Can you guess these TV shows?

Hello lovely person,

Today is day 13 of #lockdown. Today was a rest day for me, from my  intense home workouts. (

Usually I share something deep, though provoking and motivational on this page. So today I thought I would share something fun. Let's play a game :)

Here are a few TV shows that are my absolute favourites. I have watched all seasons for the following TV shows.
 I am sharing a gif from  each of the shows. Tell me in comments if you can guess the TV show from the GIFS.







I think unless you have watched the show, this is going to be hard for you!

But have a go at it anyway!  (Don't cheat by looking it up :) )
I highly recommend these shows.
I shall update this post in 24 hours time, with the answers.

If you have seen any of these shows, let me know :) Also tell me your favourite shows.
If you are reading this in your inbox, kindly head over to my blog  and  tell me in the comment box.

That's all for today.
See you tomorrow.
Lots of love

Edited to add the answers: 1. Game of Thrones 2. Breaking Bad 3. Narcos 4. Sex education 5. Marvellous Mrs. maisel 6. Anne with an E
Photo by freestocks on Unsplash


  1. I have watched Sex Education from this list. I am guessing list includes GOT and Marvelous Mrs Maisel.

  2. 4th is Sex Education

  3. Seen got and breaking bad

  4. 1. GOT
    2.Breaking Bad
    3. Narcos (wild guess because of his shirt 😛)
    4. Sex Education
    5.Marvelous Mrs. Maisel (the answer is also written on the GIF, I hope its not a trick question)
    6.Handmaid's tale (another guess work because of the attire and color scheme)

  5. We don't have Netflix at home Mam! So I have not watched any of these shows. 😀

    1. You are missing some *GREAT* watch.

    2. Yeah! I will try Mam. 😀

  6. 1. Game of thrones
    5. Marvellous maisel

  7. 1)Got
    Aste!! 😐😃
    Didn’t watch any other shows yet mam

    1. Watch the others..they are great!

  8. Happy morning mam, I don't watch any of the tv shows in Netflix. I just read books to spend my time at home :)

    1. Try watching! I too used to never watch. But then a whole different world opens up when you begin to.

  9. Hi Preeti. I could not guess any of these shows as I do not have Netflix. But would love to watch the shows that are mentioned in this post. My family and I love to watch FRIENDS and I like to watch Two And A Half Men. Whenever I am feeling low, I like to watch these shows as they divert my mind and take me to a different place. Have a good day!

    1. Not sure if you will like these if the ones you like are Friends and two and a half men. Do read the reviews before you watch. The first three are very dark and lot of gore, violence etc.

  10. 5. Monk. 6. Anne of Green Gables( Not too sure though coz I haven't watched either and I don't currently have a Netflix subscription.

    1. Never knew there was a show called Monk..Anne with an E is right. Answers updated!

  11. I am in a fix
    I dunno have Netflix
    Don't know any shows
    Or about these six
    Not in sync with times I guess
    Watch some movies at best
    Will hv 2 know more of this stuff
    Guess I hv to become a N-flix buff.

  12. I don't watch netflix. I watch alt balaji they have some nice web series


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