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Arjit Srivastva wrote to me some time back asking if he could Interview me. He published it yesterday. The questions he asked were so different from what I am usually asked :-) I enjoyed it and I think you will too.

Here is the link (and you can comment here :) )

Rohit Srivastwa (no connection to Arjit) created a Facebook Fanpage yesterday morning. He said "I am doing this because I am indeed a BIG fan of yours and I think you are an amazing human being."

Here is the link:

Thank you Rohit!

All updates about my second book and other writings would appear on this page now on, as the Ning site which many of you are members of, will not be functional after a while. Also it would be easier for most people to login from Facebook as most of us now have our interactions there. (so in case you want to know, please sign up on that page)

Thank you for your support, all of you!