The connection between my art and writing :)

For today's post I am sharing three portraits I made over last three days. These were hard pictures to draw. I am a part of an international Artists community (Sktchy which I have mentioned before), and every day, we get a muse in our inbox. We paint the muse and share it. So do many others.
I enjoy it immensely, and now have many artist friends who I've met online, but I know will meet in real life too, because of sketch meets and  sketching conferences.

For me, art gives me so much joy. Just as writing does. In an interview I was asked recently which one I like better and how one supports the other. My answer was that one is like my right arm and the other is like my left arm. I do not know how they are connected, but I do know, I need both !

Here are the portraits:

That's all for today.
Tomorrow: A very special post.

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  1. Beautiful Artwork as usual. Now waiting to read tomorrow's special post ~ Indu

  2. Hi Preeti,
    Your art work is as gorgeous as your writing is. Not only are the colors vibrant but you have captured the expressions and mood too well. Yes, you are right one can't choose one over the other...Like our own children our art and creative mediums can't be looked differently. Looking forward to your next post now :)
    Love, Alka.

  3. The colors are very bold and deep.. Amazing creations.. God bless..

  4. That's true ma'am one can't choose between their arts. And one can see how much you cherish both your art forms. Lots of love to you

  5. Beautiful😍💓 loved them


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