Make me an offer I can't refuse--Some awesome bookmark giveaways!!

One thing which gives me immense joy is creating/making things.Creating stuff is my refuge, my sanctuary, my sanity, my joy and something that keeps me going when life gives me a few knocks (or even when it doesn't). I would go crazy if I did not create things.

Then comes the question--what do I do with stuff I have created? For me, like all other creative people/artists,a lot of passion goes into each thing I make--be it a painting, be it a poem I am writing or be it a hand-written book I am making. (Most of my closest friends have got hand-written books as gifts from me).Whatever I create is indeed very dear to me and I do value it a lot.So I gift them only to my closest ones--the ones who I feel have 'earned' it and 'deserve it--the ones whom I feel 'connected to'.

I do feel connected to all the people who read my blog and leave such lovely comments for me! I do wish to give you all something I create. But the numbers are HUGE and it would take me a lifetime to make something for each one of you!

Over the last two days, I have made some unusual triangular book marks. My children totally loved them! Here is a picture of what I made:

 And  They have this little pocket into which the page will fit--this is how they will hold the page of your book:

The one which has the letter 'M'  is for one of my very good  friends--Mayank Mittal. The other one is for one of my closest women friends, Shabina. Boy, am I glad and thankful to have these  two people in my life! They are such radiators (What radiators are is mentioned in '34 Bubblegums and Candies') and totally brighten my day.

I made a few more!

The one with the golden stars is one which my children wanted me to make for their best friend--Geetika, whom I have mentioned in this post.

That leaves Four bookmarks as a Giveaway for my blog readers!

Do you like them? Do you want them? [You know you do!! :) ]

All you have to do to get two of these book-marks is make me an offer I cannot refuse. (Yeah, The Godfather is indeed one of my favourite books/movies)  :-)

So go on, and use my comment box. I will pick two people who will get two of these book-marks and update this post with their names on June 14th :)

Am waiting to see what you come up with! :). (Please remember I am married, folks and also a mother of two--so make only decent offers please ;-)  heh heh heh)
Update as promised!!

Hey all,
I really feel sad that I am not able to make a book mark for each one of you :(

I was forced to pick two winners..The offers which appealed most to me were Prerna's and Bhavika's! (Do mail me your postal address and keep up your offer! The bookmarks will reach you as promised)

Thanks to all who left a comment and appreciated the bookmarks! Will make more :)


  1. First come , first served...right ;) im offering u my undying friendship & my best wishes :D Im sure u wont refuse it!

  2. Awwww....missed the 1st place by a whisker;-(.....will be back, gotta go think seriously since u r so particular abt the offer being 'decent' offer and all;-D

  3. Is it then second come second served..( I know you have four to give away) hahahahahah!

    I will take you around Dubai whenever you and family are going to land here.

    Nancy(Reflection).. You are included... Preeti cant refuse you!!!!!!!!!!

  4. Oh! Nancy was ahead. ok. Third come third served

  5. Reflections: There are always loop-holes you know ;-) Go ahead, make me an (in)decent offer I can't refuse!

    Chandni:I never said first come first served! And off late I have lost faith in friendships.People walk out when it is convenient to them.

    Maddy: lets see the rest of the offers.(How mercenary I am!!) :D

  6. Unconditional Love and friendship.... hmm.... I think I will offer Trust and Respect because these are the founding stones of any relationship...

  7. I haven't read your latest book, but just now read excerpts from the photo of bookmarks.I am gonna buy it. LOL

  8. The concept of triangular book marks that go on the corners.. brillinat

  9. L♥VELY like you have mentioned about Ankita's art work in "Life is what you make it".

  10. Those are very cute & lovely bookmarks.
    I would offer a room full of books :)

  11. Ur idea is awesome:-)I would love to have them...n my offer is my friendship and home made meal:-):-)Ur creativity is tooo good:-)

  12. 1St time here...You have a very impressive page here :) Hope 2 drop by 2 read the rest of the posts!


  13. its really really interesting blog u have here. have read both ur buks recently. great job!
    u inspired me to write!!!!! thank you!!!!

  14. wow wow :D the bookmarks look sooo cute :D
    I don't have much to offer except for a continuous readership :D
    but thanks for the idea :D maybe I too can try making them ... must say they are a delight to watch :D

  15. Thank you for reserving one for me ;-) I guess you just knew i'd make you a very indecent proposal ;-);-) lol
    Lots of Love...forever xXx & ever xXx

  16. aww.. these are very pretty and convenient (for any book lover or even otherwise)
    not going to make any offers but would certainly Love to make some for those dear to me,.
    Do i need to pay you royalty?!
    (i can pay you by sending you the ones i make :D )
    tee hee hee..

