5 easy ways to escape negativity

We live in a world where we're connected to everyone 24x7. It is easy to fall prey to drama and someone else's negativity, and their views. There is no point arguing with them--because they aren't going to change their perspective. The best thing to do is to step away.

Our reality is what we CHOOSE to FOCUS on.

Here are 5 easy things I do, which helps me escape the negativity and the drama which all of us are bombarded with, on a daily basis.

1. I focus on LOVE and reach out to the genuine ones

   Yesterday at the Bangalore book event a reader, Buvana read out a BEAUTIFUL  poem which she wrote, where she used all my book titles. I am sharing it here.

You can find her on Intstagram with the handle @Buvisgotyal

If you have such tokens of love in your life (maybe a happy picture, or a gift a loved one gave you) then keep it somewhere where you SEE it. Focus on the LOVE.

2. Change the energy by lighting incense/using a fragrance

  I am a huge believer in the 'energy' of a place. I can sense energies (positive and negative). I am highly sensitive to it. One thing that helps me instantly is lighting 'sambrani'.

 This is my antique sambrani holder. If you are allergic to the smoke or fragrance, use something that works for YOU.  Smell is such an important thing in changing energies.
3. Tidy and clear your space

 For me, one thing that helps me is tidying and clearing my space. I like clean uncluttered simple spaces. I try to keep mine that way. I am a huge fan of Konmari and have read her book: The life changing magic of tidying up.  It is an amazing read. It's about a philosophy--not just about tidying spaces.

4. Read read read

 This year I am reading a hundred books. I am sharing all that I read on my Instagram . You can find it in my highlights called 'Books'. Reading a good book helps me take my mind off all the negativity.

5. Yoga/meditation

 I practise Ashtanga yoga and it helps me a LOT. I do the headstand daily. Now I am aware that not everyone would be able to suddenly take up yoga. But what you CAN do is put on your headphones, lie down in a room for ten minutes, and just listen to ten  guided meditation videos. Just follow the instructions---and you feel refreshed at the end of ten minutes. I am sharing one of my favourite ones.

These are things that work always for me!

Do you do any of these? What do YOU do to combat negativity? Do you intend following any of the above?
Please share in my comment box. I would love to know your thoughts.

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  1. Well said... Lovely and inspiring lines in your book "Wake up Life is calling"in the form of Life's little notes is very handy and answer to all aspects of life which made me strong as a person. Kudos to you for taking efforts for wonderful verses.

  2. To remove negativity, I get out of the house and go for a walk and enjoy and admire Mother Nature and our Beautiful Mother Earth - the skies, the clouds, the trees and their leaves, the birds, strangers who smile in a good way, the watchman at the front gate, the cleaners and others going about their quotidien chores, and the people whom I have loved since childhood.

  3. To remove negativity, I read books or also listen to some motivational or spiritual speeches....I take deep breaths & visualise as I exhale, I exhale the negativity out of my system....& I feel this to be shortest yet effective to come out of negativities...

    Thanks for your suggestions & also the poem was really wonderful.

  4. This is something which you have quoted as one of the secrets of your happy, fulfilling and successful life and I started trying this after reading your blogs and yes it has done wonders to my life. This is one thing I am really grateful to you for. Like many have said, even though you don't know me, you have made positive changes to my life through your writing ~ Indu

  5. Btw forgot to mention; the poem is beautiful and I am sure it must have been a very delightful surprise for you :)

  6. Loved the poem by Bhuvana. The way she picked up the Titles and used is amazing. I loved this one of you. I too believe in energies and how tiding up and positive thinking change the enrgy of the place.

    1. Thank you so much pradyumna Lenka ❤️

  7. This is why your readers love you so much Preeti, you are just like a family member to us, sharing all those lovely, practical and simple tips from your life and experiences... God bless..

  8. Dear Preeti,
    Such a meaningful poem integrating all your titles. It's really beautiful. I applaud Buvana for penning it down so smooth and flawless.
    Yes, all these methods you stated work to bring peace and rid negativity. A messy surrounding frustrates me. So cleaning and tidying up works like a therapy. Finally, a coffee and a good book shuts me out from the physical world around me. Writing a journal, poems or short stories and sometimes pouring my thoughts on my blog cools me down. If nothing works then my six year old twin tornados are enough to create a whirlpool of madness around me. All the negativity is absorbed by their toothless giggles (Their milk teeth are falling)!!!

    1. Thank you so much Alka Tiwari ❤️

  9. And thanks for the attached video on guided meditation.

  10. The thoughts are So Simple and Easy to follow, In this Busy and Competitive world it's really important to stay positive and do things which make you really happy 😍
    I Can't thank you Enough for this gesture, I am overwhelmed with joy and this means really a lottttttttt to me!! Thanku again for putting up my poem on ur Blog, Credits to the Book titles and you too ❤️

    1. That's such a sweet poem dear.. God bless

  11. Thanks so much Preeti for sharing on way to create positivity. The poems beautifully weaved with your book titles...such a sweet thing to do and beautifully written. Your writings always inspirational. Love the idea of lightning agarbatti!

  12. What a lovely poem by Buvana S. I read it at least 5 times! When it comes to negativity, I find myself standing on the highest step. Some people tell me that I have more negativity in my body. I sometimes agree, but others do not realize that I am negative because of other people. When I am very angry or feel too much of negative energy around me, I like to pop my hands free in my ears and listen to my favorite tracks on the mobile. Sometimes, I read a bit so that my mind will get diverted. Another thing I LOVE to do is sleep so that I can ignore whatever is happening around me and tune out of reality and go into a dream world. Many people suggest that I try yoga since it is something which will calm me down. Thanks for sharing the video link on meditation. I must watch it when I can. I am sure it will help me too. Another amazing post. Thank you!


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