A one word challenge for aspiring writers.

There's a site called  One Word. It's a lovely practice tool for writers. The instructions are simple. You will be given a word at the top of the screen, and you have one minute to write about it.
You can't think, as the timer starts as soon as you see the word. You have to start writing immediately.

I do this exercise from time to time. If you want your entries saved, you can create a free account. You can also read what other people wrote.

I did this exercise today.
The word I got was PLANTER.

Here's the piece I came up with:

The planter lay shattered.
It took me a few minutes to even figure out what it was. His eyes were blazing. It did not even strike me that he had hurled it at me and I had ducked instinctively.
It would strike me later that what shattered that day was my soul.

 Then I asked my son Atul to do the challenge. Here's what Atul wrote:

Potty the planter was a small, queer looking man. Well that is if you could call him a man. He was more like a small dwarf. A small dwarf with Elvish features. He was very peculiar indeed and loved planting plants. He would walk along the edges of the enchanted forest and plant a seed day by day, slowly expanding and growing the size of the great big trees that towered over canopy garden.
I loved his piece, and you can also  find his submission on the site.

My son then asked my husband to take the challenge! Here's what my husband, Satish wrote:

I always wanted to be a farmer and a planter. I would like a huge 100 acre farm with lots of greenery around it. The house would be in the center and surrounded by lots of planters. There would be lots of fruit trees and lots of vegetable gardens and peace and tranquility all over.
Isn't it fun?

New post tomorrow.
Till then, stay creatively challenged! :)

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  2. Hey Preeti,
    It looks like fun. Loved your no think just write one minute outpour of words. And your son, looks like has clearly your DNA loudly screaming inside his personality. He is awesome with his expression. While your Husband has opened up his heart to express what he dreams and wants in his life. Really, when we write without thinking it's the most honest account of what lies in the deepest of our heart's desire. I will sure try this exercise...Actually can't wait. Going right away!!! Thanks for introducing me and all your readers to so many new things to do.

    Have recently posted my poem "Reality Vs Dream" on my blog (that was amongst my few poems published in an anthology) Would appreciate if you could spare a few minutes to read it. Thanks!
    Love, Alka.

  3. Creativity runs in the family.
    Lovely post. Fun to play one word challenge. Thank you for Introducing me to this.

  4. Hey Preeti,

    This sure is super fun. But I am really surprised at how much you, your son and husband could write in one minute without thinking. It shows how much clarity of thought each of you have. While yours and your son's writing shows more of your creative sides, your husband's writing showed more of his dreams and aspirations in life. I too can't wait to try, and yes this is indeed is a good exercise for a wanna be blogger/ writer ~ Indu

  5. Wow. That sounds like immense fun
    I'm gonna try it for sure
    Will update you the results

  6. This is fun for sure

  7. Sounds like fun, thanks for sharing.


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