Confessions of a Happily married husband--a guest post by Satish

A guest post written by Satish 

It’s been a long time since I wrote a Guest post and decided to give it a shot today since I had some free time and also given some news that we recently received. It’s Preeti’s blog and therefore thought I would write about what it is to be married to an author, a poet and an artist.

When I was a child I always wanted to be a Doctor. I could not however stand the sight of blood and therefore
took the easier way out and decided to get married to a Doctor, instead. Now life does not go the way you normally want it to. To cut a long story short I fell head over heels in love with Preeti who was not a Doctor and got married to her. On my part, I ended up being an Accountant – an Accountant you would be aware is one who doctors the books of accounts and a good one is he, who when asked the question what two plus two is gives you an answer – what do you want it to be, instead of four. Therefore I did manage to do a bit of Doctoring myself, after all!

Being married to Preeti, I must admit is very different to what I expected her to be. She has evolved from what she was, into something I would never in my wildest dreams have expected. She had always been the talented part of the family. However the extent of the talent is not something I had foreseen. Starting off with paintings, she was able to draw, sketch and paint (in a variety of mediums) and did it so easily that I used to feel a bit of a fool sometimes. I got back my own, by handing over the responsibility of getting all the kids art related projects to her, much to the teachers delight.

Her Dad’s death, whilst a catastrophe, did in a way bring out something in her which would otherwise probably never have come to prominence – her writing! When she started blogging it was more as an emotional outlet and I never thought it would lead to her being an author or becoming as famous as she has. She was always conscientious about writing blog-posts and responding to every comment she received and would faithfully give me an update about how many comments she had received that day, how she needed to write a blog-post, which part of the globe the comment came from and which award she had been given in the blog-world and by whom. This invariably happened at 1 a.m in the night when I was fast asleep and she was working on the computer. Things have definitely moved on since. Her blog is now considered amongst the top fifty thousand blogs in the world, she receives more e-mails from people all across the globe (even more than what I get officially and I get a lot!) and she still wakes me up and provides me commentary during the night, though now anytime of the night and not just at 1 a.m!

I was ecstatic when she told me that her book was being published. This was a dream come true for her and for me too. At least this way, I would figure in a book (she put my name in the acknowledgement list and gave me the first copy with a deeply personal note to me). I must have done something right, I guess. I am not so much of an optimist as regards betting, and did not know what to say when she asked me to read the initial manuscripts of the book and predict how it would be received by people. However after reading the book I did tell her that it would no doubt do well and be a best seller. For a change I bet on the right horse and guess what – her book has just been declared a NATIONAL BEST SELLER !! She has also been receiving tonnes of mails praising her writing skills from people who have read her book and  like wine she is indeed becoming better each day. I am certain that her second book will be even better than the first and the third even more.   

In the news you keep hearing about people being awarded Doctorates. Jayalalitha, Amitabh Bachchan , Akshay and Shah Rukh among others. I am no one to say if they deserved it or not, however  have decided to institute and award my own Doctorate to Preeti. She not only deserves it in her own right but also ensures that part of my own desire gets fulfilled – i.e. being married to a Doctor. (Should have waited till 2.30 in the night to award it, but did not know the technicalities of feeding the post into her blog, nor her password and in any case she would have been awake. So what the hell, I might as well award it now and await my turn to be woken up at night)

It’s been 15 years since we got married and if I had to rewind the clock again and decide whether to marry a Doctor or Preeti, I would choose her again and again a hundred times over.

Preeti, the kids and I and all your friends are extremely proud of you, your achievements and the fact that in spite of everything you still remain the same person you were 15 years back. And while we are here, let me take another bet which again I say without any doubt in my mind– you will soon become the author of an International Best Seller and I may be able to write yet another guest post.

Guys – this post is not all about Preeti. Let me tell you I too am artistic. I have painted a wall sometime in the past where the colour had come off (did look a bit like what Michelangelo did I must say but this wasn’t on the Sistine chapel but on the garden wall) Besides, I did write  this post too and given the fact that the blogosphere is large and Preeti’s fan following is great am willing to take the risk that the post would be a hit. So there!!!


