Beat those Blues!

This morning I read in the newspaper that the third and fourth weeks of January, sees the highest number of  suicides and depression cases. Some Psychologists have even declared the 3rd Monday of January, the most depressing day of the year. Living here in the UK, it is easy to see why.

Christmas and New year festivities have died down. The new year resolutions have been broken by now and getting back to work after all the 'happy times' is not exactly joyous for most people. To top it ,most people have put on weight as well. The weather in UK and in many parts of North India too has been grey. It has been at least 5 days since I have seen the sun. The snow has long melted and it is dreary, dull, wet, cold and grey outside.

Want to beat the blues and don't know how? Gillian has written this amazing post which I instantly loved.(Even though she wrote in December, I discovered it only now and it immediately appealed to me) Gillian lives in Canada, runs her own beauty spa and is also an amazing Artist, a marvellous photographer, an avid traveller and a great mom. She is also one of the most positive and inspiring individuals I know.

Like Gillian, I too have my own ways to beat the blues. My favourite way is to do something creative. Recently I discovered an old art--making wooden peg dolls! A bit of googling told me that Wooden stump dolls date back to the 16th and 17th century. Grodnertal area in Germany produced many wooden peg dolls --a type of doll that has simple peg joints and resembles a clothes pin. I started with a simple peg as is shown in the photo. I glued on her hair with scraps of black wool. I made a skirt for her with a bit of cloth that was left over from my children's school project, last year. I drew her eyes and smile with permanent markers. A discarded pipe cleaner became her hands. (I just twirled it around) and a bit of satin ribbon gave her a gorgeous waistline. Now I plan to make a family for her. I will be making a a partner for her and some friends and maybe I will make some children too. :-)

Right now she stands on my window sill as I type this.Isn't she lovely?!

If you want to know more about wooden peg dolls and want to know how to make them, these links  will help you.

What do you do to beat the blues? Especially the nasty, horrible oh-god-it's-Monday-so-soon kind of blues? What inspires you and keeps you going?If you're sharing, I am listening.


  1. oh that's sooo lovely...i MUST try them! :)

  2. Suma--I also instantly liked :) U can make pants for the guy dolls..what do u do to beat blues? Tell tell! :)

  3. She looks neat and nice....

    well my office starts at 1pm so half of my monday is gone...i feel so good...that i have to go to office late....that too on a monday....!! :)

  4. Oh Monday's are challenging things. In particular when you have to reason with a little girl who is fond of slamming doors and blaming everyone else for her lost homework! And it started off so peaceful too.
    I beat the blues by trying to put things into perspective. I try to take the thing I'm dreading most and face it too, if I don't it lurks over me like a little cloud all day. Today I am going to hire a bookkeeper to help me with the part of business I don't like-the books. I was told once to hire your a business class. That way you are free to do what you do best...and letting someone help you with the things you don't like is going to result in more productivity. I tend to agree, and can't get this person started quick enough! lol
    Those dolls are sweet and fun...! Art is a great way to channel the blues. I love to paint, like you!
    Have a great HAPPY Monday!! xo

  5. These days I just paint paint n paint.. with my 3 year old! we are having so much fun!! :) N I love the lil peg doll! my daughter called her peggy! :p I'll try them for sure!

  6. Lovely and a cute doll Preeti. I am going to try it soon too. My way to beat the blues is painting or put on some peppy music and dance with my darling 2 and half year old daughter. She teaches me some great steps and I am dancing all the way with her. All my blues just melts!
    Have a wonderful week!

  7. Frankly speaking, it hardly matters whether its sunday or work anyways :( i love to read, whether it be book, or magazines or blogs or many other online stuff that you get.. i read anything from sports to astrophysics.. just gives me something to keep my mind of the rather muddled life of mine for a while.. but for the last 4 months or so i havent been able to much its mainly sleeping or sleeping for me whenever i get some time :D

  8. Shantharam: Lucky you! No monday morning blues :)

    Gayathri: Oh yes--my daughter too dances with me! :-)

    Mindful Meanderer: I did check out your craft that you have put on your blog. Lovely indeed!

