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Really sorry--I have had to remove this post as it will soon appear in a book. Making it available online would have been very unfair to my publisher who has placed so much trust in me. I hope you enjoy the other posts as much as you enjoyed this one. A heartfelt thanks for your support and understanding.Thanks for continuing to read what I write.


  1. Moral of the story. Dont go to a party without me. And even bigger truth, if you see an ass***e like that then avoid him like the plague. Such fools should be made to stay outside India. India by far is one of the most tollarant and wonderful countries I have come across till now. The number of religions practised in India speak volumes for itself.
    I think you should just have broken the bottle on his head. Would not have been that much of a waste in my opinion....

  2. Yes, you do look youn! But you look good, which led him to hone in on you I expect.
    Some men feel it necessary to showcase their degree in stupidity, believing that women know nothing of politics or economics. I have heard some crap in my day too, which always leaves me shaking my head.
    As for India, it appeals to my husband and I so much, that we plan to retire there. (fingers crossed!)

  3. **he lived in the US of A, and was visiting India. He prattled on about how good the infrastructure in the US is (I am sure it is) and how miserable India is, in comparison

    well he sounds like annoying company but I hate to say this PS, isnt that the truth tho? I mean I dun see that as talking 'ill' of India...the infrastructure of India/Sri Lanka/Iran etc, compared to the US, is not upto the standards. Besides we really cant be comparing a developed and a developing country like that anyways.

    I hear ppl telling that all the time abt Sri Lanka too...I dun get offended cos it's the truth. But if they say it in a way that it disses my country, then ofcourse I'd tell em off :)

    U have cute kids!

  4. Satish: How did I know!And where were you when i needed you?!! :-)

    Blue:I loved the 'mehndi' (henna) which was the background banner of the header in your blog. I hope the 'bad raods' and 'inadequate infrastructure' doesnt put you off !!There is so much more to India.

    Yes--he was so 'preachy' and probably thought I was 'easy target' !

    Keshi: Yes, of course it was the way he said it--so condescendingly that really irritated me.India has been independent for just 60 years.We have made remarkable progress in many areas.I agree, that the rate at which we are growing, there is a very real problem of inadequate infrastructure, bad roads and much more.But hey--there are so many positive things to focus on.And like you said it is indeed ridiculous to compare a developing country to a developed country.

  5. Schizophrenia .. i never knew it had advantages .. but no i agree they do .... just feel like laughing at the stupidity of that US of A guy ...

    I dont know whether some men have to show "degree in stupidity" .. but yes this bugger surely did ...

    and thank god... u didnt waste the vodka.. btw .. which brand????

  6. Hi know after living abroad, you really feel how little our country has done....every time I step on roads why isnt even one city as good as this back home.
    It puts me to shame one airport in Singapore handles more passengers than all our Indian airports in our country.
    It makes me feel miserbale in social occasions when people raise funds for the cause of poor people in India. You will wonder why your country is mentioned for all the things it doesnt have...and believe me other than Indian food you hear crticism all the time even when you sit with over 150 nations....its sad but the reality...and I keep wondering will we ever make it...what other countries offer its citizens....good roads,airports, cleanliness , electricity and water all the time....its my see India but I wonder I will live that long.....

  7. Anonymous9:22 AM

    Three things I have in common with you: I am a writer too, I love my vodka shots and I hold my country dear, despite the hiccups...

    Good, candid post. And yes, I think you do look young, so the US guest wasn't much off the mark.

  8. Anonymous9:46 AM

    Hey P. Guys like him are dime a dozen. Born Indians but would go to any length to libel against their land of birth.

    As for comparing a developed nation, u shud have asked him if he has ever been to Finland or any of the other Scandinavian countries. That wud put him to shame coz these countries are far far better than the US of A in ALL aspects...respect for women, lack of corruption, poverty, social security, health, infrastructure, roads....

    But then as u rightly put it, he wud perhaps not bother with these "little details".

  9. totally agree...if he said it in a manner that he made fun of India, then he needs to be told that he's a wuss :) U wudnt believe how many ppl like him that I hv told off!


  10. Vinny: i dont know what he was trying to do.Maybe he was trying to impress me?! As regards the brand, someone got me tthe drink--but I'm guessing it was Smirnoff.