  1. :-)

    I must add this comment. I have stopped waking him in the nights now. I am an insomniac and have now found lots of ways to keep myself amused, which do not involve waking him :-)

    I know he genuinely means all the good stuff he wrote about me here. But I must also add he does put up a lot with my artistic moodiness and creative temperament. There are times when I cant wait for him to come back home to tell him something (sometimes trivial but it would matter a lot to me)that has happened and no matter what a lousy day he has had or how tired he is,he always listens (or pretends to listen) patiently. :-)

  2. Total hit Satish - I have no doubt you'll receive a 100 comments on this post. We all know you write well and here's a lovely post to back that up.

    Of course Preeti is special. Besides all that talent, she's a lovely person and you two are a lovely couple. Its wonderful to know you both.

    Keep writing; will you. Preeti - now you go off to sleep and make him write !

  3. Anonymous5:23 AM

    This is one of the sweetest posts I have ever read in the blogosphere.

    Satish, Score! Woohoo! :)

    Though not a regular here, everytime I visited I left amazed by this multi talented writer, painter and artist- Preeti.

    Congratulations to the National best selling author.

  4. Satish- A thoughtful and sweet post that potrays the depth of affection you have for Preeti! All cheers for you!! Hip Hip Hooray!!
    Preeti - Congratulations !! I am so happy for you. Deeply thrilled on this delighted news!
    Hooray Hooray Hooray for you too!

  5. aww.. that's such a sweet post.. and i am sure you will conquer many such frontiers,Preethi with such a sweet husband ..i am an insomniac too .. i am wondering about u r methods to keep one amused without waking up the hubby.. do share them..
    Satish..whoa!! this is such a cool post !

  6. Now that's really sweeeet. Congratulations dear Preeti!!! and not only for your work being a national best seller :)

  7. hey hi preeti, i have been following your blog for quite sometime. didn't really got the chance to congratulate u! u are such an inspiration to many pple out there(including me) seriously so proud and happy to see pple excel in their own fields. u are a true role model to women. gd luck for ur future projects. i wanna read ur book but not available here(singapore). is there an e-book of this copy? thanks.
    my email:

  8. National Best Seller! That's wonderful! Congratulations, PS...Keep at it! Good luck with the next one and may all Satish's predictions come true!

  9. Hey Satish,

    I've helped add to the national bestseller list... I just ordered 3 books online... two of these are for my team mates who saw me get the book from the library and return it. The day I returned the book, I saw the books available on the Landmark site.

    My copy will be sent to Norwich and I am sure Preeti will sign it and send it back :)

    Sachin, my husband, will agree with a lot of what you've said about Preeti... about the blog and comments etc. You guys should sync up sometime :)

  10. congrualations preeti.

  11. That was such a sweet post..... very nice :)

  12. Aww .. what a wonderful post Satish ! You guys rock ! And Preeti congratulations on making it to the national best seller !

  13. Aww .. what a wonderful post Satish ! You guys rock ! And Preeti congratulations on making it to the national best seller !

  14. It was wonderful to read the post.

  15. Lovely post!!

    Many Congrats Preeti..

  16. Congrats Preeti. Its always great to hear nice things from your spouse. Isn't it? :)

    This post will be a hit. No doubts.

  17. Congrats on becoming a National Best Seller! Your posts always inspire me. I may not always leave a comment but I do drop by regularly. All the best and hoping to see more of your writing soon!

  18. preeti, managed to sneak a look and of course this post deserves a comment!

    national bestseller! woohoo..grreat news..CONGRATS :D

    and loved reading this post, it was such a sweet one...this post is going to be a total hit with the ladies :)

  19. That just makes me go..Awwwwwww, at first followed by ..Wowwwww(when I read that the book is a National Best Seller)

    ;-) Congrats Preeti!!! Hopefully the second book is an International Best Seller.