  9. Gillian: Hiring one's weaknesses--wow-nice concept. I want to hire someone for all the mundane tasks! :) But help in UK is sooooo expensive! :)

    Rohit: Lucky U. My day starts at 6.30 a.m on Mondays. Luckily Satish gives me my coffee in bed :)

  10. a cup of coffee with a good piece of music,
    or watch a movie
    or read a book
    painting at times and .... if i have some modeling clay.. i make something out of it :D

    Hey Have tagged u.. Check my Blog :)

  11. When I'm depressed...

    -talking with a good friend helps. If the friend is not around, then a fone call will do. But smtimes I wud be too down to actually talk. Talking can seem like a chore then. So I just text friends. Or gtalk :)

    - Search for jokes online

    - Write

    - Watch a good movie

    - Dream pretty dreams

    - Cooking, even if its a pot of tea.


    - Salon visit...

    But I don't think one can do any of this on a monday morning!

  12. Pointblank: Great list! I agree about not being able to do on a monday morn! :) Thanks for sharing!

    Shimmer: Yep--seen and commented..will do :)

  13. Pointblank: Great list! I agree about not being able to do on a monday morn! :) Thanks for sharing!

    Shimmer: Yep--seen and commented..will do :)

  14. the doll is really creative! great work there!

  15. 1. talk to my best friend on the phone...this means waking him up at an unearthly hour on monday morning coz he lives in a diff time zone! but then thats what best friends are for! :P

    2. listen to good music on my way to work!

    3. a hot cup of sweet adrak chai

    the doll is suuper creative! :)

  16. I dress up just about as colourfully as I can... no greys, avoid blacks where possible... my winter clothes are maroon, pink, peach, peacock, orange, etc etc...I also make food that is very colourful... use all sorts of winter fruits and vegetables in cooking and in salads.

    One look out the window and all I see is grey.

    I also go window shopping... the malls are bright... the clothes and accesories are beautiful... I don't have to buy... I can simply look around... even at make up .

    I go to the fruit and vegetable market...look at cook books at home. Talk to Sachin... to my folks, brother, friends, cousins... crib a little about how dreary it is... and then get on with life. While everything around me is in black and white, and shades of grey (literally) I drown myself in technicolor!

  17. to beat the blues, i cook and then eat together with family, we talk.
    Reading good stories helps a lot; i loved ur 34 bubble gums n.... and these days i find blogging is fun, meeting new people, sharing the energy really keeps me going!

  18. its been some time since i had the blues, but a chat with someone, a good book, crocheting, some 'me' time helps tremendously, sometimes even a good cry (weird as that may sound):)

  19. When I am feeling blue:
    1) Dress up as smartly as I can - somehow knowing that I am looking good and wearing vibrant colors cheer me up !
    2) Make sure I am around cheerful people and avoid negative thinkers and whiners like the plague !
    3)Read – I have the ability to loose myself in the book and forget my problems in the process !
    4) I write - but the problem is when I am in a melancholic mood I end up churning out sad tales !
    5) Music - never fails to cheer me up
    6) I call up my mom :-)

    And those dolls – They are just too cute – once again here’s my old age question for you – how do you manage to fit in so much in your day ? Perhaps you should do a post on that !

  20. I agree with Ruch, I'd like to know how u do it all, practically :-). Cute dolls. If I'm feeling blue, which is a lot of day s nowaydays :-(, I just try to completely do some task (fill up petrol/ laundry, mk coffee, anything like that which will mk me feel that things are happening. N ofcourse since I hv a 3 yr old, who's alot of fun, the blues hv to run away when she's around. :).

  21. verry cute she s!!
    I remember my childhood days when i did a cardboard doll and dressed her up frequently(as demonstrated by 'Gokulam' kids magazine) and the way I kept admiring her daily! :P

    Lost art of doll making!!! sigh!

  22. Oh, she is indeed lovely! :)
    Ye lo, she already gets kids, man! some pegs are so lucky!

    Yes, I heard about the whole depressing day stuff y'day on radio. Majorly I guess it is b'coz of those long credit card statements.