    VJ: i agree there must be a stark difference.Yet, when i travel down the expressway from Chennai to Pondicherry (declared one of the most scenic and motorable roads by National Geographic) or when I go on the Pune-mumbai expressway, i cannot help feeling joy, awe and a bit of pride.Yes--there is filth and grime in india.We have a HUGE population.We have stark contrasts.We have illiteracy.We have poverty. But my question to that guy was "What are YOU doing about it?" I didnt mean to sit on my high horse and preach.But the way he went on and on really irked me. I told him i volunteered with an NGO and taught English and Math to the underprivilged children.If we, the 'privileged, educated Indians' could spare just 2 hours in a week--and do something PROACTIVELY, it will go a LONG way in solving the problems.'Each one teach one' is a good initiative that the Government has launched.How many of us are willing to put it into practice?

    Kulpreet: Thank you! Nice to meet you.Will visit you soon :-)

    Ritu:Yes--I think that detail might have been lost on hm as well.He was so totally absorbed with what he was saying.

    Keshi: i can only begin to imagine!!

  11. You know I see people like that all the time. The worst part about this post was that I too am from Plano, Texas! LOL !! I was hoping that I don't bump into this guy by mistake.

    My take is that I have a right to diss my country ( and feel proud about it too) But NO ONE else can do that. My boss ( ex-boss?) used to ask me about caste system in India. I responded back to him by saying that Caste System is to India as KKK is to the USA. I really did not say anything more than that. But he figured out that he has not right talking about my country like that and made up some excuse/ reason to understand the caste system.

    One really has to stand up for themselves and our country. Otherwise, people will just walk all over us!

    P.S Lord, You DO look young!

  12. Say, is your husband in Chicago? That picture sorta looks like the area that I have seen there, near the University of Chicago!

  13. You are a genius!!I have just read this post to Jan..we both laughed and ridiculed your Texan ...Vodka..patriotism..pride..hurrah!!

  14. Anonymous9:32 AM

    Oh my, Ps! I was so feeling your pain--all the way up to the vodka and then I busted a gut! LOL! Loved this post! But, um... sorry you had to suffer the fool. ;)

  15. Niall: thank you my friend!This post was supposed to be humourous.(as is evident by the label which it is filed under) But I think only you and stacy found it funny, apart from me!!

    Stacy:Thank you!! It was intended to be funny.And am glad you found it so.

    Vidya: OMG! Maybe I should add a disclaimer "All names have been changed to protect identity" What if you run into him and recognise him by my description?

  16. Vidya: yep--I am used to people asking me "Which college are you studying in?" (but it never fails to amuse/flatter me) but this is the first time that anyone asked if my son is my brother! (after all the painstaking effort to produce two, at least I should get credit!!)

  17. Hmmm.dat was an interesting one..i kept wondering wt would happen next...and sure the small details affect me!!!
    I've come across some ppl like dat u mentioned in ur post...and d best way to shut their big mouths is to walk away.Afterall, it really does not matter wt they say...We love India and are proud of it!
    Btw kids parties seem an idea of one only if u r a kid!

  18. LOL - Your son is your brother and the reciprocal for that is an absolute silence I think.

    BTW, why do you really have to prove what is right and what is wrong to people esp when they are at their helm pounding their drums talking crap? Oh BTW, it might be his opinion and why do you even have to correct it for all you know he might have had a dirty past in India which he is trying to cover it up by expressing his hate on infrastructure..

    I only feel sorry for you that you were victimized there with the stranger calling your son your brother LMAO... Nothing takes the icing i think more than this.

    In that high note, I sign off.

  19. How annoying! I'm glad you gave him a piece of your mind, even though giving 'pieces of our minds' to these people it's similar to pearls and swines, that whole story.

  20. dont have much to add.. but i enjoyed the post and the discussion that followed.. :)

  21. Hmmm... parties are good no? we get to meet sooooo many 'interesting' people ;)

  22. Hi... long time no (comment!) I'm back now, though.

    I enjoyed this post. I've never been to India. I've never been to Texas either. I'm very proud of the USA, but it isn't perfect. Our infrastructure was very good, but I'm afraid that we are not maintaining it well enough in many cases. I hope it lasts.

