With love from Maldives.

There are vacations you take  and then there are vacations which make you feel you're living out your dreams. It isn't hard to figure out which category my current vacation falls into. The last four days I have been living in paradise.

I wake up and I feel  that someone has turned me into a character and put me into a picture post card. How can every single thing be so perfect, so tranquil, so serene and so fill me with  so much joy? This is truly THE BEST vacation I have ever had. As cliched as it may sound, it is true. I am in Maldives right now , sitting on my ocean deck of my water villa, surrounded by the sea which has multiple shades of blue. It feels as though all the blues of my painting kit  have opened up and poured themselves into the water--cobalt blue, prussian blue, aqamarine blue, peacock blue, sky blue--name it and it is there. The pictures here are not photoshopped at all--this is how it really is! It is out of the world. It is amazing. It is tranquil, serene-- a piece of paradise, right here on earth. This is Nature in all her splendour.She is comforting, she surrounds you with peace and she fills you with a contentment that makes you feel so good to be alive. This is what real beauty means to me.

I have painted a few sea-scapes over the last few days but I am too lazy to upload those pictures. This post too, I initially thought I would come back to India and then blog. But it is different when you are right there--living in this moment. It would take me just a few minutes and so here I am sharing a few pictures with you, which will give you an idea as to what I am raving about.

 Blue skies. Clicked from our flight into Maldives. We took a direct flight from Bangalore which brought us to Male. From Male, we took  a sea plane to this island we're staying at. Maldives is made up of 26 Atolls. There is no single word in English language which captures the beauty of these atolls. They truly have to be seen to be believed.

This is a picture of the sea plane. Yes, they land and take off in the sea. It was the first time I was flying in a sea plane. I had only seen them in movies.

I couldn't resist clicking this picture of Satish as we waited to board our sea plane. He did not know I was clicking. I love this picture of his :)

 This is  where the sea plane landed. We walked from this jetty to the island. The accommodation is luxury personified. Satish clicked this picture of me as we were waiting to be shown to out water villa. 

The water villa is just that--a large, posh, tastefully done up home in the middle of the ocean. There is the gentle sound of lapping water as I type this.And of course a million shades of blue.

It was raining the day we arrived. That added to its beauty. It was so romantic. It was our second honey moon. (We have been married 16 years now) and it set the perfect mood for the holiday :)

This was the view from our deck, as soon as we arrived.

Soon it stopped raining. We went snorkelling.
 The sea life is indeed amazing. 

You forget every single thing when you are in the water, swimming with the million fishes. The coral reefs , the myriad colours, the different kinds of water life you see--it just feels ethereal. You almost expect to see little mermaid swimming along you and you expect to be taken to the palace of the ocean king under water. It is a totally different world.
 I don't have any snorkeling pictures because we were too busy getting carried away :) Besides, I do not have an underwater camera :)

 You can see the water villas in the back ground. Of course, I could not stand still for long and I had to leap in joy :)

 And this is the blueness which has me enchanted. I have a thousand photos of the blue. I completely love it. I can live here surrounded by this for the rest of my life and I will be happy :)

I like this shot of me which Satish clicked. I am sipping a cosmopolitan. I would like to say that I am thinking some deep philosophical thoughts about love and loss, and how things change. But really, I am just thinking about how nice my drink is ;) .

I like how he captured this one too. :) Here I am just trying to stop the wind from blowing hair into my eyes. :)

That's all for now folks! I am heading out for a swim in the ocean (once more).

Have a HAPPY day! Banish negativity.
Life is indeed beautiful and too short to be away from the ones you love.
PS:1. If you want to see more pictures,drop a comment and let me know and I will do a part 2 of this post, once I get back.
2. Just submitted this post on Indibloggers as a part of 'what does real beauty mean to you?" contest.


  1. Breath-taking views......loooooved it so much. Awesome!

  2. Simply heaven, reminds me of a trip I took to Kenya ... same blue, same beaches. Do take a glass boat and say Hi to the fishes

  3. Dear Preeti
    The clicks are too beautiful and absolutely lovely...i was transported to Maldives and felt as if i m there too :))
    Please do share more pics for ppl like me who haven't still visited this beautiful place...
    Enjoy and Have a Great Trip...
    God bless

  4. Oooo indeed heaven! breathtaking pics! enjoy your holiday :)

  5. wonderful pictures enjoy your holiday!