  20. Congratulations to you as a couple!! It's those moments of being there for each other - middle of the night or during the day - its the combined effort - that has brought you where you are today. So COngrats to both of you!
    I wish you more smiles and success all the way.
    Satish - this sure is THE BEST post :)

  21. Aww thatz so nice :)
    Congrats on the bestseller part and the doctorate Preeti :)

  22. Anonymous2:37 PM

    Hey Preethi, Did he really write it? He writes well too..may be you can tell him to start blogging too ;).

    Happens to be my 3rd wedding anniversary today.

    Best Regards

  23. Very sweet post.. Congratulations and all the best for your second book

  24. Well,I didnt have any doubts how creative Preeti is and what her potential is.... your post is awesome!....thanks a lot for standing by her dreams and aspirations....and I am impatienly waiting for her International Best Seller and your guest post!

  25. Such a sweet and lovely post... Preeti, you really have amazing talents... Loved your blog and your first blog.... eagerly awaiting your second one... I agree with your husband... It will definately be bigger and better and make it as International Best Seller...
    Best Wishes Always

  26. I've this feeling and I'm damn sure I'm right; God sure wasn't in his senses when he broke that beautiful 'mould' after creating you. Well, atleast I know the person who finally got you, and I tell you she sure is one helluva lucky woman!
    I'm serious Satish, where in heavens are men like you?! :p

    What a beautiful post! Reads like an ode to Preeti, and you sure are prosetic :)

    Happiness Always to both of you!

    P.S: And Preeti, congratulations again! :) :) Aren't you grinning like a cheshire cat right not! ;)

  27. SAVE THIS POST of Satish, deep inside your heart and not in your brain !!
    Wonderful post and really loved reading it. Gosh!! Satish, you just rock man :-)
    CONGRATS Preeti for your book being chosen as a National Best Seller.
    And more than that your kids are indeed very lucky to have such a great mom :-)

  28. Heartiest Congratulations Preeti!!! And a lovely post by Satish. Total awwwww!!!!! God bless you two


  29. I bet both of you are very lucky to have each other, congrats for that! Preeti my hearfelt wishes for having ur book on national best seller! thats really something! U have become a inspiration for people like me , that we too can start something small and make our way to the top. Very well done Satish! :)

  30. I bet both of you are very lucky to have each other, congrats for that! Preeti my hearfelt wishes for having ur book on national best seller! thats really something! U have become a inspiration for people like me , that we too can start something small and make our way to the top. Very well done Satish! :)

  31. Lovely post by Satish! I love your sense of humor :)

    It's wonderful to find genuine people like both of you in the blog world.

  32. Preeti, firstly congrats on being an author of a national best seller, and am pretty confident you would be an author of an international best seller. Secondly, everytime i log into orkut, i see people commenting nice couple, etc etc on wedding pics etc, i never felt like doing so for a couple is more than a close-up pic of 2 ppl, but from the bottomest corners of my heart and my soul i would like to tell you that you and satish are indeed a great couple. great in every aspect i can think of which are necessary for a happy married life.

    Satish, your second bet was also a correct one, this post, i do not know of others, but its a hit with me. Do write often. Take care

    have a nice day and keep smiling :D

  33. The heartiest of congratulations Ma'm. And a great post Satish Sir! When I had discovered this blog, I remember I went through every post in the archive until I reached the last, and I'd keep commenting on posts, she'd written ages ago. I remember mailing you and saying that one day your book would feature in the New York Times Best seller list. I am so glad we're getting there, slowly but surely :D You actually deserve all the applause and appreciation. Way to go :D

  34. wooow!national bestseller! congrats ps! go on...celebrate!

    n satish: very thoughtful n wonderful of u to write this post:)

  35. Thanks Satish for this awesome post about Preeti. I always leave this site with either some new knowledge or a leap with happiness and this post did the same. Congratulations on the bestseller pick Preeti.

  36. very nice article Satish! deeply appreciate your love for an artist, author wife :) wish you both have a wonderful life ahead!

  37. Hi all!

    Phew!!! So much pressure now to write an International best seller!!


    Thank you all for your wonderful, really wonderful comments. I am not sure if I should be replying as the post is written by Satish. Some are addressed to him and some to me.