    A bore is a bore, no matter what country you are in.

    Final comment -- children's birthday parties are very difficult. The good thing about going to them, though, is that you have the chance to really get to know the parents and children. Now that my boys are older, and they go to parties without me, I don't really know the people they know as well as I'd like.

    Talk to ya again soon!

  23. Akanksha: Glad u found the post 'suspenseful' :-)

    ViK:If i wasnt irritated I'd have been flattered by his comment.Honestly!!

    DM: Yep--annoying enough for me to blog about!

    Ankit:thank U!

    J: Not only do we get to meet them we get to write posts about them as well! LOL.

  24. Thank god for blogger :P

  25. Sue: you are so right. I did get to meet many parents of the children with whom my kids play.

    India is plagued with many problems of a developing country.Infrastructure is far farbehind that of U.S/Europe.In fact there is no comparison--I accept that.But it was his 'supeior' attitude that put me off.

    J: Bloggeraya namaha!!

  26. Vidya: That snap was clicked in the U.K.He isn't there permanently.He just travels a lot.He was in France when I wrote that post.On Sunday he leaves for Srilanka.

  27. u look so young, rather childish...m cluless..wots da secret?n thancs for standing up for the country...i hate ppl who run away, n criticise india from the US of A :P

  28. gee, how did 'creepey Conroy' creep into the party?
    By the way, you do look young.
    But you know last week while in NY city, I was looking at the bridges there and wondering how they accomplished such wonderful engineering feats over a century ago, and made me sad and wonder why even in this day and age India with all its technology and smart people does not have normal roads inside the cities even. I guess it is the red tape and politicians greed, eh?
    But what you said Ps is also true- it has been only 60 years since India got its freedom. I am sure we will accomplish a lot shortly.

  29. Plano has a huge water tower that says Plano on it and they make fishing tackle boxes there that say Plano on them and since the word lacks an "e," it should be pronounced with a short "a" rather than that long "a" sound that they pronounce it with. Now I have even less use for the town. And the creeps who might inhabit it. I'm sorry you had to endure that idiot.

  30. hey nice pic..
    n we live in plano too.. but dont let crappy corner know abt it ;)
    n nice post :)

  31. Wildflower: Thank you! The secret? Well, i guess I work out,watch what I eat and laugh a LOT.But i think most importantly being surrounded by kids! :-)

    Diya: I told that guy that my cousin lived in texas.The minute i opened my mouth i realised I had made a mistake.Big mistake! He mmediatle launched into 'texas' and 'dallas' and 'plano' and god-know-what.Luckily I did not know where you lived in Texas--and anyway even if i knew i dont think i'd have told him :-)

  32. Mr.Conrad is an example of those classically obnoxious people who say such wild things passionately. I can guess what might have prompted you to wave at a ‘non-existent’ person in the crowd! Anyone can get offended when someone turns up just to denigrate your country. As far as Conrad is concerned, the delight obtained in such pastimes,though solitary,must be considerable :-P

    You know wht, in the pre-prepenultimate para where u mention a lot about ‘kilometers’, what instantly comes to my mind is a famous dialogue in a Malayalam comedy movie:

    “How many kilometers from Washington D.C to Miami beach?!?” The character who asks this question has a striking resemblance to Conrad mentioned in your post :-P

    [ I have to stop now. If I don’t, then I’m afraid the next time I visit your blog,I might see another article titled “ Conrad-Part II” :-P ]

  33. The next time u meet that guy.. tel him abt diya.. She can put up a nice fight..If she could she wud even beat up that guy.. she is dangerous.. !

    And seriously... u r either really really young.. or u r an excellent photographer.. :)

    And sadly , abt the infrastructure.. the most critical and important.. infrastructures.. were laid out by british.. ! Yes.. we have those wonderful express highways.. but its jus a miniscule part..

    India is no complaints..!

  34. Balu: which movie was that?'akkara akkara akkara'?

    Bhartah:i think Diya would ignore him.The wise always ignore the fools :-) And no, I'm not young at all, though i seem it. And my photo skills are just average.(judging from this very picture quality)


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