5 ways to a more peaceful you

From my garden.

Yes, I am back :-) Thanks to all who mailed and pinged and texted asking if I am okay. I indeed am. That is if you don't  count a hurt leg due to which I could not walk, a change in residence with a million boxes to unpack, a hundred thousand chores to deal with plus a 3rd book to write and also nursing a broken heart.

Okay-- I lied about the broken heart  :-) heh heh..But the rest of it is indeed what has been happening in my life, and  S-U-P-E-R-B-U-S-Y does not even begin to describe even a tenth of what I am going through.

I am sure you have been super-busy too, at least at some point in your life
How does one find inner peace and stay calm and composed among such a chaotic schedule and when things don't go your way? What can one do to instantly better the situation?

The first thing is to accept that certain things are indeed beyond our control and there is nothing one can do about it. This is really hard to do, especially if you are the kind of person who wants to control every outcome.But this acceptance itself brings a certain amount of calmness.

The second is to do something about the things you can control. Doing the following when things become 'too much' usually works for most. I can vouch for it as I use these.

1. Go unwired for a few hours:
 Completely switch off from all electronic stuff. No i-pod, no laptop, no cell-phone. Work can wait. Nobody is going to die if you are unreachable for a couple of hours. (of course choose a good time to do this). When you do this, you begin to listen to your inner voice--  your soul, which speaks to you. Usually, in our daily bustle of living we truly forget to listen and our inner voice gets drowned. Going unwired might feel very uncomfortable at first, especially if you are an internet addict. But trust me, the experience is liberating.

2. Clear Clutter:
 Clear all clutter from your drawers, from your cupboards. Neatly organise your physical surrounding. If you have no use for something or if you have two of something, give it away. Do not keep ANYTHING just because you feel it might come in handy sometime in future. If you haven't used it in the past 6 months, you don't really need it. And you can always buy a new one in case a need arises that urgently. It's not worth holding on to clutter. A neat organised home does wonders for your inner peace.

3. Pencil in one thing that satisfies you--then do it. 
Think of one thing that makes you feel really happy. Maybe it is a chat with a good friend,maybe it is making a card, maybe it is a very simple thing like sipping chai and staring out of the window when it rains. May be it is patting your dog or playing with a toddler. Maybe it is calling up your grandmother and telling her you love her. Try and remember the last time you felt really happy --what were you doing? Now pencil in that in your day--and then DO IT!

4.Ten minutes of 'peace time'
 Sometimes having children around you all the time can be overwhelming. Sometimes having your own family members around you ALL the time can be irritating too. Ask for 'ten minutes' (or twenty or even an hour if you have that luxury) of 'me time' where noone is allowed to disturb you. Lock yourself up in your room and use this time exclusively for yourself.

5. Journalling
So many great visonaries, leaders and new age gurus have stresssed and stressed the importance of journalling,. I do keep a journal (in fact I keep several) and the benefits of this are really manifold. To know why journalling is important and how it can help you lead a better life, read this brilliantly written piece by Steve Pavlina. The article also has a link to another piece which explains how you can use journalling as a problem solving tool.

So this is how I have been able to preserve my sanity despite all the happeings and non-happenings in my life ;-) :-)

How have you been?  What have you been upto? And which of the tips above are you going to use today?
If you care to share, I am listening.


  1. so agree with what you say..
    did point number 2 the other day and it was immensely gratifying..:-)

    I am not sure if you recd my mail..I am one of the lucky few who got the second book written and autographed by you..THANK YOU!!

    I loved the book..

  2. Uplifting write up. I Like 2nd & 4th point.

  3. Aahhh...I needed this post so much!! Would love to try out all the suggestions! But off now to do the #2 point!!

    Good day!


  4. agreed with all points I need a break myself after all the hectic time in last week or so ..

    Thank you and the picture of the flower is so sooothing loved it ...


  5. mostly when i feel down its my personnel time at beach listening to the sounds of tide, makes my soul awake. i enjoy that time in mid night.

    point no:2 also helped me few days back.

  6. Thnx for the post Preeti....Loved your simple and composed perspective of looking at things that are something bigger than the term 'complicated' in life.I second you on the thought that we all need some 'me time' for ourselves to unwind , rejuvenate and bounce back..thnx :) Kip Posting.


  7. Definitely going unwired; I try that sometimes :) I wish to start writing a journal but alas am too lazy :(

  8. clearing clutter is some thng i shud immediately do...
    rest all things are practised as "Routine" things by me and they work as meditation to me..Writing bug is like a protective bug..and am addicted to my cousins kids who immensely relieve and ya those private 1-2hrs for urself are also MUCH needed

    tips from my side

    1.) listen to 60s 70s hindi songs(good collection) in a row while having your first morng chai

    2.)Impromptu plans..to friends places...surprises make u overjoyful

    3.)Retail therapy...Getting a massage or hitting a spa

  9. You DO have wonderful ideas, Madame:)

  10. Anonymous10:49 PM

    I agree with the Clutter clearing ! IT works wonders and helps clear ones mind, and also Journal keeping helps to pour ones anger into paper :)

  11. I follow some already: Journal-keeping, 10 minutes to self, Clutter-cleaning. Work wonders!

    Though I'm too much of an internet addict to switch off my phone for a couple of hours :/

    Welcome back! Missed you here <3I follow some already: Journal-keeping, 10 minutes to self, Clutter-cleaning. Work wonders!

