All good things come to an end

Hello there!

The month comes to an end today, and so does my blog marathon. I can't tell you how HARD it was this time, especially as I have a LOT of stuff going on the personal front. I won't lie--it was a burden on some days. But I don't think I have compromised on the quality of the posts even for a single day.

Haters think that just because I write 31 posts in 31 days, the quality will suffer. I am very objective when it comes to my writing, and I am my own worst critic. I can safely say I passed :) Don't you agree?

It was GREAT pleasure to read all your comments. A special mention to Alka Tiwari, Anoo MK (Thought is Free) , Indu K Raghavan, and Shally who commented on almost all posts of mine. I think Alka and Indu managed to comment on every single post. I am very grateful to  all of you who commented as it was very encouraging to read the comments. Every day I would wait for the comments  eagerly. 

They say it takes 21 days to form a habit. We've been communicating with each other via this blog, for 31 straight days now! Isn't that something?

As today is the last day, I thought I would share three of my recent artwork with you.

A portrait I made yesterday.

A page from my illustrated journal, where I used the paper  bag that the fried were packed in! :)

And  finally leave you with a picture I made today.

I won't say goodbye, as I do intend to blog. (who knows, I might even do another blog marathon, before the year ends!) But if you want to keep in touch with me on a regular basis, then follow me on Instaram
 I do post very regularly there, especially in my stories. (My 'wake up life is calling' morning story is very popular!  Many tell me my voice fills them with positivity..I am so glad!)

So bye and take good care of yourself !

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  1. Thank you so much mam for this blog marathon. I also feel inspired to do one myself but the fear of failure holds me back. I would wait for another such marathon by you. Needless to mention each post was fresh distinct and unique in its unique way. I really enjoyed it

  2. I don't want your blog marathon to end. Eagerly waiting for the next blog marathon. Thank you for mentioning me in your post. I love reading your blogs. What I love is it is not about one topic but there are varieties to learn and get inspired. Beautiful illustrations. I love your wake up life is calling voice in Instagram posts. You too take care 😍❤️

  3. Dear Preeti,
    Its really emotional to disperse after a long journey (Virtual) together along with other bloggers who joined in the comment box, religiously showing up to add their wisdom to the discussion. Kudos to you for your disciplined effort to post daily. And that too without compromising on the quality of your writing, in both the content and style. Thumbs up there :) Loved the portrait, illustrated journal (innovative up-cycling of the paper bag to pack your memories of that day as word fries ;) ) and your recent picture. I wish I could paint like you!!!

    Yes, you are right...20 days form a habit and I had slipped into this habit of checking my browser for your new blog everyday and join the bandwagon in the comment box. And reading comments of all other co readers like Shally, Thought is free and Indu. Hope to see you all on my blog too some day :) And you too Preeti...keep giving me a surprise visit by popping your name in my comment box.

    Not bidding you all a farewell I would just say -

    We part our ways for a short while
    Just to go catch the balls
    Life is throwing at us
    And be back here yet again
    When Preeti is ready to share her gems
    And we have some 'pebbles of thoughts' too
    to drop in the pot and quench our thirst.

    Love, Alka.

    1. Hey Alka,

      A little late to reply, but want to let you know I have thoroughly enjoyed reading your comments daily. I used to wait for Preeti's blog daily and then your comment too. I have just started reading you blogs (They are amazing) and will soon be talking to you over there, until I start my space too and then we can talk over there as well. I have started counting the chickens before the hen has even got a chance to lay eggs :)))). Jokes apart, would love to be in touch and Thanks to Preeti again for introducing me to another gem in the ocean :) ~ Indu.

    2. I thank you deeply Indu for being ever so generous about spending your praise on me too. Yes I am thankful to Preeti for this platform where I met you. When I started reading her blogs I never knew I would gain you as a prodigal supporter. Your blog would certainly be one more portal where we can communicate. Meanwhile, feel free to drop in my comment box. And you can do it. In spite and despite of all you can still live a few stolen moments for yourself. "Inspire" is the least we can do for each other.
      Love, Alka.

  4. 😊🤘...
    Thank you... for your blog marathon

  5. Hi Preeti,

    I was waiting for this post and not waiting for this post at the same time, as I know its going to be the last one for sometime. I believe just the last one month has brought in a lot of positive changes in me, not just by the insightful, spectacular and very creative blog posts on various topics you used publish every day,but also by the fact that you were posting high quality articles EVERY SINGLE DAY like Clock work despite your travel and everything else which have been going on in your life has been a huge inspiration for me. I am a single mom working full time in Corporate, running a home and raising a child here by myself, so there are times I feel the daily life itself takes all the time and have no time or energy to dream or aspire for anything more. But your discipline and dedication to do whatever you are committed to no matter what, has fueled the fire in me to push harder and do something which I have always wanted to, but have always put off which is to Start a Blog. I feel it's been therapeutic just reading your blogs, the most valuable comments (especially Alka's as she too had been putting in great effort to compliment your writing every day) and most importantly expressing my thoughts and feelings also over here. It's going to be a while before I think I can muster the courage to really publish something, but I am sure going to do it and I have to decide a time frame and just do it. Also Thanks a lot Preeti, for mentioning me in your post, it means a lot to me. Even though I have enjoyed this blog marathon thoroughly I don't look forward to another one very soon, since I know it's been very hard for and you need a break, a restful day like the one you had in your illustrated journal on May 11. I so love these paintings that I keep going back to them again and again. Today's Taco Spell is also so amusing and innovative (using a paper bag to make an art :). Having said that, it'd be a nice surprise to see a blog once in a while in my inbox.~ Indu.

    PS: I have some family friends coming from India next month and I have asked them to get "Wake Up Life is Calling". Eagerly waiting to grab the book and finish it one sitting :)

  6. Thank you so much for the blog marathon Ma'am. I personally will miss this daily routine of mine. Every morning used to start with your posts. I must say I always admire the way you live your life every single day and make the most of it. See you soon with another such blog marathon. Thanks for inspiring a lot of people to live life every single moment :)

  7. *Edits : The illustrated journal on relaxation was from May 7th not 11th. Just took at it again :)


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