A Warm Wintery Wish :-)

(2,-3), (1,-3),  (1,-2) and  (3,-2)
For the mathematically inclined among you,let me clarify-- these are NOT the values of co-ordinates in a Math problem. These are temperatures prevailing today and the temperatures forecast for the next three days in the place where I live, in the UK. It's funny how stark contrasts hit you in a big way and make you appeciate Nature and Life.

We just got back from an amazing vacation in India .(And yes I met all the wonderful people I mention in my last post. It was truly marvellous.) In the evening, I was in Chennai where the temperature was 26 degrees and in the morning when I landed at Heathrow it was zero degrees. :-) I was excited.

As a child, growing up in the early eighties in a small Indian town, 'snow' meant a white facial cream that came in  little white jar with a light pink lid, manufactured by Ponds. My mom used it every single day as a part of her beauty routine. By late eighties as "Colour TV" ('Humare ghar mein colour TV hai' was the ultimate status symbol statement in those times) penetrated Indian homes--among which was my own home--I discovered that snow could also mean tonnes of white icy stuff that fell from the skies and covered everything in sight. I saw people wearing coats and boots in movies. I saw pictures of Snow men,Skiing and snow-sledges. Winters like these  was what I saw in picture books.

During the good old Doordarshan days, sometimes on the   much awaited 'Chitrahaar' (on Wednesdays) I'd see  Shammi Kapoor and Saira Banu lying in the snow with Shammi yelling "Yaaaahoooo, Chahe koi mujhe junglee kahe.." (click on link)

It is only now, after nearly quarter of a century that I have understood his excitement and why he yelled that way. Because this morning when I opened my door and saw miles and miles and miles of snow covered roads, it was exactly what I felt like doing. I refrained though, as I don't think my English neighbours in UK would have related to Shammi Kapoor or my palpable excitement in seeing so much snow for the first time in my life. Besides, the English are a peace loving sort and thrive on quietness unlike Indians whose DNA is encrypted with a loudness gene. (and I don't mean it badly. I love everything about India and am indeed proud of my country ) :-)

I touched it, walked in it, made snowballs (the picture below shows my first snow ball), and even went on a snow sled. It was thrilling, fun and inhaling the cold air feels even better than a shot of espresso drunk neat.

The television news is full of reports of how more snow is expected and how many of the Arterial roads are closed. Many Airports too are closed. The children's schools were closed too and  they made the most of it having snow ball fights and making snow angels.

The weather is  truly freezing with sub zero temperatures. Some people hate winter. They complain about short days (it gets dark at 4.00) and blocked roads and slippery Black Ice (which can be very dangerous).

But me--I am smiling so much! I am dressed up like the characters I saw in movies as a little child, wearing a coat, gloves, hat, scarf and boots. I am enjoying walking in the snow, and seeing the sparkling white brightness for miles around. It feels like magic. It feels like my mom's jar of snow got magnified a thousand fold times and then tipped over covering all the landscape for miles around! (I'd have truly believed it had I seen this as a child :-) )

Now I am going to make a nice cup of tea and watch through my window, the snow flakes outside, gently falling down.

And yes--Wish you all a very happy new year! 
Warmth and Cheers!


  1. Welcome back, glad to hear you had a wonderful time back home, and was greeted by your first snowfall on return to UK. Have fun! :D

  2. A very happy new year to you..and yes this winter has been quite harsh even in India the temperatures have broken all records..but not anywhere close to UK..albeit we wish it would..but actually no it shouldn't be cold here..loads of deaths due to cold ...people sleeping on the foothpaths :(

    Anywayz..have fun!!

  3. oh good that you had fun! we are freezin here in the US :) but the snow looks so nice when you are inside the house and don't need to go out hehehe!

  4. I can fully relate to all the excitement. Even, we used to look forward to first snow, even though, we knew it would be in abundance being on the Northeast side of US. Now, we miss it since we are back to old sweeet Pune, Make the most when you have it. Happy Winter!!
    Keep writing the wonderful stuff.

