When Love Came Calling. New book by Preeti Shenoy!

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The last time I wrote here was when I did the blog-marathon for 30 days, spreading positivity.  It had started as #21days of positivity, but continued long after.

The situation around us is grim. As I type this, the dreaded covid-19 has taken more than 730K lives all over the world. India now has the third largest number of cases in the world.  I was in Mumbai for the cover launch of my new book when concerns about the pandemic began being raised. I made it back safe home, to Bengaluru.

My publisher had to hold on to the books for MONTHS, we we went into lockdown. Like every other industry, publishing industry too is badly hit and so many bookstores at airports have shut down, unable to bear the high rents. Many have lost their jobs.

Hence the release of a new book, always bring hope;  For any author it is a big moment when they first hold their book which they have been solitarily working at for years! It always tears me up to see the physical copy. But this time, it was even more poignant  because the wait was inordinately long, and hard.

You can see how excited I was when I unboxed the books by clicking HERE.

Now it is less than 6 days left for the book to release;

If you wish toget specially printed author signed copies (with a special message from me), you have to pre-order the books.

You can do so from amazon:  Preeti.io/love

or from Flipkart: preeti.io/lovecame

On flipkart, you also get an exclusively designed laptop sticker plus a bookmark.


Many a time, after the book is out, reader write to me asking for author signed copies. I am unable to oblige as I don't sell the books personally, and also the requests are too many.

So if you wish to order/gift a friend, please do so now.

It's a book which is a Young Adult fiction, set partly in UK, and partly in kerala. But it's not just for Young adults! It will help parents understand their teens and adult children, and it will help teens understand their parents. It is a story of adventure and discovery.

 You can read the first three chapters HERE. 

 Let me know how you liked the first three chapters :) I am eager for you to read it! (and the rest of the book as well)

We will be having a virtual book launch this time. In these grim times, I hope my book brings you cheer, relief and hope at least for a few days!




  1. Congratulations Ma'am!! I am a big fan of your writing. I am so glad your book has finally come out. Just like you I was so eagerly waiting for this. I wish your book become a big success like the previous ones. Best wishes! And lots of love!

    1. Many thanks and really appreciate your wishes!

    2. congrats preeti mam i am your great fan:)

  2. Congratulations :) I have pre- ordered on flipkart few days back. Very eager your exciting piece of work :)

    1. Thank you. Look forward to hearing from you, once you read it!

  3. Congratulations and all the best.

  4. Congratulations, Preeti! I really loved the first 3 chapters of When Love Came Calling. Just cannot wait to get the book in my hands so I can continue reading the book. I can understand the amount of excitement that you, your family and the rest of your fans have. It was so sweet of you to write this blog post. I really enjoyed the Blog Marathon which took place during the Lockdown. Take care! Stay Safe! Best wishes for #whenlovecamecalling :-)

    1. Thanks a lot. Will try to do another blog marathon sometime again!


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