    The ones specifically addressed to me, I am replying below:

    Sparkling: Yes I am :) over and over :)

    Sunshine: Happy anniv! I don't ghost write :) Yes--he did write it. Isnt it obvious from the writing style that it is not mine?

    Thamizhmaangani: Thanks! You can order it online. The links are given in the top RHS of this blog.

    Bedazzled: I paint and I write :)

    The rest of the comments I will leave to Satish if he wants to answer.

    Thank you each one of you who left a comment here and thank you for the lovely lovely words of encouragement.

    What they say about happiness doubling when shared is indeed true! :)


  38. I was astonished when I first read your book....i mean its so happens in everyone life... but the way you write....still reminds me to grab it once more and read.

    I am very happy for you both....the new book will indeed be a international best seller.!!

    also....i like couples talking about their marriages and things they do together.... oh i would love to catch up!!Or am i still very young!! whatever it is.... i just loved it!! :) :)

  39. Oh sorry....Guyz no more pressure on Preeti,....u do ur work,....we will do ours....everyone....just leave her alone....!!

    pLZZZ need it fast,,,,....

  40. Rohit, your comment made me smile :)
    I meant it in a nice way about the pressure to write bestseller :)

    Thank you! The comments I get here indeed motivate me to write more. :)

  41. The guest post by Satish has woken even me up from my slumber as I couldn’t resist the urgent need to comment. Hence Pritj - my second comment on your blog J
    An ode is defined by Wikipedia as follows:
    ’An ode typically is a lyrical verse written in praise of or dedicated to someone or something which captures the poet's interest or serves as an inspiration.’
    Satish’s post is nothing short of an ode to you, and a very heartfelt one at that!
    You have been and will continue to be an inspiration to many. You deserve all the praise and more!!
    Keep Rocking, Pritj!!
    P.S: It’s a pity we couldn’t meet up when you were here 

  42. Anonymous10:30 PM

    It's a novel idea to have guests blog! It's refreshing to hear a different voice in the same blog.

    Congratulations, you both seem to have a good thing going here!

  43. CONGRATULATIONS!!! wheeeeeee am so excited myself!! :D
    International best seller bhi aa jayega.. for someone like wine ;) its not a difficult thing!

    And Satish, that was sweet, extremely sweet! How can u not say such stuff when its about Preeti, na?

  44. Oh wow what a beautiful post. It's heartfelt Preethi, and Satish's love for you just shines through.

    Wish you all the best always!

  45. That was a marvellous post Satish!!!! Thank U for sharing the lovely news with us:-)!!!
    Preethi, if I werent so happily married myself I'd be tempted to ask u whether there were any more of them where he came from...a wonderful husband and a sense of humour to boot;-o.
    Congratulations on making it to the bestseller list!!!
    So so happy and proud of U!!!
    [have no clue why I feel the pride but I do:-)]

  46. Reflections,Poppins, Shru and Nilu : A heartfelt Thank u :)

    Manish: Thanks so much! :) next time we will.

  47. Apologies for the delay in responding to comments. Have been a bit tied up with office work. Am a bit overwhelmed by the comments and a big thanks to you all for the compliments. Much appreciated.
    @ Preeti - Liar. You still wake me up and refuse to let me read when you want to talk. I listed to every word you say and can repeat it if you want me to verbatim. 
    @Ramesh – Many thanks Ramesh. Very kind of you to say so and also to give Preeti the licence to sleep and make me do the rounds at night. It’s fantastic to know you and I genuinely mean that. Have said so in the past too.
    @mesoliloquy – Thanks very much.
    @Gayathri – Thanks. Yes, I do like the boss a lot.
    @Bedazzled – ahem ahem. What do I say other than thanks. I think the sweet factor is what is contributing to my weight. No wonder cannot get rid of that.
    @wannabewriter – am certain it will come true. All the best in ensuring you are able to publish one too.
    @ Raaga – thanks. Yep will catch up with Sachin next time we are in India.
    @aargee – thanks for saying so.
    @ Ruch – thanks. Yep am beginning to resemble a bit of a rock I must candidly admit.
    @Anwesa – Thank you very much.
    @Sundari- Thanks for saying so.
    @SS – My initials too are SS. There is something about those initials I must say. Not sure if it will be a hit or not, but its the great thoughts like these, that make us unique. What say’s you?
    @Suma – Thanks. That’s exactly what I had planned. I understand that the man: women ratio in India is 45:55. If I get 55% of the women on my side will reach somewhere in the blog world I guess.
    @lostworld – Thank you.
    @Life Begins – I totally agree with you, especially the last line. Thanks.
    @Sunshine – How could you think that this masterpiece could be anything but mine. See that’s the sole reason why I do not blog. People would think the boss wrote it anyway. Boo hoo. Congrats on your third wedding anniversary and hope you have a 100 more.
    @Never ending memories – Thanks so much.
    @ Vinoo – Thanks for saying so, however I think a small correction. She has stood by me more than I have stood by her. She has been a fantastic support to me all along and whatever I am in life is thanks to her.