  6. Preethi
    Here I am eagerly waiting for yr first book. I liked the second one.Very glad to see yr pictures and wishing you a happy and memorable holiday

  7. Preethi
    Here I am eagerly waiting for yr first book. I liked the second one.Very glad to see yr pictures and wishing you a happy and memorable holiday

  8. Preethi
    Here I am eagerly waiting for yr first book. I liked the second one.Very glad to see yr pictures and wishing you a happy and memorable holiday

  9. Preethi
    Here I am eagerly waiting for yr first book. I liked the second one.Very glad to see yr pictures and wishing you a happy and memorable holiday

  10. Preethi
    Here I am eagerly waiting for yr first book. I liked the second one.Very glad to see yr pictures and wishing you a happy and memorable holiday

  11. Preethi
    Here I am eagerly waiting for yr first book. I liked the second one.Very glad to see yr pictures and wishing you a happy and memorable holiday

  12. Indeed very beautiful!!!

  13. lovely pics! Maldives is indeed tranquillizing.

    and satish is looking very handsome :P

  14. Lovely Pics Preethi. Cant take my eyes off that blue... cool and sexy :)
    Lots of travel related posts floating around the Blogosphere.
    Good to know that people are having a good time.
    Keep us posted.

  15. Hey Preethi,

    Lovely pics. I had been to maldives for my 1st yr wedding anniversary and i can completely undertand what you have written. And yes -- can live in this plcae for ever and be happy for the rest of my life too -- thats exactly how i felt too...

  16. Happy holidaying Preeti.

  17. Wowo.. simply Awesome .. How you are having a Fun time and Enjoyinggggggggg...

    Though I must say you doing a very good job in making us envy and jealous .. .


  18. Beautiful... breath-taking.

    I am totally a water person.. n all the places i wanna visit are beaches :) Maldives n Seychelles are said to be best ..

  19. its breathtaking!

    such beautiful pics, Preeti.

  20. Third pic from last looks like a scene from a movie...i hope everyone know which movie....I like all pics, i love every shade of blue n these pics have lot of blues in them...loved all...plz post it's part 2 :)

  21. It's totally "Wooooooooow" !! Loved your pics! Since long I've been dreaming of honeymooning in Maldives once I get married ;) DO upload more pics. Would love to see the beauty!!

  22. stupendous clicks preeti... love to view more... have a rocking vacation..

  23. Such blueness! Beautiful pictures. I love the one where you are jumping! Way to go!

  24. Absolutely gorgeous pictures!!!! I can so understand ur fascination with the various hues of blue.

    Ofcourse we want a part 2 of the post.

    ....like they say in kannada "Enjaai maadi;-D"

  25. no words, Preeti akka... I can only imagine how it must look in person, when photos are so mesmerizing!!! enjoy ur vacation! :)

  26. Beautiful pics Preeti...Have a super vacation! And kindly do part 2 as well :)

  27. More more more................in a meeting will comment i n detail later..Yhe dil maange definitely more

    njoy :)

  28. Anonymous2:03 AM

    Looks like heaven..Loved the pictures and I so so wish to be there..

  29. Lovely pics, I want to go tooooo:) enjoy your trip.

  30. Wonderful wonderful pics of Maldives. Its the first time i have heard of s Sea Villa :).

    Have made a mental note of Maldives as a must see vacation.

    BTW, i just read'Life is What you Make it' and wrote a blog too. A wonderful novel :)

  31. Amazing Preeti - you have made us all envious! :-) Have a great time!

  32. Beautiful...Even I had been there and would love to go again...I wrote about my memorable experience in Maldives

    Happy Holidays..

  33. This comment has been removed by the author.

  34. Preeetiiii!!!! *hearts!*

    Amazing, amazing pics. The sea, ah, the sea!
    You made me all dreamy.