  17. about you and i meeting up at mocha/costa coffee in Koramangala? any day during the coming week or the next :)

    Please be nice and say yes, you'd love to! :))


  18. and .I'd love to learn how to make those bookmarks, i love the idea of attaching them to the page...very convenient!

  19. the bookmarks are really adorable, preeti akka! who wouldn't love to have them? I dunno what offer I can make u to grab them? Perhaps a full course Konkani meal? ;) ;) ;)

  20. Your Bookmarks look great great...
    And to get one I can't wait wait...

    Though your blog needs very less promotion. But I am always passing on links of your blogpost to my friends and if not many I would have added at least one or two regular readers to your blog. Hope to continue doing that becuase your blogposts are intellectually nutritious for every age group.

  21. I am gonna make these ones too! :) Thanks for the free inspiration, once again! :D

  22. Hi di,
    Well.. I think I can offer to write to you a real long nice hand written letter + hand made card...I used to have every single of my cards hand made & designed by me.. but have not done one since a while( read 10 years now)!!
    I think I am gonna start doing it again,inspired by you.. how about I send you the first one..

  23. Very creatively made bookmarks! I love bookmarks almost as much as I love books. Collecting them is hobby :)
    Now since I am dying to add your artistic bookmarks to my collection - how about tempting you with a cruise to Greek islands – two weeks of endless blue sky and azure water. Of swimming and snorkeling and eating exotic food and then getting off at the mainland and exploring the architecture and historic wonders of Greece.
    Or how about a trip to Venice to take a plunge into the world of art. Now now, I know the artist in you always wanted to visit Venice right !
    Well I could have offered you everlasting friendship and love – but then we already have that don’t we :)

  24. nice idea !

    how about self decorated coffee mug for lovely couple.. umm what say :-)

  25. I love all of them!!

    Can I get one of these for a nice tight hug?? :P

  26. hi preeti! U create really really tough competition! ONLY 4 bookmarks for 400 (may be >400) readers????? NOT fair at all!
    Well, I would like to offer u something ;) I know that u r a true believer of THE SECRET. But that's just a book. There ARE greater techniques to ACHIEVE whatever u want with burning desire and POSITIVITY. I hereby offer u to give details of THE complete workshop ;) And mind u, the workshop is not amongst those motivational kind of lectures or something like what deepak chopra or other gurus say. If u r interested, I would like to give more details! DO let me know!

    Do i need to say the bookmarks are lovely? :) I'll receive the book from flipkart by this evening. Would love to have the bookmark ;)

  27. This comment has been removed by the author.

  28. I will gift you a 5 minute short movie based on your life that would include photographs of you and your family.Of course that would be 'hand-made' :D

    I must tell you last time I gifted such movie to my best friend,she was speechless and called me up crying to thank me and that she was very sorry that she could not fight her ego to say a sorry,after we got into some fight :)

  29. Ok, here's my offer

    Give it to me & I wont delete your websites ;)
    You know I own all of your websites

    mu ha ha ha ha ha ha [mogambo kush hua]

  30. They say there is no bigger form of flattery than imitation... So I promise to award my friends and book lovers with similar book marks. Now does this qualify me to earn a book mark made my Preeti Shenoy?

  31. Preeti...

    I usually comment on those of posts which really get me ticking...:P...This surely caught my eye...
    First thing : please let me know how you made them...i wanna try my hands on them too..

    what i can give you to get one of these would be ..
    SOrry to be genuine..i cant take you for a trip to Hawai,dubai or any place...i seem to spend a lot on my bank account is really empty :).... i would
    give one thing which is in common...which is Creativity...i would give you a bookmark made by my hands which has your name written on it.....(now thats being really decent).... :) :)

  32. Hey Preeti,

    I have been a big fan of your's for almost 3 months now, and writing a comment for the first time... (Yea ,i am among those silent readers whom you always suggest to leave comments also)..But have loved all the posts (i have read all of them) as well as the books.
    So, here's my offer :
    If i get these lovely book marks, i will not only read your blog-posts but make sure i share what i felt/learnt via comments on each n every coming post of ur's.... (Isn't that the biggest gift one can give to an artist or writer ??)...