  5. Happy 2010 to you as well Preeti...And great pic by Atul! Do write about your meeting all the wonderful people in India :)


  6. palsworld: Yes..will do sometime :)Atul does have a knack for capturing moments. I liked the pic too :)

    Tejaswini: Yes :) Before moving here I lived in Pune and I miss the Vada pavs :)

    Doli: I dont mind going out too as long as I can get back safe :)

    Toonindia: yes--it is harsh and sad for the homeless. Here I feel bad for many pet animals that are being abandoned by their owners.

    Thinker:Thank you :)

  7. Whoa - that's such an upbeat take on the cold miserable winter that the constant snowing outside right now (in Chicago) doesn't seem all bad. Happy New Year!

  8. Welcome back and Happy New Year! I can relate to your feelings as I experienced the same when I moved here...I was like a kid rolling in the snow :) Enjoy while it lasts!

  9. Lovely post....could relate to every part of it coz I too havent seen snow till today;-D
    U knw for a long time Switzerland was my favourite place to visit abroad simply because all pics of Switzerland had snow in them;-D

  10. Welcome back Preeti. You look stunning in your winter gear.

    Lucky you - you like the winter and the snow. The UK seems to be having awful weather ever since Christmas. And do you really like the winter ?? I hate it and am delighted that I am not anywhere near it - I am moaning about the cold here even thought its a barmy 8 deg.

  11. Glad to hear you had an amazing trip!
    The weather over here is -20. Very cold but there is something I love about snow as well - even after seeing it every year for the last 10 years. I just don't like to shovel or drive in it when it turns brown but otherwise I love the fluff.

    I remember how excited I was when I first saw snow as well back in 99 when my parents moved here!

    Thanks for making me remember that winter once again :)

  12. Welcome back Preeti! HAPPY HAPPY NEW YEAR TO YOU too! Nice pictures!
    I love the magical winter too!
    Have oodles of fun!

  13. Hi Preety;

    Not really my first time here...:)

    But now am dead-serious of following your blogs...:)

    You made a truly magical (snowy) and envious post here...:) My wish is to see real snow, touch real snow and play with real snow...)

    What a wonderful time you had with snow...:)

    I blog at http://intelclub.blogspot.com/

    I have you in my bloglist for a long time now...:)

    Good morning and hope to see you one day soon in my space!

    Bye Preety girl!



  14. its realy wonderful post,the way of expression is really heart touching.even when we brought the first refrigerator in late 90's and i m so excited tht i brought all my frnds to my hme to show the refrigerator.


  15. How cute - "white facial cream that came in little white jar with a light pink lid"
    Nice to read ur blogs after a short break!
    BTW, Happy New Year! :) :)


  16. Hehe. i can imagine ur excitement! I fell in love with snow too when I was in US for a short stint! .. u look so young.. so childlike in those pics! Anti-jinx. kala tika. wonderful photography!! :)

  17. Happy New Year. :)

  18. Happy New Year Preeti!!

    I have never really experienced this freezing winter.....but the way you hav explained its sooo chilling....:)

    Have a lovely winter and gr8 year ahead..

  19. wow!! ur words excite me even more..
    am yet to experience this snowfall

    it must be really gr8 there now..
    have a gr8 time

  20. u are having fun!! I used to make snowballs form the 'snow' I got from my freezer!! =))
    never experienced it for real.
    Have been waiting to see a post here for so long!! :)

  21. Shru: That makes two of us ;-)heh heh--thanks :)

    Swetha:I like it a lot. Guess it shows :)

    Sundari:Thank you. Same to you!

    Raaga: Wish u a very happy new year too! :)

    Mindful meanderer: All pics clicked by my son :) Thanks for anti jinx and kala tikka

  22. SS: ask your mom or anyone from that generation about Ponds snow :)

    Jyoti:Thanks! I guess anything new is always exciting and a source of marvel--isnt it?