    Though I'm too much of an internet addict to switch off my phone for a couple of hours :/

    Welcome back! Missed you here <3

  12. Great post....howz your leg now? Hope its healed and you are back to your exercise and yoga routine.

    My #1 stress buster is my daughter - I look at her, remind myself to be "present" in the moment, and I feel better instantaneously.

    Another thing that always works is Exercise - jog, brisk walk, playing a sport, swimming, workout at the gym....I come back feeling much better.

    Meditation - which can be part of "peace time" helps me a lot as well.

    Occasionally, reading cards/letters/emails from close friends or family is also therapeutic :).

  13. awesome tips...i do some of them..its really effective..well I beg ur honour if u do ans me if there is a site where i can read the novels for free by downloading..plz replyyy

  14. Well these are very simple tasks which any of us could do and get back in track.

    Point 1 and 5 are 2 items i do often..will try the rest as well :)

  15. When you are super-busy, doing things you mentioned gives lot of calmness to mind. I used to do the first point- unwired from all and spent time with my own self. I switch off or keep mobile in silent mode(so tht i can return the call later) and off the laptop. Then I will take a book that I wish to read at that moment or listen to one favorite song with closed eyes and enjoying it to the core. Even in office if too much stressed, I do have a cup of coffee, not with friends, but enjoying my own company... Its really a great refreshment to mind..

    ps: Your garden is so beautiful I guess... do post more pictures.. . :)

  16. Missed you preeti ! Good to have you back. I hope the leg feels better soon :)
    I do all the things you mentioned specially spending time with myself and journaling. I also try to spend some time alone in Nature.
    Another problem solving technique I have learnt is to write down everything that is bothering you. Not only do you feel relieved because you have written down everything and got it out of your system but it also helps you solve the problem logically and analytically !

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  18. Good to have you back...

    I positively fear change in residences. I just about completed unpacking and if someone asked me to move again... I would really be mad!

  19. Anonymous1:20 PM

    A brilliant post & the points mentioned do go a long way in bringing back peace of mind when things tend to go haywire once in a while. I have tried the first two
    points & they have really worked as a stress buster. In today's world it is usually difficult to go totally unwired but once you get over the initial reluctance, it
    is sheer bliss. Also clearing up the clutter whether in one's home, room or cupboard is also a satisfying experience & definitely a clean environment is a healthy one. Also the fourth point about spending a few minutes of 'peace time' can also go a long way in preserving one's sanity.
    I really enjoyed going through this post & hope for more such articles.

  20. Hi,
    The first thing am going to do is to clear the clutter in my wardrobe. I have no count of how many clothese i have and dont remember when i wore them :(

    Thanks Preethi,
    I was missing your blog for some time..nice to see u again.

    vidya(mother of 1, expecting one more :P)

  21. Yeah. I agree with point 2 and 4.
    Freeing clutter from home, from your dek and from our mind is very necessay. Let freshness purify and charge our life.

  22. Hey Preeti,

    Lovely post :)

    Pls suggest what wud u prefer to have

    a) Hand made Journal
    b) On line one

  23. Hello Preeti.....
    How is ur leg???? Hope ur feeling better now.

    I would go with Cleaning and Dancing.
    Whenever I am stressed out I just lock up the room and play music and DANCE.....till m exhausted.

    Then i relax and sleep for sometime...it calms my mind...and I get better clarity.

    Take care....n eagerly waiting for ur next book:)


  24. Anonymous7:30 PM

    Hello Preeti

    Well said. I second your clear cutter option. I tried it and I personally feel refreshed as if I have thrown a part of rubbish inner self out. Feels relaxed.

    It would be helpful if you can explain more about journal keeping so that I would get benefited.


  25. my3speaks: click on the link for journaling. The article by Steve pavlina explains it in detail.

    Gayu/Jaya: I can walk now :) so thats good news :) Book--i am working on it.

    Ruchie: i have both--an online journal as well as a handmade one!

    Santosh: true!

    deepins: Congrats and all the best for motherhood.

    Suresh:Thanks a lot :)

  26. Aathira: oh I was mad too--but it didnt help :)

    Ruchira: thank you! I too find writing down gives a clarity.

    Sivapaournami:Thanks! Will try to post more pics.


    Sabhya: replied to you on FB.

    Sucheta: try swtiching off! :)Thanks :)

    Shachi: If you had to be with her ALL the time it might have been exhausting--I don't know..I do know as much as I love my kids, I do need a break from them.(I have always been the primary cargiver in their infancy and now too)Yes I too am big on meditation.



  27. Venkat:I too love the sound of the sea.



    Uma:Oh yes --I now remember that mail. So sorry--lots of pending mail to catch up on. Thanks to N for taking so much trouble to organise it.


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