    Love n Rgds


  33. My offer: Free tarot card reading and promise for three more online readings when my site goes live. How's that, Ms P? :D

  34. Book-marks are lovely Preeti.

    I am starting to get books for my toddler and could use the bookmarks to make his reading sessions more creative and playful and my offer is to send u a picture of him using it in his reading.
    Well, you would have been the encouragement for his reading and my baby is the most beautiful thing I have :)


  35. Lovely bookmarks....the competition is really really tough....

    I will give a treat with icecreams....roasted almonds and choco chips!!

  36. Im offering you me ear :) i.e my listening ability that I offer to my close ones :) whatever it is: rave, rant, happy squealing, cussing- tell me :D I may not have the answer but I will listen :D

  37. You are so creative !!

  38. hmmm so I commented yesterday and it did not post.

    How about you become my daughter's art teacher and I will reward you with whatever you ask for in return for that?

    I hope I am not sounding too intentions are not that way.

  39. Okay, tangibles: We'll meet up a LOT, have a great girly time, discuss books and art and poetry life and love. Soulful things for both of us :)

    Intangibles: Undying support, friendship and a promise to keep coming back to this place, no matter where I am just to see a glimpse of the goodness that is there in the world :)

    p.s LOVE those bookmarks. Check out the happy hands foundation page on facebook. They sell things like these. Wonderful stuff there, too!

    Also, CONGRATULATIONS!!! :* :)

  40. I will proof-read your next book for you. How's that for an offer?


  41. Anonymous10:37 PM

    how about a movie with your favorite star.. ?! :S

  42. i saw the first comment.. in business world its last in first out .. os since today i am the last person commenting .. WHAT Say do i get one ..

    and the book marks are beautiful..
    Whoever gets them will be happy so all the best ot everyone ..


  43. Hey all,
    Thanks so much for the wonderful offers! I have read all of your comments. Some made me smile :)

    But the offer has to be 'tangible' and 'real' simply because the bookmarks are. So 'false promises' which obviuosly are not going to be fulfilled are discounted.

    Will pick the two names and update this post on June 14th as promised!

  44. Of Course with all the Love and Appreciation can i offer you loads of good books to read :) Well its directly proportional to many more bookmarks u will make and directly proportional to many more bookmarks we will receive :) What say ;) *Selfish Me*

  45. Uhooi,,
    Waw,, It works very nice, sweet and beautiful,

  46. First of all those book mark are adorable....

    Rather then i offering you.... let me make a counter-offer ...

    If i get those book-mark i would keep them close to my book collection.... as those fascinating Bookmarks are not meant to be hidden, stacked on a bookshelf waiting for someone to open and ages go by them witnessing the fresh sunlight.

    So Preeti, you see i would be showcasing it in a better way.

    Have a lovely weekend.


  47. Hi Preeti,

    There are many things I can say, I will do.

    > Will visit your blogpost's every single day.
    > Will be friends with you forever.
    > Promote your blog and your books.

    I could think of all this. But this is not an offer I want to make.

    The avid reader that you are, I suppose a book mark from you would mean
    > I have to read a few lines everyday.
    > I have to make an entry often in my gratitude journal.
    > I have to believe in being positive and jump out of negativity asap.

    After reading my comment, I feel you are offering me more by giving me a bookmark, than what I can ever offer you. :)

  48. Hahahaha,Preeti akka, I really mean the Konkani meal! ;) ;) anyway, if u want something that you can have and keep it with you, I will make bookmarks of my own and send them to you. :) (This offer will drive me to get into my creative shoes and make something "crafty" after a looooong time.

    Love u, as always!

  49. Hey all,
    I really feel sad that I am not able to make a book mark for each one of you :(

    I was forced to pick two winners..The offers which appealed most to me were Prerna's and Bhavika's!

    Thanks to all who left a comment and appreciated th bookmarks!

  50. This comment has been removed by the author.

  51. hey!!!!!! I'm so happy! :)))))))Yey yey yey...I've got the bookmark!!! and see.. I have not started reading ur book...would love to receive ur bookmark first so that i can use it for ur book!!

    And one more offer was valid even if I had not got the bookmark ;) SO...will mail u with ALL the details within short time. Thank u once again for bookmark and ofcourse...for ur lovely posts:)I hope purvi is doing well now. It's really tough to update the posts as promised when ur daughter is not well.. HATS OFF TO YOU PREETI!

    P.S. I was so down since morning. You made my day!! Thanks :)

  52. congrats bhavika and prerna for winning the coveted handmade book marks... i am jealous

  53. thanks deepti :) I can understand... I would have been jealous too incase u had won ;)Better luck next time :)

  54. Congrats winning girls....Am sad for me but truly happy for u..njoy the beautiful bookmarks ...:)

  55. Congrats to the winners! Loved participating! :)


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