10 reasons to read When Love Came Calling by Preeti Shenoy !


1. It is Young Adult fiction!


2. If you are not a Young adult, it will make you feel young :)

3. You will feel good after reading it!


4. If you are a teen you will understand your parents better!  

5.If you are parent you will understand your teens better.


6. It will take you to different places like UK and Kerala

7.You will fall in love with the characters.

8. It's a great love story (even if you hate love stories) 

9. There's action, adventure and drama 

10. It will take you back to your college days! 

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  1. Hi Preeti. Loved this post. I cannot wait to start reading it. I am sure once I start, I will not be able to stop. This post is making me more anxious to read the Book. Congratulations on another memorable and magnificent book!

  2. I'm obliged to comment on this I just amused by this book and made a big change into me. Actually I don't like reading romance stories and all indeed. But this book reciprocated that feeling. Each and every lines is meticulously penned. I completed this book in four days but that 96 hours are completely replenished with the thoughts of this book. The same feeling I got once which is also by the same author and that book still tops my shelf. Wake up life is calling is unparalleled one by the author. In the book when love came calling the truth and realities were weaved precisely. Her perspective on indian parents isais written brilliantly.alI say is I just loved every page more than me. We can learn the intended things from the book and im just amazed!! I loved it and I highly recommend this book.

    1. Thanks a ton Kalam!! It means a lot to me. may I please request you to copy paste this review on the site you bought the book from, so it helps other people discover the book? (and that will help me too!)


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