Challenge yourself. It makes you grow.

If we do not challenge ourselves we do not grow. It is important to push boundaries. We need to have a goal--it could be anything, even a small thing like 'I will wake up at 6.30 am every day for a week.'

Break down your goal into small bits. Accomplish those goals.  You will feel really good about yourself.

That is one of the reasons I do a blog marathon. It's not easy to write a new post every single day for a month. I have a LOT of things going on in my life, especially with my new book just being out. There are newspaper interviews, launches ,promotions.

(Oh we--appeared in the Deccan Chronicle today!) 

But I decided that it would be a good challenge to do. Hence I committed. (I have done a blog marathon, every year for the last 9 years. Blog marathon means I blog every single day for a month).

The other thing I do is illustrated journalling. Every day, I sit down and draw my day. I share my pages daily on my instagram.

These are two of my pages.  You can follow me on Instagram to see them in my stories as and when I finish! I don't post everything on my blog.

Commit yourself to a small challenge which makes YOU feel good. Commit for 5 days if you think a month is daunting.
Tell me in my comment box, how will you challenge yourself?
If you share, I am listening.

ps: grab my book:
Its been getting rave reviews.

Photo by Omer Salom on Unsplash


  1. It is so nice to see you draw about your day in your Illustrated Journal. The details are so crisp and vibrant, that after a few years down the line, when you want to go back and see what you did on a particular day, you can. Such a lovely routine. Congratulations on getting featured in the Deccan Herald. I am trying to challenge myself to sleep early, get up early, start exercising, do a Blog Marathon, eat healthier, and not waste time when I could be productive. Hoping to work on these challenges at least by this month. :-)

    1. Thanks so much :)
      Good luck with your challenges

  2. Inspiring blog posts and beautiful illustrations. I challenge by rewarding myself when i accomplish it. It gives me happiness.

    1. what do you challenge yourself with? :)

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  4. Hi Preeti,
    Amazing post. Loved your journal drawings. And congratulations for the Deccan Harold coverage. You own it and deserve it for your consistent decade plus of writing and inspiring readers. Please write more on your process of Journal writing. How can one master this art and sketch a journal to record their days in life?
    For me the only challenge right now is just to pen something everyday. Even if it is writing comments to your blogs everyday. I am in a country where I have no support system of friends, family and domestic help. Mothering Kindergarten twins makes it worse. Hence, just accomplishing my daily chores in time and still steal myself to read or write (poetry and prose) and post on my blog too is my daily challenge.
    Love, Alka.

    1. Parenting is a BIG challenge by itself! Lots of love.

  5. Hi Preeti,

    Congratulations on the Coverage on Deccan Chronicle. It goes without saying that it's much deserved. Also such beautiful sketches, especially the day of rest and relaxation. This is a pic that can instantly relax anyone looking it :).

    Coming to my challenges, I started a new job where there is no gym or a proper place to take a long walk, so I have challenged myself to climb 4 floors 10 times a day (Yes) 4 times a week and have been rigorously following it for a month with only few days missed in between.

    Another challenge I have taken up (this is a rather sweet one though) is to comment on your blog for each of your blog entry and have been successful in this one too so far. And this is one challenge which brings a smile to my face every time I hit the publish button :) ~ Indu

  6. It is a novel idea. I will challenge myself to start my second book.
    Great to see you in Deccan Chronicle.

  7. especially loved the sketches...super cute

  8. The illustrations are so pleasant and positive. I loved the "who cares" :D
    I commit to posting a comment to every article I read this month.
    Keep inspiring us, Preeti.. Your readers are so lucky...

  9. Hey that's a nice post...I was so much down as I have decided to just walk away from a close friend coz I deserve to be treated better.
    Im challenging myself not to check whatsapp for 3 times a days for 5 days just like we have meals :-)

    Resh :-)

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