A doggie paw story.

 It rained this afternoon. Very heavily. It's the first time it is raining this heavily, after I have moved into this home. I moved in just before the summer began, around the end of February.

We had got the garden soil loosened last evening and so I was happy about the rain. I left the door leading to the garden open, and enjoyed the refreshing cool breeze,  in my drawing room,while  speaking to my daughter on the phone. This was bliss.

That was when a grey cat walked past my verandah. It was the trigger to transform Lostris (my doberman) into Daenerys's dragon. Lossie charged like a thunderbolt outside. The  startled cat quickly regained it's composure and hurried away, knowing that Lossie would not be able to get past the gate.

But Losssie wasn't satisfied. She charged around the house, hoping the cat would come back. In the absence of the cat, she decided she would scare a few squirrels or at least some birds. Her bark is a deep menacing bark that can send a chill down anyone's spine and she used it to the fullest extent. She didn't care that the mud she was steamrolling in was squelchy. Who cares about a little mud when you are a dragon?

Madam Lossie will never listen to anyone when she is in a mood like this. I had no option but to let her run around. Midway through, she decided that she had to guard me  too, and so she dashed in and out, several times,on high alert, her ears cocked, listening for any catty or non-catty intruders. I was too engrossed in the conversation with my daughter, to realise the squelchy mud would make beautiful deep brown chocolatey muddy doggie paw prints all around the drawing room.
When my phone-call was done, I was left with a drawing room floor that resembled Jackson Pollock's  masterpieces minus the vibrant colours.

And that was how I spent my post-rain afternoon--cleaning out my drawing room with a rubber wiper. I think I have earned a PhD in cleaning floors of muddy paw prints today. I had to wash her paw too.

That was the highlight of my day.

 And oh--the other highlight being  Amazon publishing a piece I wrote. :)
It is the story behind Life is What You Make it.
 Please click HERE to read it.
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first photo by Sean McAuliffe on Unsplash
Second photo clicked by me.


  1. Awwww πŸ’–
    Lots of love to Madam Lossie 😍
    She is so adorable and cute that she is always by your side.
    Wonderful article πŸ‘

    1. Thank you! Yes, she is a sweetheart.

  2. Love to read all your posts mam

  3. Hello Preeti,
    It's a beautiful narration of your dog Lossie's catty and non catty adventures ending up in an earthy rustic pawy art. Is it a coincidence or was it destined to begin my day with not one but two dog stories this morning!!! One of my School friends is on a solo trip to Japan these days. (How lucky to be away from unending drill of chores!) She posted her picture on Facebook with a dog's sculpture alongside. She wrote further that this dog used to go fetch his master at the train station everyday at the same time. One day his master passed away, but the dog continued to go to the train station same time everyday and waited for him for 10 years until he died. There's a movie too on this sad real story of this dog starring Richard Gere called 'Hachiko'
    You are so right about cleaning...With pets or young kids around...you feel like you are born to dust, wipe, Vacuum or mop. I think I have researched more on cleaning methods, materials, safe natural stuff instead of chemicals laden store solutions and how to literally push/drag yourself up and do the job.
    Love, Alka.

    1. Yes, Hachiko is known world over because of the movie. But a lesser known guy is Greyfriar's Bobby. I have written about this dog (very similar to Hachiko's story) in Why We Love The Way We Do
      I have also visited Greyfriar Bobby's grave in Scotland.
      I don't have to sweep/mop/dust/vacuum as I am in India now :) I could have left it for my cleaning lady. But then I just had to clean it up :)
      And yes, I hear you about safe, natural stuff.

    2. Thanks for a prompt reply Preeti. Sure I'll get my hands on "Why We Love The Way We Do" and read it. In fact I'll read all your titles eventually. It's just the beginning :)

  4. This one for your Amazon published piece about the story behind your earlier novel. It's so fascinating to know how you've researched about this topic. As you were talking about Norwich I was feeling like I am visiting it again. I have lived in the UK for more than a decade. Having sweetest of memories of my life scattered there. It's my second Home after Motherland India. During those years we have lived all across England and Scotland. One of my Husbands close friend used to live in Norwich. We have driven to that place many times. Even braved a severe snow storm once while driving to their place.
    I am impressed by the way you put hard work into your writing...Like reading books in the library available on mental health. Could you do a blog about researching? Like how to thoroughly research for your storyline before you start writing on it? I know there's a lot of material on the net but somehow listening direct from you makes it more sense to me.
    Love, Alka.

  5. Hi Preeti,

    I could totally visualize a jolting Lostris and the paw art on your floor with your narrative. You have a way of giving details to an extent that it's almost like watching a movie in your mind! Lossie is blessed to have a mom who loves her so much despite all the mess and you are lucky to have a forever baby :) ~ Indu.

    1. I agree with you Indu...It's like a movie only. Preeti's vividness has reached next to perfection.

    2. I see we both have become one of the daily commentators to Preeti's blog :)

    3. Yes Indu...We Both click with Preeti's writing, and that's what connects us dear :)

    4. And I like reading your comments too :)

  6. Wonderful read.. Brought a smile on my face.. Read and reviewed the amazon article too..
    Have a Gr8 day Preeti..


  7. That's an amazing piece. It made me realise how much I miss playing with my doggie. Recently we realised that my third baby had severe allergy for dog dander and I too have to stay away from dogs.


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