    The only thing I've found effective to get me out of my low mood is comedies! Comedies and music! Once I laugh my heart out, I'm so normal :D

  23. Preeti, you are an inspiration!! I doubt anyone would have blues around such a vibrant person such as you. Its an honest compliment.
    I love your doll & I'm waiting to meet the rest of her family too.

    As for me, I read a good book , paint or talk to my mom. Like your new photo!

  24. Lostworld: Thank you! :-) I am grumpy too sometimes :) Ask Satish :) New photo was clicked on my b'day :) Yeah--painting i too like to do when I am blue. Reading I do every day!

    Sparkling: Yes! :) She is lucky :-) Wish I could be her :) So easy life would be! :)

    Hunter: Oh yes--I remember "Gokulam'!

  25. Ruch: What a lovely list!! :) I could borrow a few from you.

    Aparna: Oh yes--with a 3 year old there is no time to be blue or green or yellow :) We just have to be on our toes! 3 is an adorable age!

    Ruch& Aparna: How I manage to fit in so much? I don't do everything I do all days--I hate routines..And making this doll took only 15 minutes. Also I dont watch TV at all. And cooking I quickly do in the morning once and evening once. That way I free up time.

    Suma: No blues--lucky U! Touch wood. I get them every day! :)

    Farheen: Thanks! :) Yes--cooking and getting together sounds good! Blogging is indeed a good way to meet new people.

  26. Raaga: Really nice suggestions. Strangely my wardrobe has a lot of blacks!

    Sunshine: tea! I need some right now! :)Yeah--I liked the doll idea too. (not my own--had googled)

    Pavi:Thank you! :)

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  28. Back from a long holiday and no job to run having no blues :)

  29. Ur doll is sooo pretty!!!!!

    When I feel blue....I keep looking for a fight with the better-half;-D

    But jokes apart I've noticed that....
    ... fast paced popular songs pep me up. shopping sort of soothes my nerves.
    ...a good cry also clears the system:-)

  30. Aathira: No blues!Lucky U!

    Ruch: Something to chase awy those greys! :) Same template--but new header and I tweaked the colours a bit.

  31. Reflections: I post a reply and I see your comment! We criss-crossed each other in cyber space! :) Heh heh--fight with better half sounds fun..Problem is the aftermath..Too much effort involved in 'making up' :P :)

  32. nothing like a chat with my college buddy and colleague, Naaz to beat blues. I dont have any Monday morning or post vacation blues though. I somehow prefer work than vacation. So I guess 3rd week of Jan is pep up season for me ;)

    And oh.. if anything depresses me, Naaz and I pack up to Mc Donanld's and have choco fudge. Its not difficult to find people to cheer u up. Its like they were watching u to see if u are low and then pounce and entertain u like clowns.
    Ha.. :)
    :) just happened to me a while ago.
    And umm.. forgive me, but I found the doll scary :( Dolls have scared me most of the time O_o

  33. Shru: I have a good friend named Naaz too! And the doll is tiny--only about 4 inches! Dont know why dolls scare u!
    Choco Fudge sounds great. U get delicious stuff here, made in Norwich.

  34. Lovely idea, good craft work!

  35. I do a wonderful thing to beat the blues...which is to read out great blogs like yours :)

  36. U remember Zee Horror show?
    There was an episode in it called 'gudiya'. The doll in that episode was so scary, opened its eyes in the dark, had a face with cuts that bled and all :-S Ever since then, I cannot be in a room that has a doll, alone.

  37. This comment has been removed by the author.

  38. 'oh-god-it's-Monday-so-soon' This down-feeling comes on every Sunday night, when I find that the weekend is over and one more week is on the way from tomorrow to keep me busy and running between my room and my office.

    And No matter how long weekend it is, I always feel that its too short because I am afraid from the mess which is going to start from Monday till next 5 days!

    What do I do to beat is, I talk to one of my close friend who is my room mate. So most of the time on Sunday night we are talking till late, sharing this and that about everything for which we dont get time in busy and ugly Weekdays!!

    Your this post is extremely inspiring. and I am sure this is touching the lives and making a lil change in them :)
    Anyways bahut likh diya. Hehe:D
    Thanks & a nice weekend!!

  39. i listen to pictures...n blog...


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