  48. @Rujuta – Thanks. Something reminds me of the saying Great minds think alike. The second part of the saying of course is not relevant in this case. 
    @Sparkling – I know I know – I keep telling her that and then get banished out of the house. God knows why the mould got broken. Difficult to beat perfection and all that. Now that you have raised me to cloud 9 with your comments and left me speechless let me just say Many many thanks for your wonderful comments and keep it that. All the very best to you too. 
    @ Nandagopan – Thanks. You mentioned the kids but forgot to ass that I too am very lucky to have Preeti.
    @ Pallavi – Thanks so much. All the best in life to you too.
    @Srivats – Completely agree. Am lucky to have got her. Thanks.
    @Shachi – That was supposed to be a serious post by me. Jeez dunno where the humour bit crept in from. Need to re-read it all over again. Thanks for your very kind comments and without sounding conceited I must admit I agree with them. There comes the humour again. Hmmmm. Cheers. 
    @Shantharam – Thank you very much for your very kind comments. Much appreciated.
    @ Tranquility Speaks – Whoa – where did the Sir bit come from. I am only 16 as of now. Thank you very much for your comments. Agree totally with what you are saying.
    @ Pavi – You now she deserves it completely. I am Preeti’s best friend and biggest critic too. And a total Virgo. Never give praise unless deserved. Thanks for your comments.
    @ Lakshmi – Very kind of you to say so. Many thanks.
    @ loud and proud family – Thank you. Wish you the very best in life too.
    @Manesha – Thanks. Completely agree. She does the balancing act perfectly and all three of us are very proud of her achievement. Have indeed found the perfect partner in life. I have also told her I will continue to nag her even when she is 90. 
    @ Rohit – Thanks. No worries. I am young too. Just turned 16 
    @ Manish – Thanks. Agree on the Ode and inspiration bit completely.
    @ Nilu – That’s what I keep telling her. But she refuses to let me do guest posts off and on. Naah I’m just kidding. Yes, it is a good idea but I just do not get time frankly. Thanks.
    @Shruti – what about me??? Some good stuff about me too ;) Thanks and I completely agree with what you say.
    @Poppins – Yes indeed. Thanks so much.
    @ Reflections – Naah, See Sparkling’s comment. The mould got broken after they made me. Hopefully with time I do not become too mouldy for Preeti. Hey, thanks for the compliment. Really appreciate it.

  49. Lovely post..rocking couple !

  50. Hi Satish, This is Maddy from Dubai. Preeti will tell you why am I so late in commenting here.( Oh! Don't curse me....I will the culprit for spoiling your night sleep today).

    Its a wonderful read. Another writer in the making!

    Wishing you and Preeti a life of happiness,joy and togetherness.

  51. Dear Satish & Preeti,

    I am very very new (just minutes old) to Preeti's blogs. The guest post is something new to me and I am happy to read that from Satish.

    You have really boosted my morale tremendously. I also wish to write and complete a novel and my start was through blogs in Oct 2009. This blog and the writing-career-path of Preeti as you mentioned herein, has inspired me and will really bolster the determination within myself to complete the novel.

    Thanks a ton!

    Best Regards to all there,
    Renjith P Sarada, Bahrain


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