    What do you know, I might just take up your suggestion of escaping to the Maldives some time :P
    And sea plane, whoa!

    Do upload more pictures, I am completely dreamy and drooly looking at these :)

  35. Anonymous10:33 AM

    Nice. Yes, the blue-photo is amazing and it is hard to take your eyes of the majesticity of nature.... Enjoy...

  36. p.s. LOVE cosmopolitan and Satish and you look HOT ;)

  37. Oh yes. Maldives is paradise on earth. Incomparable in beauty. As is the subject of the photographs :)

  38. Anonymous10:12 PM

    Those pictures are just WOW Preeti.. I'm sure you are having a whale of a time there.. Have fun.. :)

  39. Anonymous10:49 PM

    LOVE, LOVE, LOVE the pics!!!! Looking forward to more!!!!

  40. Have a great holiday. The pictures are all wonderful. The different shades of blue is stunning.

  41. Beaaautiful Pictures Preeti :) Happy Holidaying :) Have been after my hubby to take me to Maldives. Will make him read this post :)

  42. Simply superb...................
    N ur looking super stunning:)
    I loved Satish's pic:)

    Waiting for more.......:)


  43. Hi!

    I really liked your blog! Nice Posts!

    Keep up the good work!

    Do visit my blog too at http://aliascreativelife.blogspot.com/


  44. Gayu: Will post on FB :)

    Mridula: Choose a nice resort to stay

    Ariel: oh yes-very.

    Nilu:THANK YOU :)

    Amusingveracity:Thank you :)

    Shrina: Thanks! :-)

  45. Ramesh: Blush blush :D We must meet soon.

    Alia:Thanks :)

    Sucheta: U m'am have a great time in Europe! Sea plane was indeed wow.

    Marina:will surely check out

    Sathya: Is this CPS Sathya? please identify yourself!!Was wondering if its one of our closest friends or another by the same same--so asking.

    Abha:Thanks a lot! will check out your review :)

    Prathima:Thanks :)

  46. weourlife, Horizon and Palsworld: thank you so much :)

    Purnima, Reflections:Thanks! Reflections--I demand you come backk to blogging..NOW!



    Bhavika:Thanks! :)

    Piyush: Yes titanic :)



    Bikramjit: Did not intend to make anyone J. Was so happy and hence shared :)

    Sushma:Thanks :)
    Shwetha:Thanks :)

  47. Karthik: thanks!

    Mamta: Told him you said that :) :) He beamed :D :)


    Aswathi:Thank you!

    Vinoo:Thanks! Need one thing from you..will mail u.

    Kanupriya:Thanks :)


    Ritu: My friend was vacatining in Kenya. Heard its great too.

    Life begins:Thanks!

  48. Awesome views especially the enchanting blues!!
    Its the first time i am seeing or rather even hearing about the sea villa......Lovely place to spend the vacation....

  49. Awesome pictures... If I win the contest I may visit Maldives..


  50. Wow!..great pics!..hope u have a wonderful vacation!

  51. Dear Preeti
    Lovely pics
    The love blue waters at sunset was just awesome.I have never seen such a colour in reality.
    Keep posting

  52. beautiful photographs of a really beautiful You. :) I loved the post and will promote it too. wonderful to be back on your blog. Have read a few of your writings but haven't commented . time to change that I guess :) Best to you
    do read mine

  53. Wonderful post and great pictures.

    Serene blue never fails to dazzle!!

  54. such a beautiful place.. added to my wishlist

    can you share approx cost details?

  55. Anonymous9:56 PM

    Breathtaking views especially of the villas over the crystal-clear waters, the clouds, the sea:)

  56. Wow oh wow, Preeti! How brilliantly blue and beautiful!

    You should visit the Andamans too -- I think you'll love it :-)

  57. Whoa...A great post..Loved it from my heart :)
    and can never believe that u r a mom of two :)
    All the best for the contest


  58. wow! heaven on earth!:)
    i would love to visit Maldives:)
    thanks for sharing such beautiful pictures:)

  59. Awesome pics, great write up and totally in love with Maldives from those super cool pics you've posted. U r lookin' awesome too!


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