    Amity: Welcome and thanks :) Yes--will drop in soon :)

    Gayathri:Atul clicked them. As long as we're warm winters are great :)

  23. Only one: OMg! -20! Here it is -3 only! :)

    Ramesh: I guess I expected it to be 'awful' as i had heard so many people narrating so much about it.Even I was pleasantly surprised when i found myself really liking it and it wasnt even one tenth as bad as people made it out to be :) Thanks--compliments to the photographer :) He makes me look good :)

    Reflections: Hope you get to see it. It is one amazing experience.

    Shachi: yep.Thanks :)

    J:Glad Chicago is seeming warmer now :)

  24. Does that mean ur back?....welcome back...hope ur trip to India was one that you would remember all ur life... well...missed you... really... Happy new Year... you could send some snow here....its hot in here... anyways take some rest and then back on the business.... whats going on with the book??

  25. A bright look at the winter, just your style Preeti :) Glad to see you back.

  26. A very happy new year to u too :)
    N enjoy the snow :)

  27. happy new year to you too..

  28. When I was younger, I visited N. India once. Other than the snow, I don't remember much else of the trip. My brother & I rolled, ran, & frolicked in the snow clad valleys. It is a beautiful memory I have! I can totally relate to your smiling photos.

  29. Of course its the loveliest season!!
    Nice post and happy new year :)

  30. I love fresh snow on trees. I still remember my first winter 29 yrs ago! Some how though, I like warmer weather more and more (not hot, just warm). Change of seasons is amazing, I just wish winter was not as long because I miss the sun. Love the story on Ponds snow, my mom had it too back then :) Happy new year to you!!

  31. Happy new year! Thanks for those wonderful photos. Loved them

  32. Thats exactly how I would have described the feeling when I saw snow the first time.
    BUt 'snow' in a jar, so cute...I remember my mom using it too...and the jars used to be real heavy ;)

    Have a great snow filled holiday...
    Happy new year

  33. hi preeti,
    u have been tagged check my blog

  34. The 1st winter....n even the 1st snow EVERY winter..s alwez exciting n brings about a certain kind of excitement! Have fun!

    BTW have u caught a snow flake on ur tongue as yet?

  35. Maneesha: Thanks a lot! Wishing you and your loved ones a very happy new year too.

    Pavi: Nice idea! That hadnt occured to me! Will try for sure now :)

    Jyotiajay:Thanks for the tag :) Is it ok if i do it in your comment box?

    Prats: i dont remember weight of the jar! But glad you know what I am talking about.

    EM: credit to the young photographer :)

  36. rkramadh: Yeah! Ponds Snow was an integral part of beauty routines back then wasn't it?!

    Shunty: Happy new year to you too!

    Lostworld: Good you have happy memories!

    Santosh:Thanks :)

    Dhanya: Will do :) Thank you

    Lakshmi:Thanks :)

    Rohit:Yes--I am back. :) All is well. :)

  37. :)

    Good to have you back and read you.
    You look cute in the pic holding the snowball :D

  38. Thank U :) Credit to the little photographer :)

  39. Happy New year ! and welcome back to the blogging world!

  40. Welcome back and a Happy New Year! Such cute pictures of you. I'd still maintain that you look like a twenty something :)

  41. Coming to India on a vacation sounds kinda ironical to me Preeti! I am among those kinds who have a been carrying a blank passport for quite some years! And I like to be in India for a reason - a life long vacation :-)

    Wish you a very happy new year too


  42. Neeraj: Coming to India sounded ironical a few weeks ago even to me.

    tranquility:Thank you :)You're gracious and kind as always!

    Jyoti: OK :)


  43. I love snow and the seasons too...but I miss the long sunny days.
    I can see why you would like it...wearing sweaters and coats and hats is fun!!!


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