (We get a muse in our inbox daily) I am a part of #30faces30days challenge. Here's what I made today.

 People ask me how I find time to make art, after all the housework, cooking, working out. (yes, I workout every day!)

I think if you love something very much, you will always make time for it. It is a matter of commitment and how badly you want to do it. Making art is always joyful for me.

My one request to you in these difficult times: Every single day, set aside 45 minutes to an hour for yourself. Tell your family members to not disturb you.  Turn off your phone.
This is your time--your gift to yourself. Do whatever brings you joy for this one hour. Maybe it is just lying on the bed and doing nothing, maybe it is watching a TV show, may be it is colouring a picture--anything! But this must be exclusively YOUR time.

You will find yourself in a much better frame of mind to deal with the daily minutiae, once you have had your fill--something like putting on your oxygen masks, before helping others. :)

What other suggestions  or tips do you have to keep your spirits high during lockdown? Do share it in my comment box so others  too can benefit. If you are reading  this in your inbox, do head over to my blog and share .

This pic was clicked at Sahitya Akademi Delhi, where I was invited a speaker earlier this year

Will be back tomorrow! Till then--keep that pep in your step :)

Lots of love

Photo by Jen P. on Unsplash


  1. maine do english series hi puri dekhi h - GOT and BREAKING BAD. dono alag alag type ki h fir bhi breaking bad is favrt. bcos ' heart has its reason,,, heart always knows':)

    your portraits are so good with quote. gm

    1. Yes! Did you see the sequel to Breaking bad? Its a movie which shows what happens to Jesse Pinkman. It's superb! do watch.

  2. Your portraits are very artistic Ma'am. Especially, the quotes in them add a extra beauty to it.

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    1. I am listening , reading, watching and writing good stuff as much as I can now-a-days
      Thank you so much
      mam for writing for us each and everyday.

    2. Thank you for reading every day! <3

  4. Wonderful post and art Mam! I completely agree with you that we have to give time for ourselves. The comedy show in Sony 'The Kapil Sharma show' always lifts my mood up. I love that show.

  5. For me, what works out as a mood elevator is,
    1) learning new recipes and different cuisines through various YouTube channels. I maintain a cook book of things and recipes I understood. I do it for some half an hour during this period. I feel awesome that I have learnt something new daily and which gives me good mood. Second is reading books , writing some stories and stuff in my laptop& doing journal and studying my subject.
    That’s it! These are really helpful during lockdown time

    1. Awesome! I too have a recipe book which I have kept for many years!

  6. Good afternoon Preeti. Wow, I cannot believe it has been 2 weeks since the Lockdown has started. I feel the time is flying by so quickly so before I know it, it will be time to go back to work. Everyday, for about 30 minutes, I dedicate this time to myself. I either call a friend who I have not spoken to anyone, I make some notes in my scarpbook, I read a few chapters of a book or I listen to music. Of course, I love to check your Insta Statuses because it always brings lots of positivity into my life. Have a bright and beautiful day!

    1. Thank you so much and what a wonderful thing that time is flying for you!

  7. One thing which makes me joyful is meditation.I loved shows like Prison Break,Money Heist,Boston Legal.web series like Made in Heaven,Little things,Kota Factory.But I love watching Hollywood,regional and World cinema
    Your sketches reveal your finesse and amazing skill of capturing the soul in the sketch.Would love to learn it.
    Mam pls do one more book on Ankita coz I really adore her.
    Total dedication to my fav author Regards 🙏🙏.

    1. I had started watching Money Heist, then stopped after a few episodes. I *loved* Made in heaven--it was brilliant. Little Things I watched in Ola while travelling :D
      Thanks..doing another book in that series will take a few years! :)

  8. Finished reading "Eleanor Oliphant is completely fine" - I bought this after you'd posted review about it 😊
    Started reading an autobiography of Tina Turner- "My love story"

    Books and Music is what keeping me occupied apart from Work!!

    1. Eleanor Oliphant is a brilliant book! How is the autobiography?

  9. Hello Preeti,
    Wow, we have completed 2 weeks of lock-down...have a lots to do...
    I write my gratitude journal & affirmations first thing in the morning to keep my mood up & listen to my favourite songs while cooking & other works...We as a family play for sometime,
    then I either read books or meditate,
    depending on my wake up time, I do some yoga either in the morning or evening, but i prefer mornings...which gives me a sense of fulfilment esp when others are sleeping i enjoy my own company....give some love & love thoughts to my terrace garden & visualise them being growing & also more in no...also i take their photos & post either in fb or insta or whatsapp status & while taking pictures, i ask them to smile.....I am enjoying a lot now with my plants....see them growing just like we see our own kids growing from little tiny girl to a lovely princess slowly day by day...

    Love all your portraits & the quotes adds more meaning to them...

    1. Chitra--I can sooo relate when you say your plants smile! They do respond to love. A plant lover will vouch for this.


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